8+ Reasons To Tell Why Instagram is Toxic and Bad For Health

Before starting the article I would suggest that you people should first go and check your phone’s activity. I bet Instagram has taken the most of your time and the internet. It is a good social media app but toxic too. In the article, we have discussed and given the points that will explain to you why Instagram is Toxic.

According to a research report, Instagram has had one billion active users since its launch in 2010. The user population is largely dominated by the youth in the world. What do we do when we don’t have anything to do? The answer we all know, we scroll Instagram feeds, and now the introduction of the new Reels feature, it has turned out to be even more interesting but what is this interest costing you? I am not asking it monetarily. When given a deep thought certain points came to my mind, so I listed them down and found out why Instagram is Toxic.

The reasons I listed for why Instagram is toxic are

  • Adverse Affect on Mental Health
  • Interrelation problems
  • Fan Wars
  • Instagram v/s Reality 
  • Effect on Eyesight
  • The number of likes and comments has become a symbol of status
  • It is more of a Marketplace
  • The threat of Data leak

So, these are the reasons that I listed under “Why Instagram is Toxic”. I know it is hard to believe that the app we are using regularly, How can it be harmful? You will get answers to each and every question below in the article.

Why Instagram is Toxic

Let’s not waste much of your time and get started with the content you are looking for. You will find the answer to “Why is Instagram Toxic” with a proper explanation below.

Adverse Affect on Mental Health

Why Instagram is Toxic - mental Health

The first and foremost reason why Instagram is Toxic is its adverse effect on the mental health of the person using it. Let me explain this, a study showed that using Instagram releases dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical that causes happiness. Secretion of Dopamine is good for health but it is secreted when you get likes and comments on your post. But, the chemical out to be bad if it is released more often, it makes a habit and it needs the same pleasure after some interval which is not possible. Can you get the same number of likes and positive comments on every photo? Ask yourself.

Inter Relation Problems

Why Instagram is Toxic - interrelationship problems

Well, this is the problem I personally faced with my girlfriend and my family. I used to spend a lot of time on Instagram watching reels and uploading posts that I almost forgot about my family. One day my phone broke and I found it difficult to even start a conversation with my family members. Can you imagine my situation?

Well, now moving towards my relationship with my girlfriend. We were so much into each other that we started getting into each other’s social media handles and then the problem started we were not respecting each other’s personal space but sooner we realized it and saved our relationship from this toxic Instagram. These two incidents made me list this point under the reasons why is Instagram Toxic.

Fan Wars

Why Instagram is Toxic - Fan Wars

The most irritating part of using Instagram is the Fan wars. Your hero is good but this doesn’t mean mine is nothing. How can you get into someone’s comments section or DM and start abusing the post he posted about any hero or politician.

A very common example I could think of is the cricket fans. Another day it was in the news a bowler took the wicket of a very well-renowned batsman. His fans started abusing and threatening the bowler in the DM section of Instagram.

Instagram v/s Reality

Why Instagram is Toxic - Instagram and reality

The next reason why Instagram is toxic is that it takes the person away from reality. If you are into the Instagram reels from day to night the world would be like a fairy tale to you. Everything moving musically and well mannered but what is the on-ground reality. Isn’t it totally different? Instagram takes you away from this reality that will make it difficult for you to cope up later.

The next point is people are not enjoying the present, they are in a hurry to capture the present moment to show or to be appropriate, flaunt the moment to their followers, and in the process they miss the ongoing enjoyment.

Effect on EyeSight

Why Instagram is Toxic - effects on eyes

Well, this is not specifically the problem of Instagram, this is due to excessive use of phone or laptop. I mentioned this point in “why Instagram is toxic” because most of the time we use phones just to scroll Instagram and read memes. Excessive use of it will definitely hamper your eyesight.

Number of Likes has become a Symbol of Status

Why Instagram is Toxic - likes on Instagram

Another reason I feel why Instagram is toxic because people judge each other on the numbers of likes and comments they get on the stuff they post. It has become a symbol of status among the youth. Youth is in continuous search of tips and tricks to increase followers on Instagram rather than focusing on their career. I feel this is a matter of serious concern.

It is more of a Marketplace

Why Instagram is Toxic - More of a marketplace

We must not forget what Instagram started for and what it is now. It started as a social media app for message and post uploading but today it has become more of a marketplace every third person on Instagram is trying to earn money. This has made the social media app lose its charm and reason to use. This was another reason that I listed under “why Instagram is Toxic”.

The threat of Data Leak

Why Instagram is Toxic - Instagram Data Leak

As if now we haven’t heard any news about the data leak by Instagram but Facebook and WhatsApp are always in the headlines regarding their privacy policies and you must remember that all three social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are owned by the same company Facebook. You never know what can happen. 


So, these were all the reasons that I listed for “Why Instagram is Toxic”. I do not say that you should stop using the Instagram app rather I would say use it but in limit. It should not hamper your relationships and health. There are various other reasons that Instagram is useful. You can earn money from Instagram but you must know how to use it properly.

Rishabh Yashovardhan

Rishabh is the Editor for TopHillSport. He satisfies his appealing scrutiny while reviewing and editing the articles written by different teams and groups of writers. Instagram has been his first love on social media and he always aspires to write about the same.

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