When Is Discord Coming To PS4? We Know The Date!

Discord and Sony’s partnership was revealed in May 2021, when it was made clear that players can link their PSN account to Discord. Many of you will be thinking that when is discord coming to PS4, well we have the answer.

Discord is an online chatting app that can be used while playing games, Discord has made it easy for players to connect and showcase their gaming skills with their friends online. Sony and Discord partnered to roll out an integration between PSN- PlayStation Network to let your friends see when you are on your console playing any game.

When is Discord coming to PS4?, the expected date is not confirmed but it’s gonna be in September However, as of today, you can not install Discord on your console but there is a way to red your Discord messages on play station console.  

Sony and Discord partnership will let you display the game you are playing on your PlayStation, your network ID for friends to add you with, and your status. Let’s know more about When Is Discord Coming To PS4.

When Is Discord Coming To PS4?

Netflix, Youtube, and Twitch are some of the Apps that PlayStation players can use on their consoles. Discord was missing from the list but it going to happen in September. According to some insiders it’s been revealed that in mid-September around 15th September 2022 the Discord is coming to PS4.

Earlier also play station had formed parties and invited their friends to use the voice feature, with Discord making their own consoles it will be easier for play station players to form communities for their favorite games. However, you can read Discord messages on PS4. 

Currently, Discord is one of the most used instant messaging and social apps with 350 million registered users and over 150 monthly active users. Play Station has 104 million users worldwide. 

How To Get Discord On PS4?

To Get Discord On PS4 > Launch Discord App > Click on the Gear Icon located at bottom of the Screen > Now choose play station network > Login into your Play Station Account > Grant Permission before linking play station and Discord

There is no Discord app on Playstation yet as it has not been released but you can share your current activities with your friends on Discord. Once you connect your Discord to Playstation you will be able to see what games your friends are playing. Follow the below steps to enable it :

Step 1: Launch Discord App

Step 2: Click on the Gear Icon located at bottom of the Screen

Step 3: Now choose play station network

Step 4: Login into your Play Station Account

Step 5: Grant Permission before linking play station and Discord

To Sum Up 

Discord is one of the most used chat apps right now and the Play Station craze is known by all. For the Gamers, the Discord and PS4 partnership will be a dream come true. The Discord is coming for both PS4 and PS5. This was all about when is Discord coming to PS4. let us know in the comments how excited are you about this Sony and Discord partnership. 


Q. Is Discord Gonna Be On PS4?

Yes, Discord is coming to PS4, to send messages to your friends on PS4 it comes with the in-built browser. You can directly open Discord web in the browser on your PS4 console. 

Q. Is Discord Coming To PS4 And PS5?

Discord integration is finally happening in the US and will come in other countries too. Sony and Discord announced in 2021 that they are partnering and in September 2022 we will finally see Discord on PS4. 

Q. How Do I Install Discord On PS4?

To Install Discord on PS4 open Discord then go to user settings, then connections on the desktop. Now go to mobile the user settings and then connections. 

Q. How Do You Get Discord 2022 On PS4?

To get Discord on 2022 on PS4 launch the Discord App, then click on the Gear Icon located at the bottom of the Screen. Now choose play station network. login into your Play Station Account and Grant Permission before linking to play station and Discord

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