What Does SU Mean On Snapchat? Is It Shut Up Or Swipe Up?

Have you ever heard of the acronym SU on Snapchat? Are you wondering what SU means on Snapchat? Today Snapchat has become one of the popular applications to be downloaded on smartphones. This platform is loved by millions of people. Apart from texting your friends in fun ways, there are a lot of acronyms that people use to communicate with each other. Let’s understand the different acronyms used by Snapchat users to communicate on the platform!

Snapchat app is very popular among us all. The best thing about this app is its privacy policy and sharing stories. This app allows you to use some cute and funny things that we use and click selfies wearing different filters to share with our close friends. Moreover, Snapchat was the very first social media platform that allowed people to share a story that would last only for 24 hours so that people could see it online.

But the question is still there: what does SU mean on Snapchat? There are many Snapchat users who opt to choose acronyms while sending a snap. These acronyms are short and help snap lovers to fit it in a line or two. Moreover, it helps people to send their messages easily. Subsequently, the receiver can read the message in the image before the time for viewing a message passes away. However, there are many acronyms that people use which often do concern many users who do not know their meaning.

As Snapchat is getting popular day by day, there is an emergence of new acronyms almost every day. These acronyms are used by Gen Z users. So, if you are new to Snapchat acronyms used by the users, it can be a bit confusing for you. Read this post to learn about the acronyms so that you do not miss fun conversations.

What Does SU Mean On Snapchat?

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So let’s answer the question, what does SU mean on Snapchat? SU is an acronym on Snapchat that stands for Swipe Up. This is a common acronym that is quite widely used on many social media platforms. This term was first introduced on Instagram as a call to action so that people are encouraged to swipe up on the stories. In addition to this, swipe-up action has also launched a link that the account holder can tailor according to their needs.

The main idea behind SU was to make a quick link that will help to add web links to stories. We all know that snap chat has always allowed us to add links to our snaps. However, not everyone is aware of this swipe-up function as the snap does not say anything about it, unlike Instagram.

However, SU is also used as slang for “Shut Up”. This slang is used to ask someone to stop talking.

How SU On Snapchat Works?

Swipe up or SU is a call to action that we can use on our snaps or stories on Snapchat. With the help of SU, we can go to the target audience using the link that it contains. However, these links are not quite visible when we attach them to our snaps, and hence, it becomes necessary to use the call to action function. Well, we can use SU on snaps and on our stories in the form of GIFs, stickers, and Bitmojis. Likewise, Snapchat has really cool swipe-up GIFs that you can use.

You can even add these animated stickers to your snaps to attract the attention of the users towards your snaps and stories. When any user swipes up on your story they will be directed to the link that you have added.

What Does SU Mean On Snapchat Story?

What Does SU Mean On Snapchat Story

Do you know what does SU mean on Snapchat? Though the SU both on chat and on Snapchat story means the same, and that is Swipe Up. But, there are mainly three reasons why people put SU on their snap chat stories. 

Firstly, they want to send you a certain link to any website. This is mostly done when they are trying to send something via an affiliate to earn some commission. Secondly, they just want to set up a general story so that other users feel invited to start a conversation. And lastly, they are trying to play some kind of swipe-up game. In this case, people will post some things and will ask you to swipe up to answer with a certain option.

How To Use SU On Snapchat?

As SU is a call to action you can add it to your snaps and stories that have links attached to them. So, if you want to add a link to your snap then here are some ways by which you can do it.

  1. Firstly, you have to add a link to your snap or story.
  2. Go to Snapchat and click any photo that you want to put on your story or snap. 
  3. Next, click on the link button on the right side.
  4. You can copy a link from the website or you can even type it. 
  5. Then, you will see a preview of the link after you add it.
  6. Next at the bottom, you have to click on Attach to Snap, you will see that the link button gets highlighted which means that you have added a link to your snap.
  7. After you attach the link to your snap you want people to know that they have to swipe up to get access to the website.
  8. This is where the call to action comes to play. 
  9. Click on the right side Sticker button
  10. You can use either search for swipe up or try to search just for swipe.
  11. Next, you need to click on the sticker that you want to add to your snap. Moreover, you can even add many stickers to your snap to make it stand out.
  12. Once you think that your snap is ready you can send it or add it to your story.

Wrapping Up

So in this post, we discovered what does SU mean on Snapchat? However, there are many acronyms that are being used on many social media platforms besides the use of SU. Also, there are a lot of acronyms that have many meanings. So, if you are new to Snapchat, then you should get accustomed to these acronyms so that you do not miss the fun conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Meaning Of BTW On Snapchat?

BTW in Snapchat is used as an acronym that means By The Way. This acronym is used to say that a person is going to bring up a new topic or to confront something with the other person in conversation.

Q. What Is The Meaning Of TBH On Snapchat?

On Snapchat, TBH means To Be Honest. When a person sends you this acronym it means he/she is trying to express that they are speaking the truth while talking to you. People also use it to convey the message that what they are saying is true. TBH is a very popular acronym that is not only being used on Snapchat but also on many other social media platforms.

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