Why Did My Super BFF On Snapchat Disappear | Know The 5 Reasons And Solutions!!

Snapchat is well-known for sharing snaps. Well, you get a BFF emoji next to the person with whom you share the most snaps or talk more. Your best friend list on Snapchat is based on the users you talk to the most or share the most snaps with. You can have up to 8 Super BFF Snapchat. Well, have you ever come across a situation where you found that your BFF has disappeared? Why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear must be the question that came to your mind.

Snapchat’s platform has a lot of amazing features for its users. They can share snaps, chat on Snapchat, create or change cameo selfies, and do a lot more things. Well, users can even have best friends on Snapchat. One of the unique things about this is that you have different kinds or levels of Best Friends on Snapchat. One such level is super BFF. If you talk to a user the most and share the snaps with him, he might be added to your super BFF list on Snapchat.

Sometimes, your super BFF may disappear from Snapchat. Why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear? If your pink emoji or the super BFF emoji changes, it means that your relationship with that person has changed. Well, the most common reason behind this can be you have made someone else your super BFF by sending more snaps to that person. Another reason can be that your Snapchat super bff gone or no longer sends you as many snaps as you send them. It might also be because they have stopped using the Snapchat app or have stopped sending snaps and maintaining streaks on Snapchat.

This post will discuss the answers to Why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear. We will be providing complete details related to why did my BFF on Snapchat disappear and how you can get your BFF on Snapchat back. So, without any further delay, let us get right into the post and find out answers to Why did My Super BFF on Snapchat disappear.

Why Did My Super BFF On Snapchat Disappear?

Why Did My Super BFF On Snapchat Disappear

Have you ever faced a situation where your super best friend emoji or heart has changed? Well, if you have, you must have wondered Why did my Super BFF on Snapchat disappear. It might be because of several reasons. Well, we have got answers to all your questions as we know the possible reasons why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear. Let us discuss the reasons by reading ahead. If want to know some reasons why super BFF Snapchat disappeared, then keep reading this guide mentioned below.

Reason 1: You Are Snapping Someone Else More Often Than Him

The first and the most common reason Why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear might be that you are no longer snapping your super BFF and now you have started snapping someone more. Snapchat has an algorithm and it sees whom you are sending the most snaps and chatting. It usually tags that person as your BFF on Snapchat and hence an emoji appears next to his name.

If you reduce sharing snaps and chatting with that particular person and start snapping someone else more often than this person, the BFF emoji may get transferred to this new person and that is why did my best friend emoji disappear on Snapchat. This might be a reason why your previous super BFF is no more your BFF on Snapchat. This is one main reason responsible, how do you lose super BFF on Snapchat?

Reason 2: That Person Does Not Send As Many Snaps As You Do

If you can see a super BFF emoji or a heart emoji on Snapchat, it takes effort from both sides. It seems simple at times to just send images and videos to your friends at your leisure time continuously for two months and earn a pink heart emoji that is for BFFs on Snapchat. However, you need to put effort from both sides.

If it is only you who is continuously sending snaps, the other person is not so considerate, the Super BFF on Snapchat disappears. This can add another reason to why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear. When snapping is one sided then chances are there that this super BFF emoji may disappear. So, if you are the only one sharing more snaps, this super BFF emoji might disappear soon.

Reason 3: They Might Have Stopped Using Snap

Another answer to why my super BFF on Snapchat disappear can be that your super BFF has stopping using snap. If your friend has stopped maintaining streaks and is no more sharing snaps with you, chances are there that you might end up losing this super BFF emoji or the pink heart on Snapchat. This can add another reason why your super BFF on Snapchat has disappeared now. This could be another prime reason responsible as to why your super BFF on snapchat went away. If this is not the reason in your case, the next one might be the reason.

Reason 4: They Have Deleted The Snapchat Account

When a Snapchat user deletes his Snapchat account, he is removed from the friend list of his Snapchat friends. So, if you find that your super BFF disappears on Snapchat, this might be a reason for that. If your friend has deleted his account and he is no more a Snapchat user, he won’t be your Super BFF. Well, there is a difference between deleting the app and deleting your account. 

The data may also get deleted from your Snapchat account if you delete it. However, it won’t be the case if you just delete the Snapchat app from your device. Snapchat allows users to reconsider their deleted account for around thirty days. So, you can ask your friend if he wants to recover, he can do that. Well, if he deletes it, your pink heart emoji will disappear and he will no longer be your BFF on Snapchat.

Reason 5: Changed The Emojis

Why Did My Super BFF On Snapchat Disappear: Change BFF emoji

Many Snapchat users are not aware that they can even change the emojis which pop up for these best friend status. You can change the default emoji and choose any of your favorite ones. It will only be you who can see this emoji, your friend won’t see that. They will see the same one that they have customized or the default one. Here is how you can change the emojis for yourself.

  1. Launch the Snapchat app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the profile icon to go to the Profile page.
  3. Tap on the settings icon that is a gear icon on the right side of your screen.
  4. Scroll down and select the Manage option from there.
  5. You can now tap on the Friend emojis option.
  6. Here you will see several emoji options for your friends.
  7. You can tap on the super BFF emoji option.
  8. You can now choose any of the options or emojis from here.

This is how you can customize your super BFF emoji and you won’t see the same pink heart for that. These are the most common reasons because of which you can’t see your super BFF emoji on Snapchat. This is why did my number one best friend on Snapchat disappear. We have discussed how to lose super bff on Snapchat, let us further discuss how you can get that back.

How Long Does It Take To Lose Super BFF On Snapchat?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably used Snapchat or are at least aware of it. Additionally, if you use Snapchat, you’re undoubtedly already familiar with the stickers that appear in the right corner of some of the chats. The duration it takes to lose a Super BFF on Snapchat remains uncertain, as several factors come into play. But according to some users Just like streaks, it takes 24 hours to lose your supper bff status with someone on Snapchat.

The number of best friends you can have on Snapchat is eight. And it lets users evaluate the degree of friendship with other app users using stickers. The goal is to get your super Bff sticker, which signifies that you and your pal have come a long way. Then how long does it take to lose super BFF on Snapchat?

We are all aware that losing a Snapchat super Bff keeps happening. The app makers have never explicitly stated how such an algorithm function. If we talk about how do you lose super BFF on Snapchat then nobody is truly aware of the time it takes to lose a Super Bff. Even so, there are various reasons that we can name that play a role in why such things occur in the first place. So this is all about how long does it take to lose super Bff on Snapchat.

How To Get My Super BFF On Snapchat Back?

As we have already discussed what could be the possible reasons for Why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear, you must now be thinking about how to get super bff on Snapchat back. You can try out the things that we will mention below to get your Snapchat BFFs back to the same level. If you also become Let us further discuss how to get super bff back on Snapchat.

Way 1: Starting Snapping Them The Most For At Least 2 Months

If your Snapchat super BFF gone then the first and the most effective way that you can try to get your super BFF back on Snapchat is to send them snaps every day for at least two months. You can share as many snaps and videos with them and ask them as well to share images and videos with you for a minimum of 2 months. This will help you get your BFF back on Snapchat and you can again see the pink heart emoji on Snapchat again.

Way 2: Start Sending Red Snaps And Videos To Them

Another thing that you can try is start sending red snaps and videos to your friend. If you start sharing red snaps with that person, Snapchat will notice that you are sending snaps that are different with only this person. This will differentiate them with other Snapchat friends. So, you can try this way and get your super BFF emoji back on Snapchat.

Way 3: Maintain A Streak With Them

You can start maintaining and sharing snaps or streaks with the person you want to be BFFs with on Snapchat. If you start sharing streaks daily, you will soon become BFFs on the Snapchat app and you will see the pink heart again against the name of your friend on Snapchat.

This is how you can get your super BFF back on Snapchat. We have discuss why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear along with how you can get that back. So, you can also try out these ways and get a solution to how and why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear.


Here ends the post on why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear. In this post, we have discussed why did my super BFF on Snapchat disppear and how you can get him back. So, what are you waiting for? Try out the ways that we have mentioned above and get the pink heart emoji back on Snapchat. In case, you have any questions, you can drop them in the comment section below. Also, share this post with your friends and help them in knowing Why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear and how you can get that back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Long Does Super BFF Last On Snapchat?

A. It usually takes two months. Well, if you start sharing snaps with a person for more than two months, your BFF must stay in the list of your best friends for at least two weeks and if you keep the red heart for two months, you will get the super BFF on Snapchat.

Q2. How Do You Lose Your Super BFF On Snapchat?

A. Users may lose their Super BFF emoji on Snapchat due to several reasons. Some of the common reasons might be that you might stop sending or receiving snaps from that person on Snapchat. It might also be because you start sharing more snaps with some other person than the one you used to share with. These might be the most common reasons why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear.

Q3. Why Did I Lose My Pink Hearts On Snapchat?

A. The most common reason why you lost the pink hearts on Snapchat is because you have stopped sharing snaps with that person or that person has stopped sharing them with you. Other reason might be because you are now sharing more snaps with some other person. So, these might be the common reasons why did my super BFF on Snapchat disappear or the pink heart disappears.

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