Truth Social Cost | Is Truth Social A Paid App?

Do you know the Truth Social cost? Is Truth Social a paid app? You all by now are aware of this craze for Donald Trump’s new upcoming app truth social. This app was supposed to launch on February 21 but now, it has been postponed due to beta testing. Seeing the screenshots on the app store we can say that this app is a look-alike of Twitter.

Trump built this app with the help of Trump’s media and technology group. After being kicked out from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube because of the capital riot on January 6. Trump decided to bring his own social media platform so that he can fight against the big tyrants.

But, Truth Social was created with the help of a new company by merging Trump’s media and technology group along with a special acquisition company (SPAC). So, what could be the Truth Social cost? Is Truth Social a paid app?

If these questions do come to your mind, then you have come to the right place. Here, we are going to discuss the cost of Trump’s new social media platform, Truth Social. We will also know what is Truth Social Cost? Whether this app is a paid app or not!

What Is Truth Social?

The Truth Social is the new social media platform by Donald Trump and it is owned by the Trump media and technology group (TMTG). You will find this is the Apple app store only since this app is not made available to Android users.

The first beta of Truth Social was released in November 2021. This was made available to only a few invited users. From the description of Truth Social on its official website, we can say that the app is open, free, and offers global conversation without differentiating in the political views. Truth Social is supposed to be the big tech of America that will promote truth as well as free speech as these are the main focuses on the constitution of the country.

Truth Social Cost

Donald Trump’s new media company made an announcement that it has acquired around $1 billion through funds from many different groups of institutional investors. The $1 billion is made so that it can send an important message to the big techs so that they can stop political discrimination and censorship. Trump made a statement where he stated that America needs a platform like Truth Social which will not discriminate based on political ideologies. He further added that TMTG will become stronger with time so that it can fight the tyranny of the big techs.

According to the recent Truth Social screenshots that went viral on social media have shocked the users. This screenshot was by one of the users and the screenshot seemed like a login page. It showed that the users have to pay $4.998 every week to use the truth social platform. After spending that amount every week the users will be able to access daily news, quick profile verification private groups, and a more organized feed.

Is Truth Social Free?

But at present, it is not clear whether the cost for using this app is for all users or is it just an optional upgrade like the blue service of Twitter. But whatever the case may be in the screenshot it is clear that the users will get a 3-day free trial before being charged $4.99 every week.

This is perhaps Trump’s second try to raise money from a platform. In December 2021 MAGA fans got a text link for signing up. When they clicked on that link they were redirected to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC). There the user needs to make a donation to NRSC in order to reserve a username on the Truth Social app. If they do not make the donation they can still be able to join the waitlist but they will not be able to reserve a username.

To the users, it was a surprise since Trump was charging them so that they can use an alternative to Twitter. We can say that the cost is actually very high since it will cost you around $20 every month. Making it the most expensive subscription in the market.

Wrapping Up:

So, this was all about the Truth Social Cost.

If you were not aware of the cost then you should read this blog to know the cost. Though this is not confirmed from the screenshots shared we can say that it indeed is an expensive app. Moreover, this is an alternative to Twitter. So what are your thoughts on the amount? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Truth Social A Look-Alike Of Twitter?

Donald Trump’s eldest son shared a screenshot of Trump’s first message on Truth Social via Twitter. From the screenshots, he shared we can say that the app is similar to Twitter. But the verification color in truth social was red in color while on Twitter it is blue in color. Truth Social has like, follow, comment buttons quite similar to Twitter. So we can say that truth social is an alternative to Twitter.

Q. What Is The Release Date Of Truth Social?

The Truth Social app is at present in the beta testing phase. This is because the first beta was released in November 2021. By looking at the description of the app we can say that the app was supposed to release on February 21, 2022. But now the release date has been postponed. Now the truth social app is expected to release by the end of March.

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9 Responses

  1. Dan d. says:

    ‘Truth Social’ is not even up yet and the machinery of what some people call the Deep State has already been turned on. Amazing!

    • Ridhika Gupta says:

      Hey Dan! Finally, the wait is over. You can now download the Truth social App from the App Store and start using the app, as the app launched today in the US.

  2. Melissa Decampos says:

    Wow it seems like if President Trump really wants to get the truth out and we are the people helping him get the truth out then why in the world would we be charged when no other platform charges.? I would have loved to of joined but definitely not 20 bucks a month everything else is free why is this not free? This point I will not be joining

    • Hey Melissa,
      Thank you for sharing your point of view on the cost of the Truth Social App. We know that Truth speaks for itself. But, we can’t deny that Truth Social is an exclusive app and has a subscription. All we could do is to wait a little more to know if there are other subscription plans or not.

  3. Janel McGrath says:

    We the people need to be informed and expected this platform to be free to us as a replacement to Parlor, Telegram and Twitter etc. So we can finally have one fully truthful patriot platform.
    Payment should be optional for the aesthetic afford it. I cannot and I am sadly disappointed to be shut out due to financial status.
    When NESARA is fully activated it won’t be an issue, but I paid my “frontline dues” & deserve to be included & informed now.
    I am positive my view is supported by millions of other patriots.

  4. Melissa Decampos says:

    I agree totally there should not be any charge whatsoever and if they want to put a donation button on there that’s fine but if you don’t have the money to donate and you’re living from paycheck to paycheck and end up with nothing after you pay your bills on the first then how can you pay for a platform I can’t and a lot of people can’t they would be a lot more people coming to the platform that way. So how do I cancel my subscription

  5. Ken Soule says:

    Still waiting in the wait list.

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