Is ChatGPT Down? Know The Reasons And Fixes!

We understand the unsettling feeling you are having right now because of ChatGPT not working, especially since you rely on cutting-edge advanced AI for assistance with writing and coding, as well as support on a number of issues. You must be wondering why is ChatGPT down.

Whether you have to complete a boring task like sending a mail to your colleague or coming up with a recipe idea, you have ChatGPT to help you around. However, due to a large number of users swarming in like bees, ChatGPT frequently goes down, which has raised concerns regarding why is ChatGPT down right now?

Verified Answer By Expert

ChatGPT is experiencing outage issues much frequently than earlier. You can check if ChatGPT is down by accessing 
1. OpenAI’S status 
2. Downdetector
3. Twitter

Meanwhile, when ChatGPT is failed to get service status, why not explore these AI tools. There are other media outside text that can benefit from the most recent AI developments. Text isn’t the only medium. Access an AI-based art generator and let your imagination come into reality by creating pictures of whatever you’d like to see. There are numerous options available, with Midjourney standing out. Now, let’s get back to work and figure out why is ChatGPT down?

Is ChatGPT Down?

Trying to figure out, is ChatGPT down? Try Try again, you will succeed!!! But, unfortunately, that’s not the case with Open AI’s ChatGPT. No matter how hard you try, you cannot use ChatGPT when it comes to outage issues, and now, ChatGPT is facing errors more than ever. However, that has not stopped users to continuously access the advanced AI for assistance. 

Recent ChatGPT Outages

Based on visitor’s report, the most recent outages are listed here. Although, some outages may only have affected a portion of ChatGPT users.

DateOutage StartedOutage EndedTime Duration 
25 April, 20232:09 PM2:44 PMAbout 35 minutes
25 April, 20231:13 PM1:47 PMAbout 34 minutes
25 April 20237:06 AM7:51 AMAbout 45 minutes
24 April, 202311:34 PM12:17 AMAbout 43 minutes
24 April, 202310:56 PM11:48 PMAbout 52 minutes

How Do We Check If ChatGPT Is Down? 

Instead of roaming around and asking your friends is ChatGPT down, the first and foremost thing you can do when ChatGPT failed to get service status is to check the authenticated websites for this information. 

1. Check OpenAI’s website

Is ChatGPT Down

A high school student totally depending on ChatGPT’s assistance for his essay submission idea, and suddenly, ChatGPT not working, we feel his pain. Even if the world is grooving around the latest AI. Sometimes, it stops working. What you can do is visit OpenAI’s website. This is the official website of ChatGPT that provides you with legit information if ChatGPT not working. 

2. Use A Website Monitoring Tool

Is ChatGPT Down

Shuffling through the recipe books to serve the kiwi pumpkin pie at dinner. Don’t! You have ChatGPT to help you. But what if ChatGPT failed to get server status? You can be sure by using a website monitoring tool like Downdetector and check if ChatGPT is down is by accessing the OpenAI page on Downdetector. This site relies on user-reported issues to figure out if a platform is experiencing issues.

3. Use Twitter

Nothing can be kept in the dark for a long time in this social media world. When a famous platform like ChatGPT gets down, people eventually talk about it. So, the best thing you can do is check OpenAI’s official Twitter handle. 

Why Is ChatGPT Down And How To Fix ChatGPT Not Working?

OpenAI has trained a model, ChatGPT, to interact with users just like we humans do. It even responds back in a conversational manner, including follow-up questions, confessing mistakes, and even rejecting inappropriate requests. Now that you are fully informed about whether is ChatGPT down today, let’s go through the possible reasons that has failed to get server status ChatGPT.

Reason 1. ChatGPT Server Maintenance

There is no doubt that ChatGPT has the potential to transform the way search engine works. But, due to the abuzz and heavy user traffic, the website goes down. The most likely cause of the service being unavailable is that the servers on which it works are inaccessible or there is a need for servers to be down to fix any issue or internal server error on the site which is actually fair to protect the website in the long term.

Fix: Check The Site’s Status And Wait For Sometime

In that case, you can visit OpenAI’s website and check for ChatGPT server down. Apart from this, you can also visit Downdetector or Twitter, as users are eventually going to talk about ChatGPT 4 down. So, do not stress much, have a lemonade, be cool and wait for ChatGPT servers to be up and running again.

Reason 2. Overload Of User Requests

Since the launch of ChatGPT, users are swarming in like bees and there is absolutely no way to stop them. Due to the overload of user requests, ChatGPT failed to get service status and goes down. As it is still being developed, it has a relatively low capacity of users which leads to ChatGPT error ChatGPT is at capacity right now.

Fix: Get ChatGPT Plus Subscription

Is ChatGPT Down

If ChatGPT servers are facing an issue or outage because of heavy user traffic. Then, you are probably seeing ChatGPT is at capacity right now message on your screen that leads to a hindrance accessing ChatGPT. If you are someone whose work is reliable on ChatGPT, then we suggest you get paid subscription ChatGPT Plus. For undisrupted access, you just need to pay $20 per month. 

Reason 3: Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are dedicated to users for customization, but having too many extensions can also erupt smooth access. They might conflict with many tools, which can be a reason behind troubles in ChatGPT. 

Fix: Remove Malicious Extensions

Some programs add vexatious extensions to the website which is probably why ChatGPT down right now. So, what you need to do is remove the malicious extensions from your browser and then try to access ChatGPT. Follow these troubleshooting steps:

Step 1: Open the Extensions in your browser on the top right corner and click on Manage Extensions.

Step 2: Now, examine every extension and get rid of those you don’t recall installing. 

Step 3: Give extra attention to the VPN extensions.

Step 4: Now, try and open ChatGPT in your browser. Press “Ctrl + Shift + R” to hard-reload the page.

Reason 4: Cookies And Cache Not Cleared

When you are using a site for quite a long time without clearing the cookies and cache, it can also result in ChatGPT not working. 

Fix: Clear Cookies And Cache

If you are seeing a 1020 error code while accessing ChatGPT, that means it may be related to cookie checked failed ChatGPT. So, get ready to clear ChatGPT cookies, we’ll tell you how to proceed with it.

Step 1: Click the padlock icon in the address bar after opening, followed by the “Site settings” window.

Is ChatGPT Down

Step 2: Click on “Clear data” next to “cookies.” 

Is ChatGPT Down

Step 3: Click on “Clear” to confirm the action.

Is ChatGPT Down

It will not only clear the cookies but also the cache data.

Reason 5: Bad Connection

When your other friends are able to access ChatGPT, and you aren’t. Maybe that’s because your WiFi is giving you a pain the a**. That’s true. Sometimes, the issue lies in bad connectivity. It may be possible that you are having a bad network issue. 

Fix: Use Another Network, Browser Or Device

In this case, try using a different browser like Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Tor, Vivaldi, Maxthon, etc. If changing the browser, failed to get service status ChatGPT, then try changing the network or device. 

Reason 6: ChatGPT  Not Available In Your Region

Do not panic if ChatGPT is not working today, That’s maybe because you are traveling in a region where ChatGPT isn’t available, and you’ll get the “OpenAI services are not available in your country” message.

Fix: Change VPN

To fix ChatGPT server down, change the location of your virtual machine to a nation where ChatGPT is supported. Check ChatGPT’s Supported Countries page if you’re unsure whether the AI tool is offered in that country.

Reason 7: Software Updates

This one goes without saying, every application and website goes through software updates. So, if you are not able to access ChatGPT, it is because ChatGPT may be updating it’s software which can cause the service to be temporarily unavailable.

Fix: Switch To Alternatives

If you are tired of trying all the ways and you are not having luck in solving why is ChatGPT down right now, switch to its alternatives. Try a service like Bing AI chat, which employs GPT 4 at its backend. This implies that even if the website is offline, you can still use ChatGPT’s capabilities. In addition, since Bing uses GPT 4, you have free access to the version of GPT that ChatGPT does not offer without a premium subscription, and Bing also enables picture generation. So, why not try some art and craft and relive the world of words in images? Right!!

Winding Up

Be it Open AI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Bard AI, technology has come a long way. There was a time when nobody would have imagined the edge cutting advanced AI’s we have today. From using technology in robotics to business, now Artificial Intelligence is trying to fill the gap we humans have created among ourselves. ChatGPT can be your friend today, your acquaintance when you need a bit of advice or just talk to someone. That someone could be ChatGPT. That’s why whenever ChatGPT server down, a wave of anxiety spreads among GenZ. Don’t worry we have covered all the information you should know if you have the question why is ChatGPT down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Is ChatGPT Not Working Today?

ChatGPT login is not available right now because of the outage issue, ChatGPT is facing frequently these days. It could be due to server maintenance or too many user requests as well. Whatever the reasons, why ChatGPT is not working today. You can easily save it.

Q2. Can I Chat With GPT-3?

Yes, you can chat with GPT-3. ChatGPT is actually trained to respond to queries in a conversational manner, Whether, it is a professional question you want to ask or the delicious lasagna recipe. 

Q3. Will ChatGPT Affect Blogging?

Yes, ChatGPT has actually transformed the entire social media community since it’s launch. It has improved the quality of content to such an extent that, you just have to command the prompt and ChatGPT will do the rest for you. But, what’s the fun if the content does not displays your reflection or mark in it.

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