Truth Social Vs Twitter | Which Is The Better Option?

We know that Truth Social is the biggest news currently. When will the Truth Social be released? How is Truth Social? Will it compete with other platforms? There are many questions that come to your and everybody’s mind. Since the Truth Social is yet to be released but from the screenshots shared on the app store, we can say that is a look-alike of Twitter. So what do you think, “Truth Social Vs Twitter” which is the better app?

Donald Trump after being banned from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, he has come up with a new social media app. This app is made in collaboration with Trump Media and Technology Group. This app will be made to provide free speech to all.

This app will not discriminate against political views. But since this is the same interface as Twitter. So one of the hot topics is Truth Social Vs Twitter. And as it is Truth Social is one of the current trending news. Let’s have a look at what Trump has to say about Truth Social and can Truth social really beat Twitter?

Here we will discuss Truth Social vs Twitter. Since Truth Social seems a lot like Twitter we will see how is difficult and what are the similarities. Whether Truth Social will be able to complete with the other prevailing social media apps or not.

What Is Truth Social?

What Is Truth Social

Truth Social is the new social media app that will be owned by Trump and TMTG. You will find this app on the app store through T Media Tech LLC. This is a subsidiary of TMTG. But at the moment this application is available only to the ios user. It has not been made available to android users. The first beta o this app was released in November 2021. But this was accessible only by the few invited users.

As the description says on the Truth Social official website, we can see that the features of this app promote open, free, and honest conversation without any decimation against political views. It is said that the Truth Social will be the big tent of America that will promote free and true speeches since these are the main factors of the constitution of the country.

Features Of Truth Social

It’s pretty intriguing to know why is Trump launching Truth Social on President’s Day? Is there anything special with the eve? Well, for the time being when the app is all set for release, let’s have a look at features of Truth Social that you should know:

  • Profile: Profile is the only place in any social media app where we can express ourselves. In Truth Social also you can set up your profile, background, your avatar. You can even follow someone and make followers. You can even chat here with anyone.
  • Truth feed: In the truth feed you will find all the content of the people you are following, news, organizations. What they post on their page you will get to see on your truth feed. The truth feed will have all the posts that you follow with thumbnails photos, links, and many others.
  • Search: Once you start connecting with your friends you will see that Truth Social will become more and more interesting. You can even find the voices that you are interested in from the search list. If you want you can even check their profile before you make any decisions whether to add them or not.
  • Notifications: You can enable the notification and then you will not miss out on any notifications. You will be sent a notification whenever someone follows you or interact with your truth.

What Is Twitter?

What Is Twitter

Twitter is an online news and social media platform where people can communicate in short messages. These short messages are called tweets. Tweeting is actually posting short or long messages that you can send to your follower on Twitter. Well, there is another description of Twitter and tweeting as well, this is called microblogging. Many people use Twitter to know people, different companies.

Features Of Twitter

  • Quoting tweets: You can tweet from your Twitter account where you have to click on the retweet option. There you will see a blue retweet button or if you want you can even add a comment.
  • Twitter lists: You can create Twitter lists. Just click on the profile pic and then you can go to the drop-down menu. From there you can choose the lists option and then you can easily make a new list on that page.
  • Tagging accounts in the tweets: If you want to be noticed then the best way is by showing up in somebody else’s notifications. Options like following and mentioning will get you to their notification inbox.
  • Pinning tweet: You can even pin a tweet so that it will stay at the top of your feed on the profile page of Twitter.

Latest Update: Twitter is adding a new feature to its platform, called the Tipping feature. You can now use modern ways like Cryptos and Bitcoins to Tip Someone on Twitter.

Similarities Between Truth Social And Twitter

Similarities Between Truth Social And Twitter

The screenshots that were shared by Donald Trump’s eldest son on Twitter of Trump’s tweet showed that the new Truth Social app is quite similar to Twitter. It has the retweet option which is called a re-truth in Truth Social app. It even has the verification mark as Twitter has but is red in color in Truth Social.

Will Truth Social Be Able To Compete With Other Social Media Apps?

Do you think Truth Social will be able to compete with other major social media apps? Many experts are of the opinion that Truth Social will not be able to stand in the mainstream of social media sites. The main aim of Trump is to target some geographical areas since it will avoid the platform to reach the heights like Twitter and Facebook. The audience will be those who don’t want to be censored when they post any political issues. So what are your opinions on the Truth Social app?

Wrapping Up:

Now that we know that Truth Social is a lot like Twitter the main topic that is trending today is Truth Social vs Twitter. What are opinions in Truth Social? Do you think it will give good competition? Do let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Truth Social Release Date?

The Truth Social app was supposed to release on February 21, 2022, as the description on the app store suggests. But now it h been further delayed and will be released by the end of March. Till now the date has not been given out.

How To Join Truth Social?

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to join Truth Social:
Go to the official website of Truth Social
Now enter your name
Next, give in your email address to get the invite
Click the terms and conditions box
Now click on sign up.

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