How To See Removed Chats In Wizz App? Here’s A Complete Guide!

Have you heard about the Wizz app? Do you use the Wizz app? Well, if you have been using the app and chatting with people then there might be times when you do want to remove some chats in the Wizz app. Isn’t it? Well, if that is the case, then here’s a post on how to see removed chats in Wizz app.

The Wizz app is a random chatting app where you can find new friends from all over the world. You can just swipe right or left on the app. It’s just like the tinder app. You can even send a chat to anyone on the Wizz app.

Well, if you want to know how to see removed chats in Wizz app, then you have come to the right place. Here we will discuss some steps that will help you out. Street dots > remove chat > delete it. 

If you don’t know the steps that we have mentioned above, then you need not worry, coz you will find the steps mentioned in deets below. So, you just need to scroll down and read them.

How To See Removed Chats In Wizz App 2022?

Now, if you want to know how to see removed chats in Wizz app, then here we have mentioned a few easy-peasy steps that you need to follow. So, let’s take a look at them.

  1. Well, first open the Wizz app and then log in to your account.
  2. Then you have to click on the street dot which you will find on the upper right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Now, you will be able to see the removed chats or your friends with whom you removed the chats.
  4. You can then delete the removed chats. However, once you delete the removed chats you will not be able to restore them.
  5. But if you want to restore the chats, then you can simply click on the restore button to restore the chat.
  6. And that’s it. This is how you see the removed chats in Wizz app.

How To Send Secret Chats On Wizz?

well, if you want to reveal the secret chats on the Wizz app then you have to take a paid subscription. Users have the option of weekly, monthly, and 3-monthly. This paid subscription is known as wizz gold. So you buy this subscription then you will have many exclusively paid features like unrevealed secret chats, videos to profile and more features. So now you know how to send secret chats on Wizz. Now let’s know about what is a secret chat on Wizz. secret chats Wizz apps are those chats that are sent secretly and to read these chats you should have a paid Wizz app gold subscription.

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Features Of The Wizz App

How To See Removed Chats In Wizz App

If you are new to the Wizz app and want to know the different features that Wizz app has to offer you then here we have mentioned the features of the Wizz app that you can take a look at.

Well, there are many new features that the Wizz app has to offer you. These features are different from the other social media apps. Just join the Wizz app and enjoy these features. Moreover, the Wizz app has more than 5 million downloads making it the best place to make new friends.

Swipe To Find Friends

When you are online on the Wizz app then you can easily find friends who are also online at that time. So you don’t have to ask that person to come online and chat with them.

Chat Live

One of the best things about this app is that you will be able to chat with people residing anywhere in the world at any time.

Find A Community

You can easily create and also join the communities and find people who have similar likings.

Free To Use

The Wizz app is absolutely free to use.


This app provides you with extra safety features and age gates.

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How To Get More Chats On Wizz App?

How To Get More Chats On The Wizz App?

Now, after discussing how to see removed chats in Wizz app let’s discuss how to get more chats on wizz this very famous social media platform. Well, the Wizz app gives you the opportunity for the users to receive more friend requests in the Wizz app. It also provides you with more visibility which starts a boost on this app, simply by collecting more coins. You can even collect coins by subscribing to the Wizz app. You can just select skip the line by collecting WinCoins and be the No. 1 profile for 30 mins and also receive loads of chats and see the friend requests in the Wizz app. You need 250 WinCoins to start a boost. If your Wizz message not sending then you should restart the Wizz app. Now you have leamed about how to get more chats on Wizz.

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Wrapping Up:

Now, that’s how to see removed chats in Wizz app. the steps are really very simple to follow. So, if you want to see the removed chats then you can follow the steps we have mentioned above. If you have any questions, you can reach us in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Make Friends In The Wizz App?

You can easily make friends on the Wizz app by just waving your hand. Click on the waving hand icon and in this way, you will send direct messages or if you want send messages in the group chat where anyone will be able to join your conversation. You can learn all this thing and clear your doubt about how to use wizz app 2022.

Q. Is The Wizz App Safe?

Well, the Wizz app is the recently launched social media app for iOS and Android devices. You can download the app from the play store or app store. This platform comes with many features along with TikTok contests. Sometimes the users may not like this social media platform or due to some other reasons want to delete the account in the Wizz app.

Q. Can You Mute A Chat On The Wizz App?

Well, the answer to this question is yes, you can easily mute a chat on Wizz app. Moreover, you can even remove the chat in the Wizz app.

Q. Is Wizz – Make New Friends Not Working / Having Issues For You?

If make new friends not working on Wizz you just need to update your Wizz app to the latest version. if then you are having this issue then you can clear the cache of the Wizz app. By these simple troubleshooting methods, you can solve your issue is Wizz make new friends not working.

Q. How To Get Unbanned From Wizz App?

there is no way to get unbanned from the Wizz app. If you got banned from the Wizz app then you will have only the option to create a new account on the Wizz app. So this makes clear how to get unbanned from Wizz app.

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