When Does BeReal Reset? Know All The Crucial Details!!

BeReal is actually what it sounds like. Within such a short time, the application has successfully attracted many users toward itself. However, many users are still confused about certain features of the app. One such confusion is about when does BeReal reset. Are you also wondering when does BeReal reset? If you have this question in your mind, you are on the very right track.

BeReal is an application that is a hot topic nowadays. This new photo-sharing application is something new. As the name suggests, it is an app where users can be real for some time. They can share their photos with other users without any effects or filters. It allows users to be an authentic version of themselves. They can click their photos when prompted to do so and share them with their friends or publicly on this application.

Many people are still confused about when does BeReal reset. As per the website, the app resets every day. You are notified once a day at random times to post a BeReal. You can check out when BeReal is Today and post your pictures on the app easily. The BeReal platform has engaged various users from around the world with its amazing features. You can take a BeReal, Retake a BeReal, and even post a BeReal late.

This post will be discussing when does BeReal reset. In this post, we will be providing you with complete information related to when the BeReal resets or what time does BeReal reset. This post will discuss all the necessary details you are looking for. So, without any further ado, let us jump right into the post and find out when do BeReal resets. 

When Does BeReal Reset?

When Does BeReal Reset

BeReal is among the most popular applications that have gained popularity in the last few days. Many users are quite confused and looking for answers to when does BeReal reset. BeReal resets every day. It asks or notifies users every day at different times to post their BeReal. They need to take a picture of themselves within a two-minute time frame to click their pictures from the front and back camera. 

They can click their picture and send them. Users can see other users’ BeReal once they have posted their BeReal. If you haven’t posted your BeReal, you can even send it late. There isn’t any serious consequence of taking a BeReal late. The next day again, BeReal will notify its users that it is time to BeReal. So, they can click their picture at that time and enjoy using the app. As we have got to know when does BeReal reset, let us read further to know more about this app.

How Does BeReal Work?

BeReal is a new app that has given great competition to established social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and many more. As the name suggests, it is an app to Be Real. The app notifies users every day at random times by displaying a notification that says it is time to BeReal. Users can click their pictures from their front and back cameras and then send them. Each user gets a two-minute time to click their pictures. They can even retake a BeReal within this time only.

Once they send their BeReal, they can view other users’ BeReal posts as well. It is a platform that asks users to share their original photos without any effects or filters. That is something that has grabbed the attention of various users worldwide, and hence they are using this app. You can also download the app and enjoy using it! Just click your two pictures once notified and share them with your friends and other users using this platform. 

Why Didn’t I Get My BeReal Notification To Post?

If you haven’t received a BeReal post notification recently, you’re not alone. According to BeReal’s frequently asked questions, they’re currently in the process of troubleshooting why some users aren’t receiving their notifications. As of the writing of this post, July 2022, that has not yet been resolved.

In the meantime, there are two potential ways to remedy this on your own so you can go back to knowing when to post your BeReal.

1. Clear Your BeReal Cache To Get Your Notification Back

Click into the three dot menu on your profile page. Select Other under Settings and then click the Clear Cache button.

This is perfectly safe to do and will not delete your BeReal from the day or any of your app’s data. It’s kind of like clearing cookies on your desktop browser. It won’t fix a major problem but it’s a good first step before trying anything else.

2. Delete And Re-Download The App To Get Your BeReal Notification Back

If clearing your cache doesn’t work and you’re still not getting your daily BeReal notification, try deleting and re-downloading the app. You’ll get a bit of a scary pop-up, telling you that deleting the app will delete all of its data. Don’t worry. When you re-download the app, you won’t have to make a new account and it won’t delete your BeReals and Memories.


Here ends the post on when does BeReal reset. In this post, we have provided you with all the details related to when the BeReal app reset and how you can use it. You can also try using the app without any filters and enjoy it along with your friends. Share your experience with us in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and others to help them know when does BeReal reset and enjoy this unique BeReal app!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does The BeReal App Work?

A. The BeReal app sends users a notification at random times to users that it is time to BeReal. Users have two minutes to click two pictures, one from the front camera and one from the back camera. Once they have clicked the pictures they can send them and even watch others BeReal.

Q2. When To Take A BeReal?

A. You can take a BeReal when you receive a notification to BeReal. In case, you miss out on the notification and could not take it at that time, you can even take a BeReal late.

Q3. What Happens If You Miss A BeReal?

A. Nothing serious happens in case you miss a BeReal. It isn’t something that you will break a streak or something related. Users don’t need to worry about missing out on a BeReal. The application allows its users to even post a BeReal late in case they have missed it out due to certain circumstances.

Q4. Does BeReal Tell If You Screenshot?

A. Yes, it does. BeReal does notify users when others take a screenshot. So, be careful before you take a screenshot while using the BeReal application. You can enjoy various features of this application and have fun while sharing BeReal with your friends and other users who are using the BeReal application. 

Q5. Is BeReal Trustworthy?

A. Yes, it may be. BeReal is considered a trustworthy and safe application by various users. They consider that this application has got various features and strays away from any harmful elements of social networking platforms. That is the reason why people consider this photo-sharing platform to be one of the best and safest platforms for users. However, you need to be careful before using this platform. 

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