What Does HM Mean On Snapchat? Here Is How To Use It!!

Using social media apps comes with its own benefits. You get to know about the latest trends along with acronyms that you have never heard of before. To stay updated, you need to know what such slangs mean and how to use them in your conversations or chats. Have you ever come across the acronym HM which has left you confused about what does HM mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat is among the immensely popular social media platforms majorly for sharing snap streaks, chatting, and capturing pictures with different filters among the young generation. Users have been using the app for a long time, and because of the disappearing chat feature, many users prefer Snapchat as a major platform for their conversations. Using slang in the conversation has become a trend for GenZ. 

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HM means “High Maintenance” on Snapchat.

HM is not just used on Snapchat but is also quite popular on other social media platforms like Instagram. But has the same meaning on other platforms, just like what HM mean on Snapchat. 

What Does HM Mean On Snapchat?

High Maintenance is what HM mean on Snapchat. High Maintenance mostly describes someone who has particularly expensive taste or someone who requires a lot of attention. HM usually means that a particular person with such expensive taste will be costly to date and is mostly used to refer to women with such pricey and lavish choices.

HM mean on Snapchat can sometimes be different from High Maintenance. HM also stands for Her Majesty, Hug Me, or Hit Me on social media platforms, including Snapchat. It can have different meanings for different users. So, let’s see what else could HM mean on Snapchat and other social apps.

  • High Maintenance
  • Hit Me
  • Hug Me
  • Hakuna Matata
  • His/ Her Majesty
  • How Much
  • Hold Me
  • Hannah Montanna
  • Halloween Month
  • Have More
  • Happy Me
  • Happy Month
  • Help Me
  • Hoochie Mama
  • Hope Minded
  • Higher Mind
  • HM- Let Me Think
  • Heath Monitor
  • Hey Miss 
  • Home
  • Hard Mode
  • Heavy Meta

How Is HM Used On Snapchat?  

As you know what could HM mean on Snapchat, you can use it in your day-to-day conversations. Check out the different situations where HM can be used instead of writing the entire word.

  1. High Maintenance (Talking about someone who is pretty hard to please)
  2. Let Me Think (Tell the other person that you are thinking about something)
  3. Boredom (Show you are not interested or disagree with what they say and don’t want to stretch the topic any longer)
  4. End a conversation (can’t think of something related to a particular topic and want to end the conversation on that topic).

A Few Examples Of How You Can Use HM In Snapchat 

Let’s check out some examples of how you can use the acronym HM in your daily conversations in different situations. 

Example 1: Can you please HM? (Help Me)

Example 2: Feeling low…need someone to HM!! (Hug Me)

Example 3: Share your HM address asap!! (Home)

Example 4: I’ll be reaching HM soon. (Home)

Example 5: HM Queen Elizabeth II. (Her Majesty)

Example 6: I feel she is the most HM person I have ever met in my life. (High Maintenance)

Example 7: Why is this cat HM? (High Maintenance)

Example 8: Hm…Let me see how can I contribute to this. (Let Me Think)

Example 9: Hm…This seems more complicated than I had thought! (Let Me Think)

Example 10: What else can I add to this? HM find a solution to this! (Help Me) 

Is It Okay To Use HM On Snapchat?

HM can have different meanings. Well, if the other person can understand your context, then it is completely fine to use HM in your conversations. There is nothing wrong with using HM as HM mean on Snapchat is not a bad term. You can use HM in different ways and in different situations. 

However, the acronym has got various meanings, so it might confuse the other person, and he might not understand what you are talking about. Suppose you say, HM, I can’t be with her anymore. A user might think that you are using HM for Let Me Think when you meant Help Me instead! So, it is better that you try using the entire word in case of situations where just HM won’t be the right fit for your conversation. 

Other Snapchat Acronyms And Abbreviations You Should Know

There are a lot of other acronyms and slang used on Snapchat and other social media platforms that you must know! If you don’t want to have FOMO, then check out these cool Snapchat abbreviations.

  • GNS or Good Night Streak
  • HMU or Hit Me Up
  • DW or Don’t Worry
  • TBH or To Be Honest
  • WTD or What To Do
  • HY or Hell Yeah
  • IMSG or International Message or Informational Message
  • FS or For Sure
  • KYS or Kill Your Self  
  • SFS or Snap For Snap
  • BRB or Be Right Back
  • ONG or On God
  • WYC or Why You Cry
  • LMR or Like My Recent 

Wrapping Up

Social media has been a great platform to communicate with your friends and family. Not just this, if you are an introvert, then the best way to initiate conversation is to use social apps like Snapchat. Snapchat has solved the problem for many users as they can easily share their feelings with someone through chatting or sharing snap streaks. What can be more fun than using acronyms and slang in your daily conversations? Try using the latest slang but remember to know their meanings before you use them in your chats! Happy Snapping!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is HM An Insult?

A. HM mean on Snapchat is not insulting someone. HM is High Maintenance on Snapchat and it does not necessarily mean to insult someone. Instead, you use it for a person who needs a lot of attention.

Q: When Should I Use HM?

A. HM can be used to refer to a person who has expensive taste. So, you can use HM when talking about a person who requires a lot of attention or has expensive taste. HM mean on Snapchat can also be Her Majesty or Hug Me. So, you can also use it in such situations.

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