How To See Patreon Posts For Free? 3 Easy Ways!

You must be elated to see the original works of artists and content creators from all around the world by using Patreon free. But, is there any way to see free Patreon posts? If yes, then how to see Patreon posts for free? Let’s dive in to get detailed information!

Patreon is a paid subscription service that offers a nationwide platform for artists and content creators and it does not offer patreon free. It showcases the products made by the creators to their Patreons and helps them make money in the form of monthly incomes by providing perks and rewards to the subscribers.

However, it is understandable that you might not be able to pay for every content posted by the creator, especially if your favorite creator posts a lot of content frequently. If you are wondering if there are any possible ways to see Patreon posts for free, you can use third-party apps like Kemono Party or tweaked versions like Patreon++.

This guide will fill you in with all details regarding how to see Patreon posts for free. Patreon hosts a wide range of comic writers, authors, video editors, podcasters, musicians, painters, web designers, and many more. You can join your favorite creator’s community and follow their posts by paying the creators once every month or on a per-content basis. This ensures that you make direct payments for your favorite creators’ work, with Patreon taking a part of it as a commission. Keep reading!

How To See Patreon Posts For Free?

We highly recommend you to purchase the original content made by the creators by paying the fee as deserved by the artists and the content creators. Still, we do understand that you might be short on cash or it is also possible that you think the subscription fee for the content is just too high and you want to see Patreon free. In such cases, you can follow the instructions in the article on how to watch Patreon posts for free.

Method 1: See Patreon Posts For Free In The Website

Patreon offers a platform for artists to connect with their Patreons. Their mission is to foster a deep connection and form a community for creators of various genres including music, arts, gamers, podcasters, writers, and many more. They can form a direct fan membership to help the creators portray the best of their works. If you want to see Patreon posts free read the below instruction.

How To See Patreon Posts For Free - Post

1. Follow the creator on Patreon

so that you can have direct access to new posts. Click the follow button to get notifications of new and Patreon free content.

2. Check the creator’s blogs Regularly

You can subscribe to their channels to get updates on posts. You will receive an email notification as soon as you confirm your subscription which contains an RSS feed including the posts published by the creator and these posts are Patreon-free ones.

3. Request the creator to share new content On Social Media

If the Creator shares content on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can have access to Patreon free content.

4. Follow all social media accounts

Follow the creator on different social media. It is highly possible that your favorite creator actively participates in more than one social platform. Check all the leading social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow your favorite creator on all the available social platforms hoping that you get to see free Patreon posts.

5. Follow blogs on RSS feeds

Follow blogs on RSS feeds and subscribe to your favorite creators. You might stumble upon various websites that give you access to see Patreon posts for free, like Feedly and Feedbin.

6. Join Discord Communities

Discord is a popular platform for creators to connect with their fans and offer exclusive perks, such as early access to content or behind-the-scenes content. Joining a creator’s Discord community can give you access to some of their Patreon posts without having to subscribe.

7. Use your friend’s account

Use someone else accounts to see free Patreon posts. If you know that one of your friends is also a Patreon of your favorite creator, you can see free Patreon posts using their account.

8. Use Google Search

One of the easiest ways to access Patreon posts for free is by using Google Search. Simply search for the creator’s name and  “Patreon” to the end. You may be able to find some of their exclusive posts that have been shared publicly or posted on other platforms.

9. See If The Content Is Available Somewhere Else For A Cheaper Price

If you want to access only one specific piece of content from a creator, it may not be cost-effective to sign up for their entire Patreon subscription. Luckily, some creators offer the option of purchasing individual pieces of content separately on another platform, like Gumroad. This way, you can avoid the monthly or yearly Patreon subscription and pay only for the content you want. For example, if the creator charges $10 for access to the content on Patreon, you may be able to purchase it for $3 on Gumroad.

These are ways in which Patreons can have access to see free Patreon posts on the official website. In order to know how to access free Patreon posts, you can follow the first method.

Continue reading the next section to know the second method of how to see Patreon for free using third party websites.

Method 2 – See Patreon Posts For Free With Third-Party Websites

How To See Patreon Posts For Free - Kemono

Are you still wondering how to see Patreon content for free? You can make use of a third-party app or a website like Kemono Party, to see Patreon posts for free.

Kemono Party is a webcomic hosting website that has a section solely dedicated to news articles, updates on figurines and fable stories, and Patreon free content. It also gives access to see Patreon posts for free.

Also, Kemono is an open-source replica of the yiff party. It has access to lots of content from Patreon and offers paid content to its users for free. This is a source for pay-only posts that are archived. Kemono does not create content on its own, it allows you to see Patreon free; it only offers users access to see Patreon posts for free.

You can use various other third-party websites like,,,, and many more to see Patreon posts for free.

Method 3 – See Patreon Posts For Free With Tweaked Apps

So far we have discussed the two main methods of how to view Patreon posts without paying. You can also download a tweaked version of Patreon, to see Patreon posts for free. The most popular tweaked Patreon app is Patreon++, which is available for download on both PlayStore for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices. This will help you to learn how to get free Patreon 2023.

In Patreon++ you do not have paid subscriptions. All you have to do is click the ‘Unlock’ button near the creator’s name, to follow them. You will also see Patreon posts for free. This counts down to the third method on how to unlock Patreon posts for free with Patreon++.

You can follow the below steps to install the tweaked version of Patreon++ that can help you see Patreon free posts:

Check Compatibility

Step 1 – Open Settings.

Step 2 – Scroll down to Battery.

Step 3 – Click the toggle to turn off Low Power Mode.

How To See Patreon Posts For Free - battery

Step 4 – Click the arrow to go back to Settings.

Step 5 – Select General.

Step 6 – Scroll down to Background App Refresh.

Step 7 – Check if it is turned on.

How To See Patreon Posts For Free - background app refresh

Download  Patreon++

Step 1 – Open Tweaked App Store.

Step 2 – Type in Patreon++ in the search bar.

Step 3 – Click to Install.

Step 4 – Wait for the installation to be complete. This could take a while.

Step 5 – You will notice a pop-up notification stating that ‘This website is trying to download a configuration profile. Do you want to allow this?’

Step 6 – Click on Allow.

Step 7 – You will be notified that your Profile Downloaded.

Step 8 – Click to Close.

Install From VPN.

Step 1 – Open Settings app > General.

Step 2 – Scroll down to VPN & Device Management.

How To See Patreon Posts For Free - VPN

Step 3 – Notice Patreon++ under the Downloaded Profile.

Step 4 – Click to Install.

Step 5 – Enter the passcode if any.

Step 6 – Follow the prompts to confirm the installation.

Step 7 – Click on Done when the profile is installed.

Therefore, this was a step-wise guide on how to get Patreon for free, and we hope this guide is helpful throughout to know how to see Patreon content for free.

Wrap Up

Patreon is an online platform that is designed to bring artists closer to their patrons. The platform validates the authenticity of the content made by the creators and adds remuneration to the work, which enables the artists to practice their craft. As Patreons, it is our utmost responsibility to be a source of support to our favorite artists. Let us try our best to curb the desire to see Patreon free posts, and try to encourage and support them by buying their official creations, made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where Can I Read Patreon Free Posts?

You have access to see Patreon free posts for free through various websites like Kenomo Party. You can use various other third-party websites like,,,, and many more to see Patreon posts for free. This unlocks Patreon posts without paying and you can enjoy Patreon free.

Q2. Is There A Way To See Patreon Free Posts?

You will have access to the posts made by creators through email notifications. As a Patreon, you can login to your home feed page and view the content directly from the creators’ page and you can see Patreon free content.

Q3. Can I Use Patreon For Free?

Yes, the account creation on Patreon is free. You will only have to pay a monthly subscription fee. You don’t have to worry about paying for all the content found on Patreon, you can also pay on a per content basis as requested by the creator.

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