How To Fix Truth Social Error Creating Account?

Now your wait is over, and Truth Social is finally out. Are you excited about Trump’s new Truth Social app? This app has been perhaps one of the most awaited social media apps. Not having any download option made the public more curious about this app. So, did you try to log into the Truth Social app? Did you get a Truth Social error when creating an account? The error that is creating the problem is Truth Social is unable to proceed with the phone number. Then you worry not since we’ve got you covered. If your true social won’t accept phone numbers, follow these simple troubleshooting steps.

Well, what do you think will this app be able to give competition to the other social media apps? The other social media apps are already famous and popular. But this app is very new, and it is a look-alike of Twitter. So, do you think it will compete with the other apps?

Did you try to register for to Truth Social app? Did you get a Truth Social error when creating an account? Are you also getting issues like the Truth Social Create account not working? If you are able to sign up for the Truth Social app successfully without any problems, then that’s good news. But, if you are not able to face these issues, then you have come to the right place. Some of the troubleshooting methods will help you to solve issues like Truth Social being unable to proceed with the phone number.

Here we will discuss the different reasons and the fixes that you can try to avoid Truth Social errors in creating an account. These fixes are really simple, and you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to figure them out. This blog will guide you, and you can apply these fixes to resolve true social login issues. Now, let’s not waste any more time and quickly get started and know why Truth Social is unable to proceed with the phone number.

How To Sign Up On Truth Social App?

If you want to truth social sign in then here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  • First, go to the official website of Truth Social.
  • You will see the option to join the waiting list form on that site.
  • Now just enter your name, the last name followed by your email address.
  • Click on the agreement and terms box.
  • No press the register button.

Congratulations you are done! However, it can happen that you will not be able to pull off all the steps all at once. So, here is a complete guide on How To Sign Up On Truth Social with a basic step-by-step guide! Below we will be mentioning all the possible reasons as to why truth social can’t sign up.

Why Is It Showing Truth Social Error Creating Account?

Well, there are a few reasons why truth social cant create an account. Now let’s discuss it:

  1. One of the main reasons could be that since the app has been launched today, there are many people who are trying to sign up at the same time. Due to this reason, the page is not getting loading and showing the error message.
  2. The next thing that you could do is check your network connection. If you are connected to your Wi-Fi, check whether your Wi-Fi is working properly or not. If you are using data, then also check whether your network is working properly or not.
  3. Now check your VPN settings. If you are from another country and not from the US Since this app is made available to US users then you need to check the VPN settings. You can go to your VPN settings and check whether it has the given country or not.

Truth Social Sign-Up Not Working

While some say they are getting a ‘405 not allowed ‘ error message, others say they are not getting the verification code. Below are some reports from users who are unable to sign up for Truth Social.

While some say they are getting a ‘405 not allowed ‘ error message or truth social login issues, others say they are not getting the verification code. Below are some reports from users on truth social unable to proceed with phone number.

Truth Social Users Moved To the Waiting List

That being said, those who were able to sign up are getting moved to the waiting list. Judging by the waitlist, it looks like people might have to wait a while before their account is created. Below are some reports from users who were able to sign up for Truth Social but were put on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, Truth Social is yet to acknowledge or say anything about the sign up not working or users being moved to the waitlist.

We hope the developers are able to resolve the aforementioned issues as soon as possible so those interested can access the social media platform once again. Below we shall be discussing why truth social can’t create account.

Truth Social Error Encountered Creating Account

Truth Social Can’t Create Account: Truth Social Can’t Signup Using Email?

Though as you can see that signing up for this app is really easy. But on the basis of some reports, there are some users that are not able to sign up using email. Are you not getting truth social verification email? While signing up some users are facing a lot of issues. So, if you too are one of them then here are some of the possible reasons that you are facing such an issue. It could be possible that due to these reasons (s) you are getting a Truth Social error creating an account. Now take a look at some of the reasons for truth social email verification not working:

  1. When you try to sign up on the Truth Social app then you will be asked to give a verifications email.
  2. Now go to your email.
  3. Try to open the received email link.
  4. Now try to sign up on the Truth Social app.
  5. When you try to signup you will be shown an error creating an account.
  6. Now just go back to the Truth Social app.
  7. You will be able to sign up easily from there. But you will not be able to sign up with the email confirmation code that you have received in your email.

Do you know why is this error showing? Do you have any idea?

Phone Number Verification Failed (OTP Not Received)

Do you see truth social wont accept phone number on your truth social app? Wondering why Truth social unable to proceed with phone number? Well, we are here to tell you why you can’t sign into truth social. When you finally cross the email verification process, you’ll be asked to fill in your contact details to verify your phone number. Since the site is loading slowly due to the heavy registration process, you might not receive the OTP on time.

So, what to do? Why is phone number verification getting failed on Truth Social? Didn’t get the OTP till now? Here is what you need to do:

  1. Refresh your page.
  2. Check your network connection.
  3. Clcik on “resend OTP“.
  4. Visit the site after sometime if you don’t receive any OTP .
  5. Check your VPN settings, and change them to US.

Following these simple steps can resolve your issue like truth social unable to proceed with phone number.

Note: Due to heavy site reach outs, the site is facing an issue registering users. You don’t need to panic about this. Just wait for some time and try signing up after some time. If the issue still persists, then contact Truth Social’s official service center.

Truth Social Error “Missed A Step”

The Truth Social application is available for iPhone users and it automatically gets downloaded on the iPhones of the users who have ]pre-registered it on the Apple App Store or the official Truth Social website.

However, many users are facing the “Missed A Step Error” after the complete registration of the process.

However, we also cannot deny the fact the platform has not launched any official statement about the errors encountered on the platform. 

This clearly indicates that the platform is still under development. Moreover, only the Beta version of the application has been launched yet. So, changes and improvements are expected in the near future.

Truth Social Error Adding Username 

Users are facing errors while adding the username. Well, let us explain the whole Truth Social registration process in brief that leads to this Truth Social error.

  1. You first need to download the application from the Apple app store.
  2. Then, you will open the app and register with your email account.
  3. A signup link will be sent to you on the registered mail.
  4. Then you will be asked to sign in through the link after the process.
  5. You will be asked to set the Username and the password.

Truth Social Error: “Failed To Register Your Account”

If you are wondering why your Truth Social Create account is not working? Well, then, here we are with the exact answer you came here looking for. The users expected that the application would be bug-free for the US people, but it was not. People who have pre-registered the application on the Apple App Store and the official Truth Social Website automatically got the Trump Social Media downloaded on their devices.

However, when people tried to register in the Truth Social Application, they faced various errors like missing a step or the Truth Social sign not working.

The most common error among all the errors was the “Failed To Register Your Account” error. Well, let us have a look at how to fix truth social failed to register an account.

How To Fix The Truth Social Error Creating An Account?

Above, you learned about some possible reasons for Truth Social’s “unable to proceed with the phone number.” Here are some fixes that you can easily sign up for the Truth Social app, thus avoiding Truth Social error-creating account messages. Below are the five fixes that will help you correct truth social not working on iphone.

1. Sign In Using The Application Instead From the Website

  1. At first, exit the email and go to the Truth Social app.
  2. There you will find that your email verification has been completed.
  3. Now at the bottom of the screen, you will see the signup option. Click on it.
  4. Fill in all your details like your first name, last name, a unique username, and set a strong password.
  5. No click on create account option.
  6. Now you need to press the confirmation button and boom your account is created. Isn’t that easy peasy?

This will help you to solve your issue unable to proceed with the phone number truth Social.

2. Restart Your Phone

You can start by restarting your iPhone. This might refresh the network settings, and you may get access to the application. Just restarting your phone can solve your issues like Truth Social failed to register account.

3. Check Your Internet Connection

Well, if restarting doesn’t work out. Check your Internet connection. If possible, switch the network to a stronger network.

4. Clear The Cache

The next step would be to clear the cache of the application. You can easily find the options to clear the application cache in the iPhone settings menu. Just clearing the cache can solve your issue truth social something went wrong please try again error.

5. Reinstall The Application

The next troubleshooting fix that you can try is to reinstall the Truth Social Application on the device. For this, you need to uninstall the application and then again download the Truth Social Application from the Apple App Store. 

These were some of the fixes that will help you solve your issue of can’t creating a truth social account.

Wrapping Up:

So that’s all for how to fix Truth Social error creating account.

Now, if you are facing Truth Social error creating the account then you need not worry as we’ve got you covered. Here we have bought some fixes. You can use them and easily create your account. Do let us know whether these fixes helped you or not.

 If the error still continues then there is a problem with the Truth Social Server. 

Here we are with the customer care email. You can contact the company. The email is Or you can reach out to their address given below:

1100 South Ocean Blvd
Palm Beach, FL 33480

If you want you can contact the customer care service of the Truth Social team via the email provided above.

Users have to be patient as the application has just launched, and the servers are loaded heavily. 

So, errors like truth social cannot create account are expected. However, these errors will be resolved within some time. Keeping in mind that only the Beta Version of the application has been launched, we need to wait for the application to launch fully.

This was a comprehensive guide that catered to your query, unable to proceed with the phone number truth social. If you find this article interesting and informative, share it with your friends. If you face any further difficulty, ask us in the comments section. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Truth Social App Free?

Yes, the Truth Social app is very much and you can download it free of cost without paying a single penny. This app has been built on the mastodon which is a software that is free as well as open-source. The features are similar to that of Twitter.

Q. Is A Truth Social App Available For Android Users?

The Truth Social app has not been made available to android users. Only apple users can access it and download it. There is no information on whether this app be made available to the android user or not. 

Q. What is Create Account Error in Truth Social App?

The “Create Account Error” is an error that pops up when you try to create an account on this Social App. The error message says, “405 not allowed.” This error is caused by different facts, as below.
Since App has just been released, many people might be trying to sign up for the App at once. The servers might be down or busy due to too many people trying to sign up.
It might also be a network connection issue. Make sure you have a good and stable internet connection.
The Truth Social App is currently available for US users only. So,  if your Phone VPN does not show the correct country, you might get this error.

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62 Responses

  1. Jim Calvert says:

    I have downloaded the Apple App and it says it sent an email, but an email never comes…What next?

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Jim! Thanks for reaching out. You can wait for some time, or click on resend email option on the app. When we tried to Sign-up on Truth Social, we faced the same issue as too many people are loading the site at the same time. So it’s better to have patience and try again.

  2. Jen says:

    You missed the verification code step after all of this. It should send a code via SMS to your phone to input into the app. Sounds like there is a lag at the moment, so folks shouldn’t try that multiple times. Just try again later in the day.

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Jen! Thanks for reaching out. We have updated the phone number verification step that you were talking about. Thanks for the feedback buddy. Keep visiting.

  3. Mary says:

    I was able to validate my email address, but the verification text code never arrived after entering my phone number. I tried several times over the last 30-40 minutes. Suggestions?

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey Mary, we think the beta version has only been released and only a few users have got access to the application yet. We need to wait for the stable version of the application.

  4. Becky Wilkins says:

    I have downloaded the app, verified my email. At the end it is asking for a phone number. After entering my number it says a six digit code will be sent. I am NOT receiving the six digit code. I have tapped the resend and still NOTHING. Therefore I am not able to sign up. Do you have help for this issue?

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Becky! Thanks for reaching out. This issue is being caused due to heavy site reach outs at the moment. Don’t panic. Just wait for some time, as we too faced the same issue while signing up. Also, if you are using a VPN service to connect to the app, then make sure you have set your settings to the US. Have patience!

  5. MR says:

    I try to create an account, enter my birthday, but there’s no link or button to continue. ‍♀️

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey MR! You might try refreshing your page once. Or try to clear cache and then try signing up again. Since the app takes longer to load smoothly due to the heavy registration process, there might be a server breakdown. Wait for a while and try again later.

  6. Buck says:

    Why is it asking for a phone number to verify?

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Buck! As we know phone number verification is an essential part of signing in to some apps. The same goes with Truth Social as well. Don’t worry. Enter your number for verification to log in and use the app smoothly.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Good morning!
    I have downloaded and signed up… and after many times finally got an email verification… Then it wanted to send me a code for my phone # verification through text, never received it… Now it’s saying I have an invalid email or password can’t get in! I’ve restarted my phone numerous times!

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey Cheryl, many users are facing a similar type of problem. We have to keep in mind that the application has just launched and due to the heavy registration process, the servers might have got overloaded.
      No need to restart your Phone again and again.

  8. Cindy Gamble says:

    I get as far as email being sent then when i click on it to confirm it tells me link has expired. I’ve been trying since last night and its really getting old now. makes me wonder just how good is this app gonna be

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Cindy! Thanks for reaching out. Don’t be upset for not getting signed up. The servers must be busy as it’s the first day of the app launch. Wait and try back later.

  9. Carolyn Little says:

    i created my account and verified my email. Now when i am trying to register my account I am putting in my email as my user name and I am putting in my password but I keep getting the response: Failed to register your response.

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey Carolyn, the servers are quite busy right now and the beta version of the application has been launched. So, you need to wait for the stable version that is expected in March 2022.

  10. Stano says:

    The app says ages from 12 and up.
    So when registering for the account why does it ask for age verification .
    And it says must be 18 or older the register.

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Yeah, the app says that it is for 12+ when it comes to the Apple App Store. However, for the authentication process you ned to have a email and the phone number. So, you have to be 18+.

  11. Dr. Scott Young says:

    So I get as far as a verification text and nothing…it’s stopping me at several phases of the process…anything???

  12. Shannon says:

    I preordered the app, and got through everything up to the verification text. I never receive it to complete registration. What do I do?

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Hey Shannon, as we said that the application is still under development and servers might be busy at this point of time. So, you can expect the errors to be up by the mid of march.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Hi. I’ve confirmed me email but keep getting the ‘failed to register account’ message. Please help me. Thanks.

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Jennifer! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the servers are running slow as too many people are trying to register t the same time. First make sure you are accessing the Truth Social in USA settings. Secondly, have some patience and try back later.

  14. Mindy Romano says:

    I am Getting “email address or password is invalid” error after my email address has been verified and have been getting it all day. Tried to request a new password but can’t receive the email it’s supposed to send in order to change it. I’m clueless as to what to do.

    • He Mindy.
      Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your email update issue.
      It might be happening because of certain server errors since it was the first day of the app launch. You can wait for some time and try again with your mail. Or, in a different scenario, try to register using any alternative mail. This might work. Thank you.

  15. Terri says:

    What do I use for a user name? Is it an email or what? Keeps saying failed to register.

    • Hey Teri

      Your username on Truth Social is the identification name just like it is on the other platforms, say Teri01. Try using a name instead of an email, it would help you to register without any other failed attempt now.

      Thank You.

  16. Terri says:

    Mine too. Been trying all day. What do I use for a user name? Is it an email or what?

  17. Lee says:

    I’m not receiving my email verification

    • Hey Lee,
      There is no need to feel disappointed as it is a glitch that other users are facing too. In a case, you are unable to receive an email verification, it might be happening because of the server error since the app was launched recently. You can wait for some time and try later on.

  18. Marla Frary says:

    I can’t get passed the username it keeps saying I forgot a step… but there’s no steps shown after my password then username then it says oops looks like you missed a step
    Thank You

  19. Paul says:

    I keep getting the error message oops you missed a step while trying to set up my username anything I can do about this cause I have tried everything. I verified all my info needed at this point and now I can’t move forward anymore.. help please

  20. Mark says:

    Every time I try to input my username it tells me I missed a step and I have done all of the steps up to this point.

  21. Jen says:

    I am getting a “oops you missed a step” error when choosing my username. Any ideas?

  22. Terri says:

    I get my confirmation, put in my password and username and keep getting “oops. Looks like you missed a step. Have tried for hours. Idk what step I missed.

  23. RED says:

    I am at Select User Name and accepting Terms of Service, when I enter a ( Red Alert pops up with a Triangle with ! in center. “Opps, look like you missed a step”

    Please advise…
    Thanks so much, Rob

  24. Vicky McGriff says:

    I have the app on my Apple ipad because I have an android phone. It tells me to select a user name and has an @ before it. It keeps saying I missed a step. Really confused.

  25. Andrea says:

    Hi there! I’ve received my email and confirmed my email and put the information in such as birthday, email, created a password, username and read the terms and conditions yet it’s saying “oops looks like you missed a step”. Anyone else getting that error? I don’t know what I missed or if it’s just a flaw.

  26. C. says:

    It won’t let me add my user name. It keeps saying error code???

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Dear Caeverman, as we said that the servers might be overloaded. You can contact their customer support via the email provided above.

  27. Victoria A Earls says:

    Hi can’t wait to take a look at Truth Social. I signed up so long ago that I can’t remember my password. I have clicked on forgot password at various times over the last couple of days but never get the link to reset my password. Is there anyway around this?


  28. Joe Kahler says:

    So far….truth social sucks! If I were Trump I’d be pissed and all of you would be fired!!

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Joe! Thanks for reaching out. LOL! Firstly, no one can be Trump. Secondly, If I were Trump I would have told you to wait patiently until the app gets back to running smoothly. And I won’t even fire you!

  29. Nicholas James Natteau says:

    I’ve been sending Truth Social emails every day now for over a week now to reset my password and I never receive a reset password email. I must have sent at least 50 and I never get a password reset. What is wrong with this app??????

    • Shubham Attri says:

      Well Nicholas, there is nothing wrong with the app. Currently, the Beta version of the application is available. The errors will beremoved as soon as the stable version is launched.

  30. Tyler says:

    When I tried to join the website wait list I get 405 error

  31. Kent Rintamaki says:

    RIDHIKA GUPTA It won’t let signup for true soical I can’t creat account I got accepted once

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Kent Rintamaki! Thanks for reaching out. There might be a server glitch. Keep trying. Also, make sure that you are using a good VPN with your settings changed to US settings.

  32. Corie says:

    Truth social keeps telling me that the user name is already taken. I have tried everything I can think of , including just mashing buttons. Why wont it let me pick any user name ?

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