Snapchat Story Views Glitch 2023 | Try These Fixes

Are you facing the same Snapchat story views glitch 2023? If yes then your fingertips have brought you to the right place. We will be discussing the same and will try to solve the Snapchat glitch with you.

In this article, we will be explaining to you the reason behind the occurrence of Snapchat story views glitch 2023 and the fixes that you can try to solve these errors taking place in your Snapchat lately.

To know how to solve the Snapchat story views glitch 2023, you need to practice different methods like (1) Turn off notifications (2) Clear Snapchat Cache (3) Switch to WiFi (4) Log out and log in etc. You will get the guide to each of these in the sections below.

Get ready to read the Snapchat story views glitch 2023 to fix the one occurring in your set! 

Snapchat Story Views Glitch 2023 – Ultimate Fixes

Snapchat Story Views Glitch 2022 - Ultimate Fixes

A lot of Snapchat users have been found reporting the same Snapchat story views glitch 2023 because of a number of minor-minor issues. These issues are the main root of that your Snapchat story view is facing Snapchat glitch 2023 or is not even appearing. These issues can range from being just a bug to being a huge connection issue. 

Snapchat app is such an application that can create such errors in itself because of multiple malfunctions, and Snapchat glitches. This is not the first time that users are reporting such issues with their Snapchat story views. Such Snapchat not showing all viewers 2023 error can prove to be both inconvenient and quite frustrating for its regular and new users, but like other applications, this issue can also be resolved.

The method to fix Snapchat story views glitch 2023 can be as easy as sending snaps or saving it and as difficult as the Snapchat server going down. The problem can be of any type, but luckily we have ultimate solutions for almost all of them.

Here are the different Methods to fix Snapchat Story Views Glitch 2023:

Method 01. Turn Off Notifications

Turn Off Notifications

This might be possible that because of having the Snapchat notifications enabled, the Snapchat story views glitch 2023 is taking place in your account. As explained earlier, a bug can result in multiple types of glitches, but still it’s not an issue.

The Snapchat notifications are of great use and quick to keep an update with all your actions on the applications along with that of your friend’s on the application. The option to get notifications whenever any of your friends posts a new story or share a snap can be a big reason to give rise to a bug, to solve this one can simply turn off the Snapchat glitches.

Fortunately, altering your Snapchat notifications is very simple, especially when you have gone through such cases earlier also, then you very well know what to do and how to do.

And if you don’t know what to do and how to do, then you can just follow these steps to turn off the notifications of your Snapchat account:

For iPhone:

Step 01: Launch your device’s Settings application.

Step 02: head to the Notifications option and click on it.

Step 03: Next, you can either select a particular application or apply the settings to a group of applications.

Step 04: After that, you will find a switch to enable or disable application’s notifications, you need to disable the Snapchat notifications.

For Android:

Step 01: Find the Settings app in your device and launch it.

Step 02: Search and click on the App’s & Notifications option.

Step 03: You will find a list of application’s notifications settings, and if Snapchat is the last application that you were active on, then it will be on the top of the list.

Step 04: Search Snapchat application, and turn off the notification button.

Step 05: Next, head to the Snapchat application and open it to recheck if the story views are visible or not.  

To view your Snapchat story list, one can follow the set of instructions given below:

Step 01: Open Snapchat and then click on Your Story.

Step 02: Select My Story from the My Stories section.

Step 03: Next, select any of your uploaded stories to see your viewers.

Method 02. Log Out And Log In

Log Out And Log In

Whenever you face any of such bug issues with any social media platforms, you can simply log out and login again to fix this issue of yours. This method aids the application and its servers to re-evaluate your account and the appeal that you are making.

Here, the appeal will be to go through your story views list. So, whenever you will be logging in into your Snapchat account, it would aid in deleting minor imperfections such as this Snapchat story views glitch 2023.

Refer to the following given steps to log out and in back again your Snapchat account: 

Step 01: Open the Snapchat application on your device.

Step 02: Click on your Profile icon at the left side of the top corner.

Step 03: Next, click on the Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 04: On the Settings tab, scroll till the bottom, there you will find the LogOut button, click on it.

Step 05: After that you will be logged out of your Snapchat account successfully.

Step 06: Log back in to check whether now your Story views list is appearing or not.

Method 03. Clear App Cache

Clear App Cache

This one is an amazing method for removing a bug out of your system. The app cache is important for the application, as it collects memory, data and information. All of this is collected to make the application’s performance much better, like launching quicker and processing faster. The application cache also helps the app to work faster. 

When you clear any app cache, your information stored in the application stays, as clearing cache doesn’t delete anything from your software. Memory is such a thing that holds the power to create a bug within the software again and again, so it’s better to clear the cache of every application from time to time so that if there’s any amount of bug in your application may get deleted.

One can easily clear cache of Snapchat with the help of these simple steps:

For iPhone:

Step 01: Open the Settings application of your iPhone from your homepage.

Step 02: Scroll downwards and find the General option and tap on it.

Step 03: Next click on the iPhone Storage option.

Step 04: Here you will find a long list of the applications downloaded in your device, from there find Snapchat and click on it.

Step 05: After opening Snapchat, you will find Clear Cache, click on it to delete the cache.

For Android:

Step 01: From your homepage, find and open the Settings application.

Step 02: Next, scroll and find Storage option and click on it.

Step 03: You will observe an option as Other Apps, tap on it.

Step 04: Search and select Snapchat app.

Step 05: After that, click on the Clear Cache option to clear the Snapchat cache.

Remember that after leaving the page, the cache will build up again, however it is completely an unbothering thing. Also it won’t affect what you are practicing.

Method 04. Wait Until Snapchat Servers Are Back To Functioning

Wait Until Snapchat Servers Are Back To Functioning

As mentioned earlier, a server can fall anytime and can be under construction timely or also might experience errors, as a result of which it goes down. This server down phase can occur because of a number of factors like servers not having any power, issues running in the operating system on a server, or maybe it’s just the time of their maintenance.

Unfortunately, in such cases you cannot do much to resolve Snapchat story views glitch 2023 other than sitting back and waiting for the problem to be fixed from the official Snapchat team. This is a huge problem, but one can use this time to utilise somewhere else with their creativity.

Method 05. Switch To WiFi Network

Switch To WiFi Network

Many of the times whenever you perform any activity on any of the social media platforms, it won’t turn out to be successful most because of internet issues. Which can be resolved by such a small step of switching your internet connection from cellular to wifi or vice versa.

In case, you are accessing mobile data and are facing any internet lags or feel a weak connection, then you have the option to switch it to an accessible WiFi internet connection. And if you are having a WiFi network then you can try shuffling it to your cellular connection.

In case of weak wifi connections, the reason could be router related issues or modem related issues, both can easily be fixed.

Factors Which Cause Snapchat Story Views Glitch 2023

Factors Which Cause Snapchat Story Views Glitch 2022

Snapchat is an application where they have a number of causes for such glitches like poor functioning, server downs etc. These causes are a result of the technical landscape. Since its launch, users have seen Snapchat going through a number of glitches and errors and still topping the list of social media.

Here are some of the reasons explained for Snapchat story views glitch 2023:

It Might Be A Bug!

The issue because of which you are unable to view your story view list of your Snapchat stories can be a bug. By bug, we mean a technical bug messing up with the application in your device. A bug is an overall covering word for glitches, malfunctions and errors specifically in a computer program or system.

Snapchat Might Be Down!

We are sure that for at least once in your lifetime, you have seen this terrible message on your screen saying “Server Is Down, wait for the server to resolve”. For those who are not familiar with the functioning and roles of servers, it stores data and information of both apps and websites, and not only that, it also answers user’s requests. In the case of Snapchat, it stores and holds the user’s data and information, and reverts back to the user’s requests.

Bad Internet Connection

Another case might be poor internet connection or sources of internet. Which plays an important role in executing your activities. It needs to be strong enough to load every function and program of your Snapchat application.

Wrapping Up

Accessing Snapchat and sending snaps to your family members and friends is the most fun way to be in touch with each other. And if it stops functioning, we feel left out of the circle. These issues can range from not being able to send snaps to not being able to upload stories and viewing the viewers. 

All of you know that nowadays, nothing is more important than being in touch with your friends and family members. And for that you must be having a bug free and latest version of Snapchat installed in your device. To achieve the same you can follow our article on Snapchat story views glitch 2023. 

We will be waiting for your questions and doubts related to the same in our comment section.


Q. Why Does My Snap Story Have No Viewers?

Snapchat Stories are only available for 24hours after being uploy, after which they disappear by default. Based on your privacy settings, Snapchat stories can be viewed by any user from your friend list or a very few from your private stories. 

Q. How Do  I Watch A Snapchat Story Without Adding Them?

Open Snapchat app >> Discover Window >> Find the Desired Story >> View Story.
From the Discover story tab, you can view the stories of different celebrities, news, agencies and other users without adding them.

Q. Why Does It Say +1 More On My Private Story?

This means that the user who has viewed your story has blocked you. +1 more depicts that the person may have been in your friend’s list and watched your story and later on blocked you.

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