Truth Social Stocks | Will It Reach The Sky?

With the news of the release of the Truth Social app, the stocks of DWAC rose by 4%. The launch of the app has given hype to the Truth Social Stocks. People are speculating if the prices of the Truth Social Stocks will go up or fall in the coming days. Are you excited to know more? Here is a post for you on Truth Social Stocks.  

The launch of Trump’s Social app has received a positive response worldwide. The company behind the Truth Social app is Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG). The latest social media app declares to be free from political biases. The app has started receiving attention and fame worldwide and may give a cut-throat competition to the already established social media platforms.

The market is going up, and people have already started investing in Truth Social Stocks. So, in this post, we will discuss everything related to the Truth Social Stocks. Be with us until the end to know everything about Truth Social Stocks. Happy reading! 

Let’s begin the post on Truth Social Stocks without any further delay. 

Truth Social Stocks: Where To Buy Them?

Truth Social Stocks

If you are thinking of purchasing Truth Social stocks, you should be aware that the TMTG is not on any stock exchanges! Yes, they may roll out their shares soon in the market.

The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and Digital World Acquisition Group (DWAC) have planned to merge by March 2022. With the merger, the DWAC investors may be the shareholders in TMTG, and they can cash out shares. So, if you want to purchase stocks in the Truth Social, you can do so by buying DWAC’s shares.  

With the news related to the release of the Truth Social app, the stocks of DWAC were up by 64%. It wasn’t that huge! This is expected to rise even more with the merger of TMTG and DWAC. 

Let’s see how you can buy Truth Social Stocks. 

Truth Social Stocks: How To Buy Them?

If you have decided to buy TMTG stocks, here are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing the stocks.

1. Financial Position

The first thing before purchasing the stocks is to understand the financial position of TMTG. The position can be known only with the data available for DWAC. DWAC will be providing start-up capital to TMTG after the merger takes place. The current market cap of DWAC is $3.29 Billion.   

2. Financial Reports

Before purchasing Truth Social Stocks, it is important to access their financial reports. You cannot access the financial reports of TMTG as they don’t have any financial history. You can wait for TMTG to release a forward-looking statement for merging with DWAC.

3. Evaluate Potential

Before making a purchase, it is important to compare your investment objectives and risk tolerance with the potential of the company’s stocks you are purchasing. 

4. Brokerage

Those thinking of buying Truth Social Stocks can follow the same method used to buy the usual stocks. You can simply select a brokerage firm and open a trading account. 

5. Investment Strategy And Size

It is important to choose an investment size and strategy before buying Truth Social Stocks. So, take care of whether you want to go for long-term holding or short-term trading of the TMTG stocks after the stocks are public.

6. Place Order

Before purchasing TMTG stocks, you can decide the order type. You can go for a market order that will execute the trade at the available transaction price, a limit order that specifies the maximum price to be paid for a stock, or a stop order to buy or sell the stock when it reaches the specified price.

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Once you have considered the above things, you can submit the trade.

Truth Social Stocks: What Is The Market Value?

As we all know that the Truth Social Stocks are not listed on an exchange, you can purchase DWAC stocks. The current market value of the Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) is as follows:

Market Cap: $3.29 billion

Current Value: $88.50

The news related to the merger of TMTG and DWAC has skyrocketed the DWAC stocks by 64%. The stocks may benefit more from the merger expected to take place by March 2022.   

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The post was all about Truth Social Stocks. We hope it has given you a clear picture of what is exactly happening with the Truth Social Stocks in the market.

The news about TRAILAR suing Trump’s Truth Social over logo may lead to certain fluctuations in Truth Social Stocks. It would be exciting to watch if the Truth Social Stocks remain to rise or start to fall in the future.

If you find this post full of useful information, don’t forget to forward it to everyone who needs to know about Truth Social Stocks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is A SPAC Stock?

A. SPAC is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company that is publicly traded. It is created to acquire or merge an existing company.

Q2. Is Truth Social Publicly Traded?

A. The Truth Social app is run by the Trump Media and Technology Group that will be publicly listed after merging with Digital World Acquisition Corp. 

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