Tesla Phone Model Pi: The Elon Musk SmartPhone

As the rumor surfaced on the internet removing Twitter from the apple app store and google play store, Elon Musk Said in reply on Twitter that if it happens he will introduce a smartphone. And this thing has covered the internet. First time this rumor surfaced after the release of a youtube video from adrstudiodesign about the Tesla phone. So users are confused is Tesla phone real?

In the past, Tesla has launched exciting items such as an umbrella imprinted with its logo, a stainless steel whistle, and a cyber track. Maybe this time they’ll develop a futuristic smartphone that runs on their own operating system. Tesla pi phone, which is currently only a concept, may one day become a reality.  Well, is the news true or is it just a rumor? We will find out in the post.

Elon Musk never misses to surprise us in any possible way. From taking human citizens to Mars to the launch of the new Electric vehicles. From tweeting about Dogecoin to the release of the Neuralink. Elon has got his own way of shaking the world. And, now there are words in the market that Tesla is launching the Tesla Phone Model Pi. The Smartphone with the capability to mine cryptocurrency.

Well, we did a little research on the Tesla new phone and found out about other amazing features and specifications as well. So, here we are with the post that has the latest news about the upcoming Tesla phone.

Tesla Model Pi: Release Date, Specifications & Features

The Tesla Model Pi is a futuristic smartphone with an incredibly sleek design. Reports on the internet have claimed that this Pi phone tesla model is going to be launched soon by the electronic vehicle maker giant, Tesla. 

Well, no official statement has been given by Tesla or Elon Musk about the Tesla phone release date. But he has stated in a tweet after the rumors about Twitter being removed from the apple app store and google play store, he said that if it happens he will launch a smartphone. But, as we always say, Netzians know it all. The way Elon Musk is trying out his hands in every way possible. From launching the rocket into space to making the electronic vehicle. He is unpredictable. So, the news might be true.

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Tesla Phone Model Pi Specifications

As we said that as of now, no official statement about the smartphone has been given by Tesla. If we look at the present scenario and the Tesla pi phone release date then obviously we can figure out the expected specifications of the new Tesla cell phone

Let us start with the Tesla phone operating system that the Elon musk smartphone is expected to use. Tesla phone may come with their own operating system which is tesla GPU to be used in the upcoming Tesla phone. The next thing to consider is the flash memory of the device. It has been speculated that it will be around 2TB. 

Don’t get shocked!! After all, it’s Elon Musk.

Coming to the display then this Elon musk smartphone will be Super AMOLED. There are also words in the market that the smartphone will come with a special coating that will change its color and the change of color might depend upon environmental factors like temperature.

The Elon musk Tesla Phone will be provided with a triple Camera and a sub-screen front camera. The rumors are that the cameras will be so powerful that you will also be able to capture the “Milky Way” with them. 

Talking about the Tesla phone charger and battery it is speculated that the mobile phone will be charged with solar light. All you have to do is keep the phone in the sunlight for charging.

Processor Tesla GPU
Flash Storage512GB-1,2 TB
Screen6.7 inch Super AMOLED
Camera MainTriple Camera 50MP+ 50 Ultrawide +50 Telephoto
Camera Front 40 MP
Battery5000mAh Charged With Solar Power 

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Tesla Mobile Pi Features

Tesla Model Pi

Well, let us remind you again that no official statement about the release of the Tesla smartphone has been confirmed by Tesla. There are various theories about the new gadget going around in the market. Let us unfold them one by one.

Connectivity Through Satellite

Elon musk smartphone may come up with a satellite-based internet connection. As Elon musk owns the space-based Starlink project that may be used to provide internet service to the new Elon musk smartphone.

Solar Charging Powered

The new Elon musk smartphone may come up with a solar charging facility. This means this smartphone can charge itself by using renewable energy.

Powered With Vehicle Control

There is already a dedicated application for tesla car control but Elon musk smartphone may come up with a dedicated car control feature. It is also possible to give a unique feature to the Elon musk smartphone owner.

Dedicated Astrophotography Camera

Elon musk smartphone may be laced with a powerful camera that can offer astrophotography to the users. This Tesla phone can become a favorite for camera lovers.n

Tesla Phone For Mars

The New Tesla Mobile Phone will be compatible with Starlink. People have speculated that the upcoming Tesla Smartphone will not only be able to mine the crypto but will also have a feature that will link it with Starlink. Elon Musk’s craze about Mars is world known. So, there are chances that this phone will be able to work on Mars using the satellite function.

Tesla Phone Works With NeuraLink

The next theory about the Tesla Model Pi is linked with the Neuralink. Do you have any idea about what Neuralink is? If not then you can click on the link provided. In simple words, Nuraink is the chip that is placed inside the human brain, and humans can use the chip to control the devices. People have been speculating that the new Tesla Phone will have the feature to connect the device to the brain using the Neuralink.

Tesla Model Pi Will Mine Cryptocurrency

Well, this is the most interesting feature of the new Tesla phone. We know that Elon Musk is quite interested in Cryptos and Cryptos are going to the future of money. So, it is expected that the new Tesla phone will carry a feature to mine crypto.

People are also up with the idea that the new Tesla Phones will be used to mine Mars Coins and store them in the phone wallet. Later these coins will be used by the people who will visit Mars.

So the Tesla Model Pi phone will work both as the Crypto Miner and Crypto Wallet.

Tesla Phone Release Date And Expected Price Of Tesla Phone

Talking about the Tesla model pi phone release date then, it was expected to be launched by the end of 2022. But, no such news was out, so people are expecting it in 2023.

Many users have query when is the Tesla phone be released then you look at the features mentioned above, we can surely say that the phone will not be available until 2025 because it is something that is of the future and requires time to be developed.

Coming to the expected Tesla phone price of this device then you obviously cannot expect a phone with such quality and features to range in the normal smartphone range. The expected Tesla phone price in USA of the Tesla Model Pi would range between $1000 to $1500. So the Tesla pi phone price may range in this. Many users are excited when will tesla phone for sale will be available.

How Much Will Tesla Phone Cost?

A futuristic smartphone that is to be expected with lods of features the Tesla phone price in USA may go above $1000. Or Tesla phone price can go higher as we compare to the expected features on the smartphone.

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Wrapping Up

These were the expected Tesla Model Pi features and specifications. Well, the public is eagerly waiting for the Tesla new phone. By now, you must have figured out that the model has not been launched yet. Even no announcement has been made. Many users are excited to know about is Elon musk making a phone? as he said in his tweet he may come up with a Tesla phone.

The rumor started with a YouTube video by an Italian Graphic designer. The designer mentioned in the description of the video that he is not related to Tesla and that all the pictures is an homage.

If you still have any queries in your head feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Also, if you found this article informative then do share it with your friends.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. When Is Tesla Phone Coming Out?

It is not confirmed that when tesla phone will be released, as there is no confirmation from tesla. And it is also not confirmed that really is Elon musk making a phone. So you have to wait for official confirmation of the Tesla pi release date.

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