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One of the most interesting news to Discord lovers is that Discord is going to introduce its new Font style! Yes! This festive season Discord is introducing a new font style for both desktop and Mobile versions. If you are not aware of cool gg sans Discord font, this article will surely enlighten you!

gg sans Discord font, specially designed for Discord users and dedicated to gamers. As mentioned by the developers, this font will be better so that the users find the font really easy to use. 

The new gg sans Discord font will be used throughout everything, including the Discord website, blog, as well as mobile and desktop applications. This new typeface named “gg sans” will be available to Discord users starting on December 1, 2022, according to the developers’ announcement.

gg Sans Font Discord

Discord will start using our new, unique font, gg sans font Discord, on all of its surfaces as of December 1, 2022. Everything will use gg sans font as its typeface, including our website, blog, and mobile and desktop apps for Discord. With this modification, Discord now has the freedom to modify the Discord font going ahead in order to give you the greatest possible experience on Discord.

Why The New Discord Font Called Discord gg Sans Font?

The new typeface, Discord gg sans font, has the lowercase “g,” one of our favorite letters, and pays homage to the gaming roots. On the Discord platform, the term “good game” is usually abbreviated as “gg.” Using in any of our shared connections is also ingrained in the fabric of Discord business.

What Does Discord gg Sans Font Look Like? 

The announcement of launching the new Discord gg sans font is really overwhelming to Discord users. The Discord community reacted favorably to this announcement, but because there is no font preview provided, users are unable to see what it will look like.

Some Twitter users are interested in seeing the Discord new font’s appearance and are curious whether Discord can provide them with a preview of how it looks. They are really excited about this upgrade because it will probably replace the ‘Whitney’ typeface that was previously used, which not many Discord members admired.

The new typeface Discord gg sans font is gray, previously Whitney is entirely white. Despite the enthusiastic reception to Discord’s revelation, many users feel that they are being forced into using a font they are unable to modify. Some people think it would be excellent to have both a default font and the capability to switch fonts. It would be better to include any font on a user’s device. This clears your doubt about what does gg sans look like.

How To Get gg Sans Font On Discord?

After 1 December you will be able to use the new Discord font gg sans on your Discord server because it will be rolled out on December first. So you just have to launch Discord just after this day and enjoy the new Discord font gg sans.

Discord New Font VS Old

There are not many major differences between the new font vs old but if we think from the UI point of view users are able to see the difference clearly. Many users are not happy with the new font and they are criticizing the new discord font on Reddit. they are saying that the new Discord font is hurting their eyes because it is so pixelated or blurry.

Why Did Discord Changes The Font?

As per the discord statement, these changes are going to give them more freedom to customize the font in the future which was not possible in the old discord font. gg sans is a nod to Discord’s gaming aspect, which gave the platform its initial burst of popularity. As you may know, gg in gaming stands for “good game,” which players can say to each other after a well-played match.

What Font Does Discord Use?

Discord’s preset font is “Uni Sans,” and you can only adjust the Discord new font size instead of the font style. The Uni Sans font is also used in the Discord logo. The Uni Sans typeface conveys a feeling of crisp, contemporary style. They are frequently used in digital device displays, such as those on smartphones and tablets since they are easier to read on tiny screens.

On the mobile and desktop versions of Discord, go to “User Settings” and choose the “Appearance” option to change the font size. After that, expand the “CHAT FONT SCALING” setting by scrolling down the window and making the necessary adjustments to the font size.

What Do You Need To Do To Get The New Discord gg Sans Font?

On December 1, 2022, Discord will begin to alter the font across all of its interfaces. In the weeks that follow this day, Discord should start using the new Discord font gg sans. You might need to reload the Discord desktop and smartphone applications or make sure they are updated to the most recent version in order to notice the change. You need not take any action in relation to Discord.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are at the end of this article, all that we can hope that this new Discord gg sans font may meet its expectation. Discord is introducing gg sans Discord font as default, similar to their previous font. Therefore, once, your Discord server is upgraded to the new font style, you cannot revert the font style; whether you like it or not. Having said that, there are many gamers already requesting the Discord developers to offer option to switch between the new gg sans Discord font and the classic Uni Sans font. Follow TopHillSport for more updates on Discord Font!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Did Discord Change Font 2022?

On December 1, 2022, Discord will begin to alter the font across all of its interfaces. In the weeks that follow this date, Discord should start using the new font. You might need to reload the Discord desktop or mobile applications or make sure they are updated to the most recent version in order to notice the change.

Q2. What Is Discord’s Font Name?

Across all platforms, the Discord app utilizes the “Uni Sans” font by the standard. The default font size on Discord is “14,” which includes “7” upright as well as “7” italics, and you can only scale the font size, not change its style.

Q3. Did Discord Get A New Font?

The chat app has also developed a cutting-edge new font and unveiled a new color palette as part of its effort to branch out beyond gaming.

Q4. What Age Is Discord For 2022?

Despite the fact that not check users’ ages at signup, Discord needs members to be at least 13 years old. Due to its open discussion, Common Sense Media also advises that Discord members be at least 13 years old.

Q5. What Was Discord’s Old Logo?

Additionally, they modified the company’s tagline from “your place to talk” to “imagine a place” in the hope that it would be simpler to link to other taglines. These modifications drew ire and outrage from Discord users.

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