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Within two days of its release, the Truth Social application has become the most downloaded social media site on the Apple App Store. The application has left several doubts in the mind of the users. Is using the Truth Social app worth it? or what is new in this application? If you have similar doubts, then this post on “Truth Social Review” will clear all your queries.

The Truth Social has been in the news for the past few months. The Twitter ban incident of the US President, Donald Trump, has been the reason for the development of this application. We can assume it will be amongst the famous social media apps that huge masses will use in the future.

The recently released app resembles Twitter, but the developers say it is somehow different. They claim the app to be an honest and open conversation app that allows the users to put on their views without any restriction.  

If you want to know more about the Truth Social application, stay with us till the post ends. So, here we will be discussing the Truth Social application and website, Truth Social Review, and other important things you should be aware of.

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Truth Social Review

The Truth Social app developers have declared that the app is free from political discrimination. The app has gained a lot of popularity soon after its release. However, the Software Freedom Conservancy has accused the company behind the Truth Social app. This platform is designed to promote global dialogue, ripping off code, and breaching software licenses. 

If the accusations are true, the firm may be in legal issues, or the company may have to reorganize. The company doesn’t have any compliance department, and there are no on-staff attorneys. We can probably count the firm to be lasting long. 

There is nothing political about this app, unlike many conservative ones. It proclaims to be the people and not a party. There is no company connection with any political parties so that you can express yourself freely here.

The application is available free to cost to the users. They can download the app from the App Store for free. You can enjoy many features in the Truth Social app like Truth Feed, where you can watch what others are doing or what stuff they are posting, like their content, comment on it, and even share it using the Re-Truth feature. It is a platform in the nascent stage but is expected to grow in the future and give tough competition to the existing social media platforms.

You can also try using the app and feel the difference!

Truth Social Application

A recently launched app called the Truth Social app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. The company is also planning to launch a subscription video-on-demand service, Truth TV, offering various conservative entertaining programs. This may be released within a few weeks. However, no fixed date has been scheduled yet.

Truth Social Website

Truth Social Review is incomplete without talking about the Truth Social website!

You can now access the Truth social website. The interface of the website is related to that of Twitter. The Truth Social app also includes a profile page where users can easily upload pictures, videos, etc., and add a bio. 

The Truth Social app allows its users to like, share, comment, or reply to someone else’s post, just like on Twitter. However, the Truth Social app will not authorize violent or unethical content. There is a sign-up page available for Apple users. They can do so by visiting the Apple store and sign-up for the Truth Social.

The Truth Social website may be a good place to discuss politics, but it may not be ideal. You have to follow the rules of this site. You are not allowed to use language that may offend anyone. Beware of following the rules as Truth Social requires you to follow the site’s guidelines. The app shouldn’t be used to bash or attack others. 


In this post, we have provided you with the Truth Social Review and the details on the Truth social application and website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Languages Does Truth Social Support In The Product?

Truth Social supports the English language.

Q. What Kinds Of Users And Organization Types Does Truth Social Work With?

The app works with small businesses, mid-size businesses, Freelance, Non-Profit, and Government. 

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