Why Did My BeReal Disappear? Know The Best Reasons And Solutions!

Why did my BeReal disappear today? What could be the possible reasons? Is BeReal down today or is there any other issue? Let’s find out the probable reasons why did my BeReal disappear.

BeReal is a brand new social media platform created in 2020, that not only emphasizes being as real as possible but also develops a sense of staying connected by posting every day. Here’s the thing, BeReal is a much sorted and filterless social media application that prompts you to post any picture, every day. All it does is send you a notification by reminding you, it’s time to click a picture and share it with your friends. The most interesting thing about BeReal is the features it comes along with.

The probable reasons why BeReal disappears is due to occasional glitches like a server issue, internet connection, new updates, cache data, etc. This post shall incorporate the best possible solutions to fix this problem of why did my BeReal disappear.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into this. Keep Reading!

Why Did My BeReal Disappear?

Since its inception in 2020, BeReal has been the talk of the town and its users are increasing every day. The BeReal app downloads have risen to 315% this year, ranking the fourth most downloaded app after Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. 

The most interesting thing about BeReal is it prompts users to share their real selves.

However, users are facing a problem these days which arises the question of why did my BeReal disappear? Alright, Let’s begin!

Why Did My BeReal Disappear?

Reason 1: Server Issue

The first and foremost probable reason why your BeReal disappears might be due to a server issue. It could be because of a bug at the server’s end or it can be a temporary bug at your end. If there might be some glitch with the online services of BeReal. So, you cannot fix this issue from your end.

Solution: Check On Downdetector Website

To check if it’s a glitch or server issue, you need to download the DownDetector app. This app provides you real-time status of any app. You can also go to the Downdetector website and check the BeReal status. If BeReal servers aren’t operating well, try resetting your phone and if the servers still aren’t operating well, then you might have to wait it out.

Reason 2: Internet Connection

Sometimes, most of the issues with the BeReal app emerge from a poor internet connection. So, if you are looking for why did my BeReal disappear, make sure to be connected with a strong internet connection.

Solution: Disable Public WiFi & Try Cellular Data

Where did my bereal disappear

For the BeReal app to function properly, you need to be strongly connected to the internet. Try switching to a cellular network if you are on a public WiFi network and then see if the BeReal app now functions as intended.

Reason 3: Outdated App

Sometimes, when an app is outdated, it tends to crash and not function properly. For this, the app’s creators send an update to address a problem that users are having with the app. Therefore, it is a fair possible reason why did my BeReal disappear.

Solution: Check For the Latest Updates

Where did my bereal disappear

To solve this problem, why did my BeReal disappear, Go to the App store to check if there’s been an update on the BeReal app, if there’s been, install it as soon as possible and then check for your BeReal.

Reason 4: Cache Data Corrupted

By storing temporary resources like thumbnails, scripts, and video clips on your phone rather than downloading them from the internet every time, cached data make apps load faster. But the storage on your phone can soon become full of cached info and sometimes this cache data gets corrupted which acts as a barrier in the proper functioning of the apps.

Solution: Clear BeReal Cache Data

Where did my bereal disappear

To fix the problem why did my BeReal disappear, clear cache data by going to Settings > Apps & Notifications > All Applications > BeReal > Storage > Clear Cache data. 

This will do the trick.

Reason 5: BeReal App Crashing

Sometimes, due to overloading of the data, the apps get crashed. Due to this corrupted data, it’s a possibility for the question that’s been bugging you, why did my BeReal disappear?

Solution: Delete And Reinstall BeReal

Where did my bereal disappear

 The last resort you have is deleting and reinstalling the BeReal app. This can fix issues that may have arisen during the installation of the app as well as clean up any corrupted data related to the program. 

Locate the BeReal app > Hold and long press > Uninstall > App Store > Install again and then try.

Reason 6: Part Of The Marketing Strategy 

Another possible reason why did my BeReal disappear today might be a part of their Advertising Strategy. BeReal has 2.93 million daily, active users today so it is possible that they did this to create hype about BeReal  around the Internet that what is BeReal, how to use BeReal, and What is the Motive behind the Notification.

Solution: Wait For BeReal To Show Up

If this is the issue, then you can just wait for BeReal to show up by itself.

If you can still not use the app, you can try contacting BeReal to know if they can solve your issues.

This is all guys!


Now that you have got your answer, why did my BeReal disappear? You can wait for the next notification to arrive and then post and stay in touch with your friends and family. We hope this article was helpful to you and offered you the exact information you were looking for. Furthermore, if you have any related queries or questions feel free to ask us in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Fix  A BeReal Glitch?

Ans. You can fix a BeReal glitch by updating your BeReal, checking internet connection, clear BeReal cache data, install Beta version of BeReal.

Q2. Where Are My BeReal Memories?

Ans. BeReal memories are stored in the Memories section of your BeReal.

Q3.Can People See A Deleted BeReal?

Ans. No, you cannot see a deleted BeReal in the Feed. Once you delete a BeReal, you won’t be able to delete any other for the rest of the day.

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