Misskey VS Mastodon | The Ultimate Guide!

Every day since Elon Musk took over Twitter, new platforms are emerging and claiming to be an alternative to Twitter. Now here is another decentralized social media platform Misskey. So in this article, we are going to take you through all the information about Misskey vs Mastodon.  

Mastodon has gained popularity since Elon Musk took over Twitter. And the development of misskey started in 2014 by Syuila in Japan. But Twitter users are searching for a better alternative. So what are the major differences and similarities between Misskey and Mastodon? Let’s know about it. 

Misskey vs Mastodon, both platforms are decentralized social media platforms but are their concepts similar? Well, no, there are lots of differences between these two different platforms. Yes, there are some similarities, but it does not mean both platforms are the same. 

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Misskey VS Mastodon 

Basically Misskey and Mastodon are part of the Fediverse. Both are social networking platforms with unique features. As fediverse is the interconnected web of different social media services. So the user can access content from these social media platforms without creating an account. This means if you have an Instagram account, by using this account you can access Twitter. This is cool, right? So let’s understand Misskey VS Mastodon.

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Misskey VS Mastodon | What Makes Them Different?

Well, guys if you are looking for the Misskey vs Mastodon and how they are different from each other. So here we are with all the required information. As you know that Misskey and Mastodon are part of the Fediverse and they have adopted an activity pub protocol. So they can be interoperable. So let’s know the difference between a Misskey and a Mastodon. 

Misskey Comes With Better UI Then Mastodon

Well, misskey comes with far more features than mastodon. And it has a more polished and better UI. The user interface is easier to access and has multiple UI modes built into the front end. The Misskey admin panel is also better than Mastodon. It has a custom timeline, channels, and groups. Misskey has excellent UI Customization then mastodon. 

Misskey With Better Admin Features Then Mastodon 

Misskey has one of the best admin features of all fediverse apps. And the admin UI is much better than the mastodon decentralized social network. Users can analyze the size of various database tables, the server logs, and the server resource usage, through their automatic data table feature of all media that has been uploaded to your server, and more from within the UI. 

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Misskey Comes With Server-Wide Announcements

Mastodon does not have server-wide announcements whereas Misskey comes with server-wide announcements. 

Misskey Comes With Customizable Post-Character Limit

Well, misskey comes with a customizable post-character limit. The user has the freedom to write in the thread with up to 5000 characters. Mastodon does not provide such freedom; it has a 500-word limit. 

Allows Advertisement To Be Served To The Users

Misskey has the ability to present advertisements to the users to generate revenue for the instances. Assuming that users are ready to accept the advertisements. As mastodon is an advertisement-free social media platform so there can be a lack of funding in the future for its development. 

Misskey Allows To Promote The Post Instance Wide

Misskey has a feature to promote your post instance wide.  Such types of features allow the user to have access to more audiences.  Whereas mastodon is missing features like this. 

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Mastodon And Misskey Share Some Features 


Both Misskey and Mastodon are open-sourced platforms. This means it allows its users to contribute to upgrading, innovating, or modifying the platform. These platforms also give free access to anyone from anywhere to access the platform. 

Part Of Fediverse

Both the platforms misskey and mastodon are part of fediverse. It allows users to access more content and gives them the freedom to join the social media platform of their choice. Users are free to choose the social media network with a single account.  


Misskey and Mastodon are decentralized social media platforms. This means users have to choose what they want to see and what they want to share and what they don’t want to see. As they have adopted the activity pub so users have the choice to share with other instances like Mastodon.

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What Are The Drawbacks Of Misskey When Compared With Mastodon?

Misskey and Mastodon are open-sourced and nonprofit social media platforms. Mastodon got popular after Elon Musk took over Twitter. Yet users are confused about their functioning. And due to the massive influx of new users, the service does not work well. Both are new platforms and are still in the improvement phase. And both social media networks have their own unique features. 

There is a lack of data on both platforms so it is too early to compare both social media platforms. 

Is Mastodon and Misskey Safe?

Well, safety is concerned, it is totally dependent on which instance you choose to join. As an example, users are forbidden from posting illegal content on the platform by rules and regulations. And it also allows users to post content with a warning and this warning is also displayed to the viewer. But the user should always exercise caution while using these platforms. 

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Well, this is all about Misskey vs Mastodon. We will wrap up this article here. As we have discussed in this article about the similarities and differences between the Misskey and Mastodon. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Setup Mastodon Profile Metadata?

To setup Mastodon profile metadata, you need to launch mastodon after that you have to select any server now fill in your username, email, and password you will get a verify link now Verify the link sent to your email after that you have to fill in your credentials in the profile metadata page, Age > Country > Pronouns > Website > Atlast click ok. 

Q. Are Misskey And Mastodon Decentralized Social Media Networks? 

Yes, misskey and mastodon both are decentralized social media networks. Both have joined the activity pub protocol. As both are part of the fediverse. 

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