How To Download Microsoft VALL-E? A Complete Guide!

Today as artificial intelligence tools are increasing in the market, Microsoft has launched a new text-to-speech model, VALL-E. But, how to download Microsoft VALL-E and experience the new features added to VALL-E.

The public most commonly uses Google text-to-speech technology. With the release of VALL-E, you will experience more advancements in the TTS system, with more accuracy and features. You will be amazed after listening to the audio generated by the VALL-E tool. Only the demo audio files are currently available on the VALL E demo website.

Although Microsoft VALL E is currently developing, you can only listen to the demo voices available on the VALL-E GitHub website. But, to download Microsoft VALL-E, first, go to the GitHub VALL-E demo website and then bookmark it or add it to the home screen to easily see the demos. At last, you can access the VALL E website in the future from the bookmarks or the home screen.

Are you looking for a way to download Microsoft VALL E? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article provides you with a complete steps guide for how to download Microsoft VALL-E. Keep reading!

How To Download Microsoft VALL-E?

You might have used different text-to-image AI generators. Now, you can use a text-to-speech tool, Microsoft VALL-E, with more features. Microsoft’s VALL-E is still under development, so you will not be able to use it currently. Since this tool is recently introduced to the public as research, So vall-e download is not available. Still, the VALL-E GitHub website describing all its demos/samples can be visited to listen to the demo audio samples and learn how to use the Microsoft VALL-E in the future. You can download and use it as soon as it is available to the public. 

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Do you also want to listen to the demo audios of the Microsoft VALL-E? Then why wait? You can bookmark the GitHub website of VALL E or add it to your home screen on mobile so that you can easily access it in the future

But how to download Microsoft VALL-E? It is an easy process. Let’s look at the steps to vall-e download on mobile and desktop. Continue reading!

How To Download Microsoft VALL-E On Desktop?

To download Microsoft VALL-E on a desktop, open the Microsoft VALL-E website > Star icon in the right of the address bar > Folder name > Done. 

Follow the below-given steps to download Microsoft VALL-E on your desktop:

Step 01: Open the Microsoft VALL-E website (GitHub) using any web browser.

Step 02: Next, you have to bookmark the website. On any browser, click on the ‘star icon’ on the right end of the address bar. Here, we have considered Google Chrome.

Download Microsoft VALL-E

Step 03: The website is automatically bookmarked in the last used folder. If you want to change the folder, click on the ‘folder name’ and select the appropriate folder from the drop-down menu.

Download Microsoft VALL-E

Step 04: Click on ‘Done’ to save the changes made.

Download Microsoft VALL-E

Step 04: You can now easily open the website from the bookmarks. 

This was the process to download Microsoft VALL-E on your desktop. If you want to download it on your mobile, continue reading the next section on how to download Microsoft VALL-E on mobile. 

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How To Vall-E Download On Mobile?

To download Microsoft VALL-E on mobile, open the Microsoft VALL-E demo GitHub website on mobile browser > Three dots at the top right corner > Enter the name of the shortcut icon > Add > Follow the instructions to create the home screen shortcut.

Most of you might like to download Microsoft VALL-E on mobile. For easy access to the VALL E website, you must create a shortcut to the website on your home screen so that you can easily open it next time.

Here are the steps that you must follow to download Microsoft VALL-E on mobile:  

Step 01: Open the Microsoft VALL-E demo GitHub website on your mobile browser. Here we have opened it using the Google Chrome app.

Step 02: Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.

download Microsoft VALL-E

Step 03: Now, tap on the ‘Add to Home screen’ option from the menu to create a shortcut icon.

download Microsoft VALL-E

Step 04: Enter the name you want to set for the home screen shortcut icon for the VALL-E demo website and click on ‘Add.’

download Microsoft VALL-E

Step 05: You will now see the icon on the home screen of your mobile. Next time you want to visit the website, click on this icon. It will directly open the website in the browser.

download Microsoft VALL-E

By the end, you have learned how to download Microsoft VALL-E. As only the demos are currently accessible through the VALL-E website, you now know how to add the VALL-E demo website on the home screen of mobile and add the website to the web browser’s bookmarks.

Wrapping Up

The website also holds the link for the research paper on VALL-E. You can read the paper to know the Microsoft VALL-E features and the use cases. The paper also mentions the Microsoft VALL-E working principle. Since the VALL E tool is in testing mode, you will only be able to access the samples on their GitHub website. It will be made available to the public once it passes all the testing phases. 

If you are fond of using text-to-speech tools and now want to experience using the new neural codec language model, VALL-E, then this guide on how to download Microsoft VALL-E will surely help you. Follow TopHillSport to learn more about VALL E and other AI tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Features Of Microsoft VALL-E?

The following are the features of Microsoft VALL-E:
Emotion maintenance of the speaker
Maintenance of an acoustic environment

Q. What Are The Applications Of VALL-E? 

The VALL-E can be used in many speech synthesis applications, including speech editing, zero-shot TTS (Text-to-speech), and content creation in combination with other AI models such as GPT-3. The use of Microsoft VALL-E increases the chances of receiving fake calls. 

Q. Is VALL E Free?

Yes, currently, VALL E is free. Microsoft VALL-E is presently in the testing phase, and only the sample audios are available online on the VALL-E demo website. Once it is made available to the public, there are chances that it has some charges, but it has yet to be declared.

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