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Not seeing much revert or likes on your tweet? Wondering why it is recurring? You may want to take the Twitter Shadowban Test and check for yourself. We will be highlighting majorly how to take this Twitter Shadowban Test. 

We are all well acquainted with “Shadowbanned on Twitter.” This is a phenomenon when Twitter bans your account or limits the organic reach of the user. This results in a significant drop in the account’s organic reach and impacts other tweets’ visibility. The term Twitter Shadowban also refers to the Ghost ban. However, the question here is about the Shadowban Test and how to check whether you have been shadowbanned by Twitter.  

Having your account shadowbanned isn’t alarming but is indeed something that should be given due attention. However, although there is no such harm, you would want to know why Twitter shadowbanned you. To know why you have to take the Twitter Shadow Ban Test. 

In this article, we will be covering everything you are required to know about Twitter Shadowban Test and the websites that help you know if your account is shadowbanned? Keep reading this guide if you are keen on knowing whether your account is shadowbanned or not?

What is Twitter Shadowban Test?

Shadowbanning is when the authority bans you and limits your account’s organic reach or website. As mentioned in our previous article on how to unshadowban yourself, it is thus of prime importance to know about the Twitter Shadowban Test. 

Before we move to what is the Twitter Shadow Ban Test, we must know about the different types of shadowbans that you can experience if Twitter ever shadowbans you. 

There are three common types of Twitter Shadowbans.

  • Thread shadowbans: In this, Twitter limits other users from seeing your comments on tweets
  • Search suggestion shadowbans: In this, Twitter blocks other users from seeing your profile in their search results.
  • Full search bans: In this, Twitter bans all your tweets or all recent tweets from the search results.

Since shadowbanning is a very unethical way to silence people already, Twitter can apply methods that are harder to detect. Twitter ShadowbBan Test is the test you take to check whether your account has been shadowbanned by Twitter. It is blocking or partially blocking a user or content from an online community. But here is the trick: anyone who gets shadowbanned will not be notified that they are, and most users will only realize it after a while. It is conducted online, and it is a very simple method. We will mention how to check for your account as you proceed through this guide. 

How To Check If You Are Shadowbanned By Twitter? 

Who likes to be shadowbanned? It is of paramount importance to know the reason for shadowbanning and do something about it. Twitter supports authentic content, but if your content hurts political emotion or communicates disrespectfully, Twitter takes power into its hands and bans your account. It is only when someone searches for your content organically. 

After understanding what shadowbanning is and the Twitter Shadowban Test, the following concern arises how to check if you are shadowbanned by Twitter. 

Various websites make your work much easier. You are just one click away from checking the needful for your account. We will be mentioning some of the websites that can be helpful for you in taking the Twitter Shadow Ban Test. 

Following are the websites that will help you take the Twitter Shadowban Test:




How to check if you are shadowbanned by Twitter? 

Above are the mentioned websites that assist you in checking your shadowbanned account. Now check whether your account is shadowbanned by Twitter in 3 simple steps: 

Step 1

First, you will have to open a new tab in your web browser and access the Shadowban Website. 

Step 2 

Then, in the second step, enter your Twitter username in the search bar and click on the Check button to test your account for an active shadowban.

Step 3 

Lastly, wait for a few seconds to check the results. If you find an active shadowban here, you can expand the corresponding ban to know more details.

Wrapping Up 

Thus we can conclude by saying that, for every problem, there is always a prescribed solution. Similarly for Twitter Shadowbanning, there are authentic websites to check. This article provided you with the websites that help you take the Twitter Shadowban Test and the simple ways to carry forward that. Furthermore, if you have any related queries, you can feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. 

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