How To Remove A Friend In Gas App? Here’s How You Can Do It

The newly launched social media app ‘Gas’ has popularly ask students to compliment each other. But you do have not good past experiences with some of your friends. Do you want to remove this friend from your gas app friend list? Well, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to talk about how to remove a friend in gas app.

The gas app is the most popular trending number one social media app on the apple store along with Instagram and Facebook. As the Gas app is all about giving complement to the gas each other. And the top user in the poll gets flames. Gas has already crossed 5 lack downloads.

To Remove A Friend In Gas App Open The Gas App >  Go To Profile > Tap On The Button Added In Front Of The Friend Name > Remove The Friend > Done. these simple steps will help you to remove a friend from the gas app. We have a complete guide explained in detail, on how to unadd someone on gas.

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How To Remove A Friend In The GAS App? 

Gas is trending with its cool tagline ‘Find your crush’. The school kids are loving this app and they have made it 1st on the apple store. Unlike other apps, the Gas app has many cool features that have made users love it. It gives tells users to compliment others. But if any user goes through any bad experience then they don’t want those friends in their friend list. So here in this article, we are going to show you how to remove a friend in gas app. To remove a friend in gas app or to learn how to unadd on gas, follow these simple steps.

How to remove friends on gas? Open Gas app > Profile > Go To The Friend You Want To Remove > Tap On Added > Remove The Friend > Done.

How To Remove A Friend In Gas App

Step 1: To know how to unfriend someone on gas, open the Gas app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Go to profile.

Step 3: Scroll down to the friend whom you want to remove.

Step 4: Now tap on the added just in front of the friend name.

Step 5: Remove friend will appear.

Step 6: Remove the friend.

Step 7: Done. Thus, this is how you will know, how to unadd people on gas.

Can You Unadd People On Gas?

Above you read the steps of how to unfriend people on gas. Next up, for all those who are wondering or looking forward to know can you unadd people on gas? Well then, Yes!! You can unadd people on gas app. You can simply unadd people on gas app by removing them, using the guide we mentioned above on how to remove friends on gas.

How Does The Gas App Work?

Above we read, about how do you unadd someone on gas and we hope this comprehensive, step-wise guide was equally useful to you.

Well, the gas app is all about complimenting your high school friends anonymously. Do you remember the TBH app which encouraged youth to complement each other? Well, it was shut down in 2018. Their cofounder has now come back with the Gas app- find your crush. The gas app allows users to complement other. And user can anonymously answer questions like the most beautiful person you have ever met or who do you secretly likes most. School is taking on the vibe of gas. Gas has God mode which is paid version of the gas app. Where you can earn double coin and unlimited hints for the name who voted for you in the poll. And the best is an anonymous mode that allows users to send polls without revealing their names. As well as you will be notified when someone adds themselves to your polls. 


Guys what you are waiting for go and find your crush on Gas. A new trendy app that is trending among high school kids. So this is about how to remove a friend in gas app. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, regarding how to unhide someone on gas or how to unhide people on gas, feel free to write them in the comment box. If you want to know how to unhide someone on gas app, then you can visit our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Can’t I Log In to The Gas App? 

If you are facing login issues with the newly launched social media app. Then there are some fixes that you can try: 

  • Relaunch the application.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Clear the cache 
  • Try to fix your internet connection.

Well, this solves to fix login issues in the gas social media app. 

Q. How To Download Gas App?

To download the gas app follow these simple steps:

Open apple store > Tap on the search bar > Search Gas find your crush > download and install the app > enjoy socializing with your friends > done.

Q. How To Download The Gas App On Android?

Well, the app is only available for iOS users. So users have to wait till will is available for android users.

Q. How To See Who Liked You In the Gas App?

This is a premium feature of the app which comes with a paid subscription. Well to see who liked your poll you need to purchase the premium subscription at $9.99 per user.

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