Why Won’t My BeReal Notification Go Off? Latest Solutions 2023!

Similar to all the other social media applications, BeReal application also sends notifications to its users in order to stay updated with their activities in respect to the platform. But nowadays most of the BeReal users are facing an error and wondering why won’t my BeReal notification go off? 

If this something that interests you are something that’s been troubling you too then we recommend you to stay tuned with this article to explore why won’t my BeReal notification go off. This article will aid you in identifying and troubleshooting all the possible reasons causing why won’t my BeReal notification go off with their suitable fixes.

Here are the reasons for why won’t my BeReal notification go off: Your default notifications might be turned off or you might be accessing an unstable internet connection. There are many other reasons that can be the source of the same. To find out, READ!

This detailed guide will make sure that you may not encounter the “why won’t my BeReal notification go off” situation again. If you want the same, then go on reading the entire article for full knowledge.

Why Won’t My BeReal Notification Go Off?

Why Won't My BeReal Notification Go Off

This section of this step-wise guide is solely dedicated to multiple factors that are causing why won’t my BeReal notification go off or why my BeReal is not working properly! Below is a list of different reasons that may contribute in disturbing the application’s performance. You can access the below given data to troubleshoot the BeReal glitch that why won’t my BeReal notification go off.

1. Poor Internet Connection

An unstable or weak internet connection is one of  the most common causes of why won’t my BeReal notification go off. This can trouble you accessing the BeReal application in real. BeReal application’s performance is entirely based on the density of your internet speed. In order to use the application seamlessly, one must have the access to a high to average speed internet connection. 

Why Won't My BeReal Notification Go Off

Here are some of the troubleshooting methods through which you can improvise your connectivity: 

1.1 Turn Off And On Again Your WiFi 

If you are facing some fluctuations in your data speed then you may face glitches while operating the BeReal application. To fix this situation you can restart your WiFi through the Notification Panel or from your Settings App by switching off and on again the switch next to the WiFi icon. 

In order to reset your router, just unplug it for a minute at least and then plug it back in to start the reestablishing process of your WiFi connection.

1.2 Turn On Mobile Data 

If you are still facing the why won’t my BeReal notification go off error, then you can try turning on your mobile data and disabling the WiFi connection. This can aid you to go through any internet related errors that were occuring due to WiFi connection and will help you use the application more flawlessly.

In order to switch to your mobile data from WiFi connection, you just need to disconnect the WiFi and your device will start using your mobile data by default to load BeReal updates, just make sure before disabling your WiFi connection the mobile data is turned on! 

1.3 Disable VPN

One has to turn off their VPN in they are facing why won’t my BeReal notification go off situations while accessing the BeReal application. As it has been observed that BeReal has some compatibility issues with most of the VPNs. 

As these are the best way to be high on privacy and security while accessing any web-based apps. That’s why you need to turn the VPN off if you have been using BeReal by logging into it through a VPN. This will resolve the BeReal errors which are resulting in improper functionality of the application. However, not being able to access VPN with your applications can be Lil disturbing but most likely BeReal gonna launch a better update in near future that may support VPN access.

2. Notifications Might Be Disabled 

Your notifications might be disabled from the settings of either the BeReal application or from the settings of your device for all. This can result in improper display of your upcoming and already delivered notifications or this can make BeReal notifications not appear at all.

Why Won't My BeReal Notification Go Off

It can be irritating sometimes that you are not receiving any updates from the app neither important nor regular ones that you usually expect at the top of your screen time to time! Notifications from your device need to be turned on for most of the social media applications and in some cases you can keep it off according to your preferences. 

Remember that whenever you turn of notifications for any social media platform particularly you won’t be able to receive any notification or updates from that particular application, they will be restricted from your device. Here are few of the methods through which you can fix why won’t my BeReal notification go off.

2.1 Enable BeReal Notifications From Your App 

A BeReal user must turn on notifiy settings in the BeReal application in order to make the BeReal alarms display on your screen properly. One can find the Notification Settings in the BeReal app by heading to the Main Settings Menu.

From there, you will get Notification Settings. From this, one can turn on the switched off Notification toggle if they were not. This will make sure that all the BeReal updates are being delivered to you safely and on time.

2.2 Enable Notifications From Your Device

Turning on notifications from your device is necessary too. You can achieve this by heading to the device’s Settings Menu. There you will find the Notification Menu, from here modify and alter notification settings according to yourself.

You can make changes in any notification settings for every application anytime! One should make sure that the notification settings are turned on especially for the BeReal application. By enabling it, you will be able to receive all the notifications that you once used to receive on your device.

3. There Might Be A Bug 

Technical bugs and errors are most common factors responsible for why won’t my BeReal notification go off. Such errors are usually caused by accessing timings or hanging of the software which disrupts the functioning of the app.

Bugs occur out of nowhere and disappear by themselves, without making any efforts. But in a few cases, bugs can occur again and again which needs to be cured before thinking twice. 

Why Won't My BeReal Notification Go Off

One can try out these fixes to prevent why won’t my BeReal notification go off and bugs related issues. 

3.1 Log Out And Log Back In

Logging out and in of your BeReal account can help you resolve any account errors that you might be facing. Sometimes, the app gets hung up because of errors and bugs causing trouble while operating the app.

Logging out and back in will refresh the app and enhance your experience with the BeReal app. 

3.2 Update BeReal App

If you are still wondering why won’t my BeReal notification go off, then you can try updating the current version of the BeReal application on your device. Because outdated ones can create issues in accessing your BeReal account and make you lag behind in terms of updates. As BeReal keeps launching updated versions of itself to make its performance better. One is supposed to introduce the latest ones in order to access the latest features.

The app brings bug-free versions of itself with every new update. Keeping your app updated is necessary for a better experience. Not accessing latest versions and avoiding updated ones can increase the chances of your app getting bugged.

3.3 Clear BeReal Cache

The app’s performance also depends on the BeReal cache. If one is accessing Google Chrome to operate their account on BeReal application then one needs to click on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and a menu will appear. From that menu, find and click on the More Tools button. Next, you need to click on the Clear Browsing Data button by selecting All Time as the time period. Now, check the Cached Images & Files box and then Clear Data. And your BeReal Cache is successfully cleared on Google Chrome.

If you operate Firefox for using BeReal, then just open the Firefox menu and head to the History page next click on the Clear Recent History button, and done!

For Android users, head to the device’s Settings Menu and launch Apps Menu. From there find BeReal application and click on the BeReal application Menu and click on the Storage button. Next, clear all the Cache Data linked with the BeReal application.

Final Thoughts 

This blog post has tried it’s best to provide you with all the possible reasons and solutions for why won’t my BeReal notification go off.  Just like every other social media platform, BeReal notifications keeps you updated with all your account related activities and actions. This article can help you in solving all the errors causing why won’t my BeReal notification go off. 

Every trick mentioned in the above sections has been found autheny to cure why won’t my BeReal notification go off and all other issues linked to your BeReal account. One can make use of this guide to find out all the possible reasons and solutions to find out why won’t my BeReal notification go off. 

One needs to make sure that all of their notification settings on their device and on the application are turned on to receive latest and updated notifications. If one is still facing trouble in accessing their BeReal accounts then they can reach out to us in our comment section or at @deasilex to find out solutions for more BeReal related issues like what time is BeReal today in US or what time is BeReal today in UK and a lot more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Fix BeReal Notifications?

Remember that your Notifications should be enabled on both the Settings app of your device and the application in your device.

Android Settings app > Apps & Notifications > BeReal > App Permissions > Turn On

Q. Why Is My BeReal Notification Late?

Uninstall and reinstall back the application to get the BeReal notifications back again. If it doesn’t work then try clearing the Bereal cache. For instructions, refer to the above article.

Q. How To Get Rid Of A Notification That Won’t Go Away?

Settings app > App Settings > Notification > Most Recent > BeReal > Turn On Notifications

Q. Why Are My Notifications Not Appearing?

Try restarting your device and the application to get the updates of your BeReal account back again. 

Q. What Time Does BeReal Send Notifications? 

BeReal users in the US get notifications from 10:00 am to 23:59 pm every day!

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