15 Best Discord Christmas Events 2024! 

Enjoy the Christmas season by participating in the upcoming Discord Christmas events. We have presented you with this guide which tells about the Discord Christmas events that are happening currently!

Every year-end, the Discord community gathers to enjoy the holidays together, where they meet new people, participate in contests and giveaways, and give back to the community by helping nonprofit organizations improve the world.

Flourishing friendship, Movement, TLS CryptoBuzzfeed, Discord Christmas event, Apache Cassandra, pokemon team challenge, Navidad flamenca are some of the Discord Christmas event ideas.

Continue reading further to understand in detail about the Discord Christmas event ideas, when it is happening, and what is so special about it.

Discord Christmas Events

DJJ Radio waves, Brain games, TikTok scriptwriting, Online Sci comm Breaking into the game industry, Casa Con 2024, and Weird and Wonderful Wednesday watch along are some of the best Discord Christmas events.

The Discord community constantly takes an effort in providing the best user experience for its users. Christmas Discord events are also created with the intention of engaging the Discord community through fun and informative sessions. The idea behind Discord Christmas events is to gather and meet the users by having a quality time and offering giveaways and rewards. We have listed down a few Discord Christmas games that you must not miss!

1. Movement

Discord Christmas Events - movement

Ticket Price: USD $20 – $40

Movement is a social justice movement and art series that focuses on a fun exploration through a variety of modalities, including yoga, dance, and more, as well as on painting and writing exercises that are centered on the week’s meditation or philosophy. For individuals who want more freedom when they view the classes, they are also providing a package. This will give you access to the video archive, enabling you to watch the video after it airs. It will also give you access to Google Documents and Discord groups, which contain additional resources for the art activities and a location to exchange projects.

2. Flourishing Friendships

Discord Christmas Events  - flourishing friendships

Ticket Price: USD $10

This meeting is jam-packed with the knowledge that you can put to use right away in your daily life and when you are out meeting new people. You will find genuine friendships more quickly if you attend this session.


  • What true friendships are?
  • What attributes a strong friendship?
  • How to muster the courage to speak with someone or a group?
  • How to locate the individuals you truly want to get to know?

Taking part in this discussion will surely make difference in your connections.

3. Breaking Into The Game Industry – IGA Complete – Level 1

Discord Christmas Events - breaking into the game industry

Ticket Price: USD $50

Do you dream of working in games? Then, this is a must-try Discord Christmas event for you where you will learn about C# programming, Unity Game Engine, Game Design, and Game Production to get you started creating games. They specialize in making learning enjoyable for everyone and useful for any field you want to enter, even if you don’t intend to be an engineer.

Topics Included

  • Planned game production using game loops and arcs
  • Simple C# Programming: Introduction to the Unity Game Engine
  • Basics of Game Marketing
  • Community Building Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Networking for a Resume and Portfolio

Extra Benefits

  • The IGA Level 1 Graduation Certificate can be earned
  • Join a group of amazing, encouraging wackos in our private Discord
  • Complete a video game

4. A Christmas Carol VR

Discord Christmas Events - Christmas carol vr

Ticket Price: USD $5 – $15

A Christmas Carol like you have never seen it before, performed interactively in your web browser or up close in virtual reality. Join the Christmas Carol VR for a traditional Dickensian recital using cutting-edge motion capture and interactive broadcast technologies in a fusion of old and modern media. From the comfort of your home, take in this live, digital performance as closely as you desire, Christmas Carol will be a good Discord Christmas event. 

5. TLS Crypto Buzzfeed

Discord Christmas Events - Buzzfeed cryptocurrency

Ticket Price: Free

In this Discord Christmas event, you can find out how to start using cryptocurrency. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students are all welcome!

Topics covered:

  • Basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and its operations.
  • Overview of cryptocurrency mining, investing, staking, and leveraged trading.
  • Overview of the Metaverse, DeFi, and NFTs.
  • How to set up your crypto security, learn how to get started, and educate yourself on everything crypto. How to access a community of people and mentors.
  • Overview of cryptocurrency trading and holding tactics for your preferences.

6. Apache Cassandra

Discord Christmas Events  - Apache Cassandra

Ticket Price: Free

For individuals who want to embrace the future of data-driven applications and migrate to the cloud or build cloud-native applications with NoSQL technology, this online introduction session is ideal.

We will guide you through the fundamentals of creating apps with Apache Cassandra. You will set up and start using DataStax Astra, our Cassandra as a Service, as soon as possible. With a free-tier database spinning in the cloud and awareness of data modeling concepts, you will leave our two-hour Introduction to Cassandra class ready to be the NoSQL superhero.

Topics covered:

  • Use Apache Cassandra to become familiar with the core NoSQL ideas
  • Learn about NoSQL and what it can do
  • Learn NoSQL data modeling principles through practice
  • Create a NoSQL database on your own

7. TikTok Scriptwriting

Discord Christmas Events  - tiktok script writing

Ticket Price: Free

TikTok’s scripted content has received over 35 billion views. Scripts for skits are requested by creators. The field of digital screenwriting has arrived. By participating in this interactive webinar, you may find out how to get started in this developing sector. Start your journey in this fascinating new creative writing medium by speaking with other scriptwriters and learning what makes for good TikTok writing and this will best one of the best Discord Christmas events.

8. Pokémon Team Challenge

Discord Christmas Events - Pokémon team challenge

Ticket Price: Free

The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is one of the Discord Christmas events and is used to play the matches in this event, which is free to play online and is hosted by our store on Discord. Promo coupons for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online are given to all participants. Each Event’s winner will receive a playmat and join our team to compete against other retailers in Europe.

9. Online SciComm Coworking Session

Discord Christmas Events - online scicomm

Ticket Price: Free

This online coworking session is for you if you’re a science writer or science communicator and you have a lot of work to get done before the holidays! Yes, this is for you if you’re working on something that has to do with spreading knowledge about science to more people. All science speakers, writers, YouTubers, podcasters, and podcasters are welcome to this Discord Christmas event.

10. Queens Poetic Alchemical Open Mic

Discord Christmas Events - Queens poetic alchemy collective

Ticket Price: Free

This Discord Christmas event is for all creative alchemists: poets, storytellers, musicians, artists, etc. Their philosophy is built on the transforming power of art & writing that enables us to express, explore, expose, comprehend, love, transmute, & ultimately cure ourselves as well as each other via the catalyst of creativity. It is informed by the Daoist concepts of internal alchemy. Their idea is to encourage you to think critically, feel passionate, embrace vulnerability, and find your creative spark whether or not you’re ready to publish your own work.

11. Casa Con 2024

Discord Christmas events - casa con

Ticket Price: Free

Enjoy three days of fantastic digital content with this amazing Discord Christmas event which includes sessions on voice acting, Cosplay makeovers, and Japanese pop culture. We have handpicked three days’ worth of excellent content from panelists all across the world. The closest thing to a convention experience you can have at home in safety and comfort is Casa Con.


  • Panel discussions on BL, cosplay transformations, voice acting
  • Amazing artists at the Digital Artist Alley
  • Contest for cosplay with awesome prizes
  • Prize-filled Jackbox Games and Quizzes

12. Weird & Wonderful Wednesday Watchalongs

Discord Christmas Events  - weird & wonderful

Ticket Price: Free

On the Dumb Industries Discord Server, a free weekly viewing party, join them on the Dumb Industries Discord Server as Miss Emmy Martian selects weird movies for us to watch collectively. This event is absolutely free will be definitely the most fun Discord Christmas event.

13. Brain Games

Discord Christmas Events  - brain games

Ticket Price: USD $1.60

One of the coolest Discord Christmas events is brain games. With activities that are scientifically proven to increase your intelligence, Brain games will engage your mind to strategize, plan, think critically, and expand its capabilities! On Discord, meet in the AQ “? CHATROOM Lobby.”

14. Navidad Flamenca

Discord Christmas Events  - Navidad Flamenca

Ticket Price: USD $28

This Discord Christmas event has a Christmas flamenco performance that will feature traditional and holiday flamenco music and songs. Back from Spain for the holidays, Victoria’s Jonathan Jacob Lee on guitar and Jessica Pealver-Cote in dance will perform with Annette Morcos (la Mora).

The first set of the performance will feature classic flamenco music, while the second set will feature Villancicos, Spanish Christmas carols. We will invite those in the audience who are game to join in on the singing of some of the songs in order to make the evening feel more joyous.

15. DJPJ on Radio Airwaves Online

Discord Christmas Events  - radio airways online

Ticket Price: Free

Put on your dancing shoes and get ready for the most exciting Discord Christmas event. The greatest dance music from the 1940s, 1950s, and beyond is played by Pete DJPJ. Big Band Swing, Jump Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Doo Wop Western Swing, Ska, Blues, Disco, Funk, New Orleans, Motown, and more are all examples of popular music styles. Pete has a lot of expertise in spinning music for swing dances. From Bill Haley & the Comets to Benny Goodman. All night long, he’ll have you swinging, jumping, and rocking.

Wrapping Up

Christmas is not only considered the season of gifting, but there is also so much joy in participating in events and having fun together. We hope this article has given you a clear explanation of the Discord Christmas event. For more such informational and interesting articles, check out our website at TopHillSport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is Discord Snow Giving?

Ans. Snowsgiving. This is the time of year when the Discord community comes together to celebrate our big, warm online space by helping a worthy cause and bestowing a tonne of entertaining gifts. The proceeds from this year’s Snowsgiving merchandise go to the charity partner: Emergency Text Line.

Q2. Why Did Discord Remove The Christmas Sounds?

Ans. After receiving numerous complaints from users about the loud holiday alerts and ringtones, Discord has decided to make them optional. Every single sound in the Discord app was briefly modified as part of “snowsgiving” to make the service sound more festive.

Q3. Are Giveaways Real On Discord?

Ans. They pretend to have won the giveaways while sending the user harmful links. The user will be redirected to a third-party website that has been web-hooked to steal personal information if they click the link. The bots then demand more money in order to receive their reward.

Q4. Can You Claim Gifted Nitro?

Ans. The gift becomes account credit if you already have a Nitro subscription that is current. These are displayed in the “Subscriptions” section (within User Settings). It won’t automatically redeem the gift. 

Q5. How Do You Download Snowsgiving Emojis On Discord?

Ans. Visit discord.com/snowsgiving to download the snowsgiving emojis for your server. By the way, for a brief period of time, a unique Snowsgiving Surprise Sticker Pack is available in-app if you are a Nitro Subscriber.

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