How To Use Truth Social App | Truth Social App Features 

Have you still not heard about the Truth Social app and don’t know how to use Truth Social app? Then, you must know that you are missing out on something huge! This upcoming social media platform was to be released in early February, but due to certain developments, it was delayed and has been released now. 

The Truth Social app has marked the comeback of former US President Donald Trump to social media. This app can be used as an effective substitute for big social media apps such as the App Store or Technoid. This app focuses on an open and free conversation by rivaling various social media platforms.  

Truth Social app is something new and based on something that is trending these days. Do you want to know more about the Truth Social app features and how to use Truth Social app? If it is a yes, then keep reading the post on how to use the Truth Social app until the end. 

So, let us get into the post without waiting much! but before getting straight on how to use Truth Social app, let’s see what Truth Social is?

What Is A Truth Social App?

Truth Social App is a social media platform by Donald Trump and is owned by Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG). It is now available on the Apple store via a subsidiary of TMTG. It is considered to be America’s Big Tent social platform. 

It uplifts honest, open, and free conversation. The application users can freely express their thoughts on this new platform. Donald Trump was banned from Twitter due to the launch of the Gettr platform, and now he has come up with something new called the Truth Social app. 

That is enough now to let us head towards the features of the Truth Social application. 

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Truth Social App Features

How To Use Truth Social App

The Truth Social app has many similar features as that of Twitter. The app includes the following features: 

1. Build A Profile

The Truth Social app has a profile feature to make your profile easy. You can also build an avatar and background to showcase your personality. Customize your profile easily to conversate with people.

2. Discover

In the discover feature, you can easily search for someone you want to follow or stalk a person using this search feature of the Truth Social app.

3. Timeline

Like any other social platform, the Truth Social app also has a timeline or feed feature called Truth Feed. You can find stories, videos, pictures, or other posts posted by the people you follow in this section.

4. Notifications

You will be immediately updated through notifications whenever a person you follow posts something new on his profile.

5. Comment

Another feature of the Truth Social app is you can easily comment on the photos, videos, or other posts of the users followed by you.

6. Like

This is another feature where you can like or love the content posted by the people you follow. It is similar to other social platforms.

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7. Re-truth

It also has a re-truth feature, just like the retweet feature in Twitter. You can pass on information to a wider audience using this retweet feature, just like Twitter.

8. Dark Mode

The Truth Social app also includes the dark mode feature. You can easily turn your screen dark and reduce the light emitted by your device.

9. Other Features

There are various other features in the Truth Social app like there is no subscription or registration required to use the app. You can download the app easily and have access to various games. Your followers can mention your name or tag you here as well.

How To Use Truth Social App?

Since you know the Truth Social app’s features, you can easily use this app. You need to create an account to use this app. So, let us look at what all you need to do to create an account on the Truth Social app.  Here is how to use Truth Social app:

1. Download Truth Social App

The first thing to use the Truth Social app is to download the app. After you have downloaded the app, you will come across a page asking you to sign in or create a new account. So, you can choose the Create a New Account option.

You can download the Truth Social App quite easily from the Apple Store. Here is a complete guide to downloading the app to your iOS devices. 

2. Age

The next after this would be to mention your date of birth. You should be aware that those above 18 years of age can only use this app.

3. Email

You then need to enter an email address, and you will receive a code on your email. After that, enter a password for your account.

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With this, you have created an account on the Truth Social app. The Truth Social application is currently putting users on a waitlist because of high demand. You will find your waitlist number once you have created an account. Once the application is fully available in the market, you can use the app and enjoy the various features to stay connected with people on this social media platform. 


We hope that all your doubts regarding the Truth Social app features and how to use Truth Social app have been clarified. If you still have any doubts, write them in the comment box.

If you find this post informative, spread it as much as possible amongst your friends and family. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Am I Getting 1020 Error In Truth Social App?

A. Error 1020 is caused because of the firewall rule violation on a site that Cloudflare protects. However, if you are trying to access the Truth Social Website from outside the US, you will also face the same error.

Q. Is Truth Social App Available?

A. Yes, the Truth Social app is now available, and you can download it in Apple’s app store.


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