Truth Social Beta Testing | How To Enroll?

Whenever a new application is set to launch or is recently launched, it is tested before its launch. Users do this test via enrolling in Beta testing. This post will discuss the recently launched Truth Social Beta testing.

Former US President Donald Trump owns the Truth Social app. Trump Media and Technology Group is the parent company behind the launch of this app. This app was launched as a rival for big social media apps like Twitter and Facebook, which banned Donald Trump from using their platforms. This app promises to provide a censorship-free experience.

Truth Social app is a new application, and many of its amazing features will be launched over time. Some features will also be underdeveloped. These new features will be available in Truth Social’s beta testing mode. Let’s discuss it in detail

What Is Truth Social Beta Testing?

Truth Social Beta Testing | How To Enroll?

Truth Social was launched on 21 February 2022 on the Apple store and will soon be available on the google store. TheTruth Social Beta Testing started after the first post made by Trump on February 16, 2022. Since then, people are using beta testing of Truth Social. Truth Social beta testing was also given to more than 500 users. In Beta testing mode, users will enjoy the new features that will not be currently available to the rest of the users.

Truth Social is a clone of Twitter. You will find similar features in the Truth Social with just the names changed. However, as it’s a new app, there will be some features that will be launched soon. Some features might be under development as well. Now let’s take a look at the beta testing of Truth Social, its new features that will be launched soon.

1. Direct Messages

The recently launched app does not support the feature of direct messages between the users. However, this feature can be seen in the Beta testing of the Truth Social app.

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In the Beta testing of Truth Social, you get a dedicated search bar to search for the news or the user.

3. Reactions

Currently, Truth Social is just supported as an option. It might allow users to react to posts like Facebook.

4. Live Videos

Live videos are an option in the Truth Social beta program. This feature will also be soon available in the official application.

5. Donations

Like Gettr, Truth Social will also have a donation option to raise donations across the US. This feature is under development and will be launched with the upcoming updates of the app.

How To Enrol For Trust Social Beta Testing? 

Truth Social Beta Testing | How To Enroll?

Here is how you can enroll in the beta testing of Truth Social. Currently, this app was launched on the Apple store only. So you have to enroll via the apple store. However, you can download it on Android as well

Using Testflight:

This is a developer’s option provided by Apple to invite users to test their apps before releasing them on the App Store. This allows developers to gather feedback from the users before the actual launch.

Can You Invite To Truth Social Beta?

Can You Invite To Truth Social Beta?

You can get an invitation to join the beta testing of Truth Social. However, this invite can be sent by the core developer team only. Anyone cannot send an invite to join the beta testing of Truth Social. However, as the app is launched now, you can sign up for the Truth Social App and enroll for the Beta Testing. If the developers accept your request, you can join the Beta Testing of Truth Social. 

Wrapping Up: 

Since the launch of Truth Social, people across the US have been excited to use this app. This app is released as a rival to the social media apps influenced by politics. This app supports truth and promises to provide a censorship-free experience.

The Truth Social Beta Testing mode is not available to everyone. However, all these features will be available to every user soon. There will be new features coming with this app that will make it unique from other social media apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Am I Getting 1020 Error In Truth Social App?

Error 1020 is caused because of the firewall rule violation on a site that Cloudflare protects. However, if you try to access the Truth Social Website from outside the US, you will also face the same error.

Q2. How To Download Truth Social App On Android?

Here are the steps to be followed.

  1. Visit the official website of Truth Social App.
  2. You will observe the “accompany the waiting list” letter on the website.
  3. Now fill in the necessary details, i.e., first and last name, including email address.
  4. Tap the Register option.

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