100+ Best Instagram Filters For Christmas 2023!

10, 9, 8,…….. Let the countdown begin for this year’s Christmas. Can’t wait to start your Christmas preparations? Well, don’t consider yourself prepared until you try the Instagram filters for Christmas 2023. Wanna find out about this year’s Christmas Instagram filters? Let’s check out together! 

Christmas is undoubtedly the best time of the year to spend with loved ones, exchange Christmas gifts, enjoy delicious meals, and the funniest part tag your friends in pictures with interesting and popular Instagram filters for Christmas. Although, be very aware, don’t want Instagram to play any prank similar to Instagram Halloween prank.

Instagram Filters For Christmas are Christmas Countdown,  Reindeer In Googles, UR Secret BTS Santa, Christmas AR Filters by Vogue, Twerking Santa,  Hip Hop Santa, Santa Cruz,  Kiehl’s Instagram AR Game, Mariah Christmas, etc.

Enjoy the best festive vibes with these Christmas Instagram filters. Ready to explore? Alright, let’s get started with popular and trendy Instagram Christmas filters and the best filters for Christmas photos. 

Instagram Filters For Christmas 2023!

1. Christmas Countdown: Start counting the days left for Christmas with this Christmas Countdown Christmas filter Instagram. Only, a few days are left for this year’s Christmas. So, let’s start snapping today with this Christmas Countdown filter till the D day come. Happy Holidays! 

Instagram filters for Christmas

2. Reindeer Filter Instagram: How easily parents have convinced kids Santa is real. Although, he is not. All it takes is to show them some of these Instagram filters. Happy snapping with this Christmas Reindeer filter Instagram for Christmas.

Instagram filters for Christmas

3. Snow Christmas: What could be better than the Frosty Frame Instagram filter for Christmas in this snowy Christmas month? Go try these beautiful frost-like stars’ Christmas Instagram filters! 

Instagram filters for Christmas

4. Christmas Bear: This year Santa has definitely a teddy bear in his gift bag. But, don’t worry if you don’t get one. You can have your own teddy bears with Christmas Bear Instagram filters for Christmas this year. Don’t forget to post a picture with two little cute teddies.

Instagram filters for Christmas

5. Gingerbread + Snow Christmas: How about some cookies and snow? Well, you can have this vibe in this Instagram filter for Christmas. Have a look at this colorful gingerbread Christmas Instagram filters.

Instagram filters for Christmas

6. Xmas Blink: This name has caught my attention. But, honestly, we don’t like it. Well, everyone has his own likes and dislikes. Maybe you’ll like this one. But, for that, you have to try for yourself.

Instagram filters for Christmas

7. Reindeer In Googles:  Have you ever seen Reindeer In Goggles before? Well, this year, Santa’s reindeer have kept up with the trend. Don’t miss this, you’ll definitely regret it. Check out this Christmas Instagram filters.

Instagram filters for Christmas

8. Christmas Mood:  If you are not posting snaps of your cozy outfits, and Christmas decor, how you are celebrating your Merry eve? So, wherever you are planning to celebrate your Christmas eve doing some cozy activities clicking a zillion pictures is guaranteed!! Try out this Christmas Mood Instagram filter for Christmas. It’s definitely going to give you the Christmas vibe. Also, check out these amazing captions for Christmas pictures.

Instagram filters for Christmas

9. Christmas Banner: Snap a picture of your family with this Christmas banner and wish your loved ones Merry Christmas!

Instagram filters for Christmas

10. Mariah Christmas: Mariah is a girl’s name of Latin origin, meaning “The Lord is my teacher”. Have your very own Christmas moment with Mariah Christmas Instagram Filter. Start recording your Snap with this Instagram filter for Christmas 2023.

Instagram filters for Christmas

11. Christmas Stars: Get ready to snap a picture with Christmas Stars Instagram filters for Christmas, with yellow little twinkling stars all over the frame. 

Instagram filters for Christmas

12. Hello Kitty Christmas: Aww, this is the cutest one of all. Trust us, this is by far the best Christmas themed Instagram filter. You should definitely try this amazing one with your friends just like we did! Merry Christmas everyone!

Instagram filters for Christmas

Santa Filters For Instagram:

13. Twerking Santa: Have you ever seen a Twerking Santa? Well, this year you can with this  Twerking Santa filters for Instagram.

Instagram filters for Christmas

14. Santa’s Tiger: Wait, what? Santa is with a tiger and not his classic reindeer? Well, for this one you have to check it out for yourself.

Instagram filters for Christmas

15. Go Santa Go:  Hahaha! I just tried this one! It’s definitely the hilarious Christmas Instagram filters. You should try it out and look for yourself! Santa is dancing in this one.

Instagram filters for Christmas

16. Hip Hop Santa: Well, this year’s Instagram filters for Christmas are full of surprises. One of them is this Hip Hop Santa. Isn’t this amazing?

17. Santa’s Gifts: Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa is coming on his reindeer with your gifts. Get ready to be that Santa with this Santa Filters for Instagram.

Instagram filters for Christmas

18.  Baby Santa Although, this Instagram filters for Christmas has the name baby in it. But, you adults can also definitely try this. Check this out now!

Instagram filters for Christmas

19. UR Secret BTS Santa: Who doesn’t know the name of the popular K Pop band, the one and only BTS? Well, Instagram has played a trick in bringing your Secret BTS Santa this year. Try this now.

Instagram filters for Christmas

20. Santa Mickey: The  Mickey banner in this Santa Mickey Christmas Instagram filter is fun. Definitely a thumbs up!

Instagram filters for Christmas

21: Santa’s Beard and Hat: OMG! The bulkiest Santa hat and beard we have tried till now. This Santa filter for Instagram is definitely worth trying.

Instagram filters for Christmas

22. Santa Cruz: This Santa Cruz Christmas Instagram filter lets you enjoy the vibe of being in the snow. Do wear white while clicking this one.

Instagram filters for Christmas

Branded Instagram AR Filters Christmas 2023 Ideas:


24. LovesXmasTree

25. Gaultier winter

25. Samsung Pressie Line Game Filter

26. Christmas AR Filters by Vogue

27. Find the Festive

28. Paco wishes

29. Hoppy Holidays

30. ck Vogue Xmas x Fara


32. Holiday Makeup Play

33. Merry Memories

34. Ice Runner AR Game

35. Happy Xmas

36. Magical Christmas

37. Fly me to the moon

38. Ice Runner AR Game


40. Get Reindeer Ready

41. snow globe filter

42. Candy-Drive

43. which holiday read?

44. Winter wonderland

45. Kiehl’s Instagram AR Game

46. visa holidays

47. Holiday Dinner

48. Holidayevenbrighter

49. Xmas @home


These are the Instagram Xmas special effects that are definitely worth trying.

Christmas Themed Instagram AR Filters

51. Navidad Carrefour

52. Floss Dance Santa Claus Filter for Two

53. Santa Cruz FC

54.Santa Missa- Verde

55. Santa Lunna Mea

56. Be My Santa 

57. Santa Sleigh Filter

58. Starbucks Choir

59. Santa 3030

60. Navidad Luces

61. Dot

62. Candy Cane 


64. Table settings

65. tis damn season

Decor Instagram Filters For Christmas


67. Xmas Sparkle

68. Neve Magic

69. Christmas Lighting

70. It’s About Christmas

71. Rudolph The Reindeer

72. Xmas Spirit Time

73. Bronze Baubles

74. Gold Deco

75. Feliz Navidad

76. Christmas Decor

77. T-Rex

78. Christmas Tree 3D

79. Falling Gifts

80. Bells Background

So, how do you like these decor Christmas themed Instagram filters for 2023? 

Instagram Holiday Filters

81. Holiday Polaroid 

82. Boho Christmas

83. Christmas with sissy

84. Ho, Ho, Ho!

85. Mega Merry Filter

86. OhMyFace Christmas

87. Now 2.0

88. Ghost Night

89. Mariah’s Sleigh Ride

90. Holiday Challenge

91. Golden Bokeh

92. Van Gogh

93. TFX Christmas 2023

94. Ugly Sweater

95. MegaBox

96. Cuddles’s Cafe

97. Mistletoe Face

98. Light Holiday 

99. Minimal Xmas

100. Match The Series!

These are holiday Instagram Filters for Christmas! 

How To Get The New 2023 Christmas Filters On Your Instagram Account? 

To get the new 2023 Christmas filters, you need to open Instagram and then camera. After that,  swipe left through the bottom icons and tap the magnifying glass, click on Browse effects and type Merry Christmas.

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.

Step 2: Now, go to the camera.

Step 3: After that,  swipe left through the bottom icons and tap the magnifying glass.

Step 4: Click on Browse effects

Step 5: Now, type Merry Christmas 2023. 

This is how you’ll get the new 2023 Christmas filters on Instagram.


So, are you ready to light up your Christmas parties? Well, use these amazing and popular Christmas Instagram filters and enjoy the festive vibes!!!

Do tell us, how do you like these Christmas themed Instagram filters for 2023? If you liked the post about Instagram filters for Christmas, don’t forget to share it with your friends!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Keep following TopHillSport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Fix Instagram Filters Not Showing?

For Android users, go to Settings > Apps > Force Stop. For iOS users, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the center of the screen to fix Instagram filters not showing.

Q2. What Are The Top Christmas Face Filters?

Christmas Countdown
Reindeer In Goggles
TFX Christmas 2023
Samsung Pressie Line Game Filter
Christmas AR Filters by Vogue
Twerking Santa
Hip Hop Santa 
Twerking Santa 
UR Secret BTS Santa
Mariah Santa
Santa Cruz 
These are the top Instagram Christmas face filters 2023!

Q3. What Are The Top Christmas Snapchat Filters 2023?

Snapchat Filters For Christmas are Frosty Frame, Christmas Tree Hat, Christmas Reindeer, Reindeer In Sweater, Stickfigure Santa, Festive T-Rex, Santa Hat Snapchat filter, Christmas Countdown, Santa’s Beard Lens, Merry Christmas Eve Mistletoe Snapchat Filter, Dancing deer and many more.

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