How To Cancel Gas Subscription? The Easiest Way 2023!

If you are a student or a passed out one, then you might be on the GAS app for sure! And considering the GAS app’s GOD MODE is way too difficult to resist, you might have already tried your hands on their premium version. But as all of us have different tastes and priorities, many of you might not like the GOD MODE service. If you are one of them, then we suggest you learn how to cancel GAS subscription or how to cancel god mode on gas. and save your money!

The GAS app – The hottest and the trendiest app especially designed and developed for students, has its premium version popular as the GOD MODE. This premium service allows you to see who has liked you on the GAS app and many more exciting features this provides you with. But if you don’t think that your money is worth investing in this subscription anymore then we can tell you how to cancel GAS subscription.

Settings App > Your Name > Subscriptions > Select GAS App > Scroll Down > Cancel Subscriptions. And done!! This was how to cancel GAS subscription. All you need next is a little detail of the same, for which you have to read a bit more!!

Learning how to cancel GAS app subscription alone would not be enough. You also should be aware of the changes that the subscription cancellation will bring you in your GAS account. This too you will learn in this blog post!

How To Cancel Gas Subscription?

The GAS app is a place where all teens and especially students can gain love and fame from their other schoolmates. All one has to do is just join the GAS app and create an account by registering their schools. Rest is the job of their classmates and schoolmates which is to like them on the GAS app and send them flames. The more likes, the more reach, engagement, and traffic on their account! Amazing right? The even more amazing thing is that it allows you to see who has liked you on the app for which you need the GOD MODE!! let’s learn about how do i cancel my gas subscription.

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This subscription model of the GAS app is useful for many whereas many of the account holders consider their premium service worthless. Everyone has their own reasons which is okay!! If you also sometimes think that the amount that you are paying for the GOD MODE isn’t worth or a good investment then you can instantly cancel their subscription in a few minutes just with the help of this guide on how to cancel GAS subscription or how to cancel god mode on gas.

Here are the instructions for how to cancel subscription on gas app in detail. Follow the instructions carefully: 

NOTE: You might be aware of the fact that the GAS app is only available and accessible for all the iOS users only, hence this set of guidelines are for the iPhone users. The Android users have to wait a little bit more for the launch of the GAS app for them. Lets know about how to unsubscribe from gas.

Step 01: Open Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 02: Click on your Name to access the further settings registered with your Apple ID.

Step 03: After that, find and click on the Subscription tab from the list.

Step 04: Next, find the GAS app from the list of applications and click on it.

Step 05: Now, scroll a little bit downward and click on the Cancel Subscription button to stop the services.

Step 06: Following these steps will help you to solve your issue of how to cancel gas god mode.

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Once you complete the above-given procedure, you will return to the basic GAS app services and features. Maybe that’s what you wanted, right? Anyways, now you have successfully learned how to cancel GAS subscription app.

Wrapping Up

For the first time in social media history, a platform has been launched especially for students. Which has impressed the young ones a lot. And in a rush to access the platform and utilize it entirely a lot of the teens have subscribed to their GOD MODE package. Many of them found this useful and many of you regret buying this subscription. 

In this post we have concluded how to cancel GAS god mode subscription app in detail. If you are also seeking ways to unsubscribe to the GOD MODE then Sportingibay can help you out! Not only with the GAS app but also with solutions related to other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, BeReal and a lot more. Visit for once for sure!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is GAS App School?

GAS app is a place where students tell each other anonymously what they love the most about you. They can also vote for you in the form of Polls and FAQs.

Q. What Is GAS App Used For?

It is mainly used for Gassing Someone Up by passing them anonymous compliments and voting them up! 

Q. How To See Who Liked On GAS App?

In order to view who has liked you on GAS app, you have to subscribe to the GOD MODE offered to you by the GAS App?

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