How To Install ChatGPT Chrome Extension? In 10 Seconds!

ChatGPT is a transformer, changing the world since its date of launch. People around the world are overwhelmed by getting the chance of using such smart AI for free! I’m afraid, this is not the end. OpenAI again surprised us by launching ChatGPT Chrome Extension! Shocked! In this article, I will show you how to install ChatGPT Chrome Extension!

We have vast experience using hundreds of Chrome extensions, whether taking screenshots to make video calls. However, the addition of ChatGPT to Google Chrome is a life-changing moment! When billions of people have already subscribed to ChatGPT, there was a whole generation who are just being introduced to the most popular search engine – Google! And now they are going to find both Google and ChatGPT on the same page! Let me introduce you to how to install ChatGPT Chrome Extension! 

To install ChatGPT Chrome Extension, go to Google Chrome Extensions and search Chat GPT. Now, add an Extension to Chrome and approve the necessary permission. That’s it, your extension is added! 

Let’s go through the article and learn the steps in detail. 

What Is ChatGPT?

If you are today years old and found ChatGPT can be integrated as an extension in Google Chrome, then you should start with what is ChatGPT and the potentiality of this AI software. 

GPT, an abbreviation for “Generative Pre-Training Transformer,” is a kind of artificial intelligence language framework created by OpenAI. By anticipating the following word in a string depending on the words that have come before it, it is intended to produce language that resembles that of a person. GPT can be fine-tuned for certain language tasks like translating or summarizing after being trained on a huge collection of text, such as books or articles. Several natural language processing applications, such as chatbots as well as language translation systems, can be developed using GPT.

Now that you have learned the basics about ChatGPt, let’s move to how to install ChatGPT Chrome Extension. 

How To Install ChatGPT Chrome Extension?

Go to Google Chrome Extensions > Search Chat GPT > Add Extension to Chrome > Approve necessary permission > Your extension is added! 

Follow the steps below to install ChatGPT Chrome Extension:

Step 1: Open your Google Chrome page on your desktop or Mobile Phone.

Step 2: Log in to your Gmail ID so that the extension should be saved and can be used from any system whenever you log in with your Google Account. 

Step 3: Go to Chrome Extensions. 

Step 4: Click on the search bar and search for ChatGPT. Or Click Here to go to the ChatGPT extension directly.

Step 5: Click on Add Extension to Chrome.

Step 6: Give the necessary permission and find the extension is added! 

Step 7: Activate the extension and search in Chrome bar, here is an example:

Chat GPT Vs Google

If you remember the launching of ChatGPT not only questioned us about how to use this amazingly smart AI tool in the future but also raised a question of whether ChatGPT is going to snatch the crown from the Google search engine. Today when we are learning how to install ChatGPT Chrome Extension; we have also learned how important both of these software is. It is on us – how to use both of these software to improve our knowledge. 

Wrapping Up

Hope, this short article helped you with how to install ChatGPT Chrome Extension. Now that you are at the conclusion part of the article; hope you have understood how the tech world is merging and fast is AI growing around us! Let’s add the ChatGPT extension to your Chrome browser and let us know whether it is improving your user experience or not! Share your feedback and follow TopHillSport for more updates on ChatGPT and OpenAI. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do I Manually Install Chrome Extensions?

Here is how to do it:

  1. Click the Chrome Web Store icon.
  2. Locate and choose the desired extension.
  3. Click Chrome Add.
  4. Some extensions will inform you if they require specific data or permissions. Click Add extension to confirm. Make sure to only approve extensions from people you can trust.

Q2. How Do I Install Browser Extensions On Android?

Choosing “Extensions.”

To access the Chrome Web Store, tap “+ (from store).” Browse or search for the extension you want to use. The installation process will begin when you tap “Add to Chrome.” If you need to log in to the add-on, follow the installation instructions.

Q3. How Do I Add Extensions To Chrome Without Web Store?

Follow the steps below:

  1. By selecting the checkbox in the top-right corner, you can enable developer mode.
  2. The “Load unpacked extension…” button should be clicked.
  3. Choose the directory where your unpacked extension is located.

Q4. Why Can’t I Install A Chrome Extension?

Ensure that Chrome is updated to the current version. Study Chrome’s updating process. Your administrator might not permit you to install apps from the Chrome Web Store if you are using a work-related computer or at school. Contact your supervisor for more assistance.

Q5. What Is 3rd Party Extension In Chrome?

A web browser’s functionality can be expanded by third-party software developers using Google Chrome addons. Google Chrome extensions carry out tasks including displaying news feeds, giving quick access to well-known websites, and connecting the browser to reference materials.

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