Truth Social Not Working | Truth Social Problems

Have you registered for Truth Social and ended with an error? If yes, then you are not alone. Hundreds of users are complaining about the error caused during registering to the Truth Social. Some users have even reported about Truth Social not working error. In this post, we will discuss these errors and how to solve Truth Social not working.

Truth Social was launched in the US on 21 February 2022, on President’s day, as a rival to other social media platforms for not supporting truth. It is a clone of Twitter, where you will truth and re-truth instead of tweet and retweet. Before Truth Social, another similar app was launched Gettr. However, Truth Social is launched by the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG).

We will discuss the various types of errors encountered while registering to this app. We will also look into the solutions and what developers are saying about these errors. Without losing time, let’s start.

Truth Social Not Working | The Truth Social Problems

Although the Trump Social Media has been launched on the Apple App Store, various users have been complaining about the Truth Social App not working. Well, one of the major reasons for the issue is the Beta Testing of the Application. We have heard that only 500 users have been given access to the platform for now.

The stable version of the application is expected to launch in mid-march. So, errors are expected part of the Beta testing. Given below is the list of the errors encountered on the Trump Social media that is causing the Truth Social Not Working issue.

What Are The Errors In Truth Social? A Detailed Overview of the Truth Social Problems

Truth Social was launched on the Apple Store only and people are excited to use it. This new social media app claims to be free from political discrimination. Here is the detailed list of the errors which you get while registering to this app.

1. Registration Can’t Be Completed

While registering to Truth Social, and filling in all the details, you get an error message of registration can’t be completed once you hit the sign up button. Some users also complained about the error message “Failure to register your account”. This error normally occurs if your internet is slow and there is a huge rush on the server. Keep trying you will get yourself registered.

2. Eternal Waitlists

Users have reported an error message “We love you, and you’re not just another number to us,”. This message is displayed after a successful sign-up. After the sign-up is complete, you are put on a long waiting list until your account is verified. Some users have reported getting an email where their sign-up failed in the long waiting list. 

This error is temporary as soon as more and more people are registered the load will decrease and you will be able to sign up easily.

3. Partial Outage

On the day of launch, the servers of Truth Social were hit by a partial outage that lasted for 13 hours and 14 minutes. This error was related to application launch traffic. After that, no such outage has been reported to date.

4. Terms Of Service Can’t Be Loaded

Before signing up you have to agree to the terms of service, and those users who wanted to read those terms before agreeing on them failed to lay the terms. An error message was displayed showing “access denied”. After that, some users reported that terms were accessible and no more errors were shown.

5. Security Flaw

As the beta version of Truth Social was launched earlier, a security flaw was found in the app’s beta version. The Beta version of Truth social was left publicly accessible online and soon after some time, this flaw was solved. The Beta version is used by developers to find bugs in the application.

6. Truth Social Sign Up Not Working

Some users of Truth Social are reporting that their sign-up link is showing an error message “Something went wrong. Please try again”. You can solve this issue by trying after some time. It happens because of the massive demand on the server.

7. Username Error

When you set up your profile on Truth Social, some users are experiencing an error with their username. The error message displays “Oops, looks like you missed a step”. This error actually happens when you are using a username that is already taken. This bug will soon be solved.

How To Solve Truth Social Not Working? The Solution to the Truth Social Problems

Although there are several bugs that are causing errors while using Truth Social, however, we have discovered a few things you should do to remove these Truth Social not working errors.

1. Restart Your device

If you are facing issues like apps not working and similar errors then this step might help you.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

As the server of Truth Social is very heavy these days, it is recommended to use a high-speed internet connection to tackle these errors. High internet speed reduces the link speed and you have more chances of registering successfully.

3. Reinstall Truth Social App

If you are facing issues while using the app, try reinstalling the app. This sometimes helps to solve errors.

4. Clear Cache Memory

Sometimes errors are created from the cache, try clearing the cache of both the app and the browser. 

Wrapping Up:

We have discussed in detail the various Truth Social Not working errors and issues reported by the users while using the Truth Social app. Most of the errors will be solved with time as the server is under huge demand right now. We have also provided solutions to the problems and we hope these solutions will solve your error.

If none of the fixes given above work, then here we are with the customer care email. You can contact the company. The email is [email protected]. We also have got the address.

1100 South Ocean Blvd
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Users have to be patient as the application has just launched, and the servers are loaded heavily. 

So, errors like these are expected. However, these errors will be resolved within some time. Keeping in mind that only the Beta Version of the application has been launched, we need to wait for the application to launch fully.

If you find this article interesting and informative, share it with your friends. If you face any further difficulty, ask us in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Truth Social Available?

Yes, Truth Social is available on the Apple store. You can download it from there. This app is currently accessible for users of the United States and Canada.

Q2. How Do I Get The Truth Social App?

If you are an iPhone user, then you can go to App Store and download it from there. If you are an Android user, then here is a guide for you.

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5 Responses

  1. Josef J Hastings says:

    I keep getting error 405 not allowed.

  2. Mike Bucher says:

    I have been on a waiting list since the first day of downloading the app on my iPhone. I am ready to give up on ever getting on . Had a friend who had a higher number than mine get on. WTH is going on?
    Maybe this not the sight to learn the truth on ! Sad deal maybe you should name it waiting list forever!

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey Mike, you are not alone who has the issue. We have to keep in mind that the data version of the application is currently running and access is provided to only 500 users. Well, the application is soon expected to launch for all.

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