Snapchat++ IPA for iOS, iPhone, Android, PC| A Complete Guide

Snapchat app is a social networking giant that has made communication and snapping fun for its users. Snapchat++ is a tweaked version of the social networking app Snapchat, introduced by Snap.Inc. It has many user-demanded features that are not found in the official version. This has attracted many Snapchat users as it offers new and improved features that are available on Snapchat iPA. Are you interested in trying out Snapchat ++ iPA? Let us see how to download Snapchat++ iPA for iOS, iPhone, Android and PC.

If you are a Snapchat user, you will notice that the app has some features that have restrictions that can be further enhanced.  Snapchat++ comes to the rescue. It offers various fun-filled features that are not applicable in Snapchat.

Snapchat++ is similar to Instagram Plus, Facebook++, Spotify++ and Tinder++. Apple device users should know that Snapchat++ is not available in the App Store. Here we show you in detail, how to download Snapchat++ iPA for iOS, iPhone, Android and PC.

1.Snapchat++ iPA – Cydia Impactor

2.Snapchat++ iPA – iPhone

3.Snapchat++ iPA – Android

4.Snapchat++ – PC

Why Download Snapchat++ iPA?

If you are a Snapchat user you must be wondering if you should download a tweaked version of the original app that is Snapchat IPA. Let us look at what Snapchat++ has to offer before we decide.

·        A camera roll, to directly upload and save pictures and stories.

·        Add or delete from live stories and reels.

·        Privately view stories without your friend being notified.

·        View snaps without marking them as read

·        Tap on snap to view, instead of holding it.

·        Lock with iOS password

·        Use custom filters

·        Auto save chats and messages

·        Have a media vault

These are some of the features that Snapchat++ offers to its users along with many more. Now let us see how to download Snapchat++ iPA for iOS, iPhone, Android and PC.

How to Download Snapchat++ IPA for iOS?

Snapchat++ is not available in the App Store for downloading in iOS devices. You can download Snapchat++ iPA iOS with no jailbreak version. Before you install Snapchat++ to your device make sure that you have deactivated or uninstalled Snapchat. Failing to do so could get you banned from the app. To download the snapchat ipa download

Now to install Snapchat++, you should first open, which will give you a free IPA file for download. Then you can install the file to your iOS device using cydia impactor. So you can download Snapchat plus ipa.

1. Download Snapchat++ iPA – Cydia Impactor

download snapchat++ ipa

Step 1 – Download Snapchat++ iPA file to your device

Step 2 – Download Cydia Impactor.

Step 3 – Connect the iOS device to your computer using a USB cable

Step 4 – Open Cydia Impactor > Drop the iPA file you want to download in Cydia Impactor

Step 5 – Enter Apple ID and password

download snapchat++ ipa for iOS  enter credentials

Step 6 – Wait for the app to be installed

Step 7 – Go to Settings > General > Profile / Device Management

Step 8 – Click on “Trust”

Step 9 – Launch the app

Remember that you do not have to jailbreak your iOS device for installing Snapchat++.

Sometime Snapchat++ might stop crashing due to some verification reasons that may end up in revoking your apps certification. Fear not, you can avoid this problem by installing another app “Anti Revoke”. This will block any attempt of verification and stop revoking of the apps certification.

2. Snapchat++ iPA – iPhone

download snapchat++ ipa for ios

Snapchat++ is an open-source application from the Cydia Store and is compatible with almost all the available iPhone series, like iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 and iOS 11, iOS 12. Before downloading Snapchat++ to your iPhone device, make sure you have uninstalled Snapchat, so that you can avoid being banned from the social networking application.

Step 1 – To Snapchat++ ipa download Install AppValley App Store on your iPhone.  This is a free app that gives you access to Cydia Hack Tweaks.

download snapchat++ ipa - install

Step 2 – Open to install Snapchat++

Step 3 – Click on Apps > Open “Tweaked Apps “

Step 4 – Locate Snapchat++ and click on it

download snapchat++ ipa for ios

Step 5 – Select “Install as original”

Step 6 – After Snapchat IPA file download finishes, you will see a pop-up. Give authentication to “Install”

You will see the Snapchat + ipa installed to your iPhone device.  You can also download ipa Snapchat form other third-party applications like AltStore. Before you opt to install such programs make sure you do not jailbreak and tamper with the iOS device.

Other versions of Snapchat++ for iOS are also available. They offer the users similar features with little tweaks. You can try using Phantom for Snapchat iPA and Snapchat Scothman iPA.

3.Download Snapchat++ iPA – Android

To download Snapchat++ iPA to your Android device you will first have to install APK. To download ipa Snapchat APK MOD you need not root your device to Android.

download snapchat++ ipa for android

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1 – Delete the original version of Snapchat from your Android device.

Step 2 – Now go to Settings > enable Unknown Sources.

Step 3 – Open Play Store > Search for Snapchat ++ APK > Hit ‘Install’

Step 4 – Give “Permission” to download the app.

Now Snapchat++ is successfully installed.

4. Download Snapchat++ – PC

download snapchat++ ipa for pc

Snapchat++ users who wish to connect their devices via Bluetooth or wifi prefer to use their personal computer. If you are wondering if there is a Snapchat++ APK for PC, the answer is a big NO. You can use the following steps for installing and using Snapchat++ on a PC.

Step 1 – Open Play Store > Download Snapchat++ APK

Step 2 – Download and Install Bluestacks, an Android Emulator

Step 4 – Install Snapchat++ APK for Android within Bluestacks

Step 5 – Hit the download button.Now you have successfully installed Snapchat++ to your personal computer.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q1. Is Snapchat++ Free for Download?

Yes. Snapchat++ is free for download and use on all platforms.  You can also avail the features that are only available to snapchat+ ipa premium users, absolutely free of charge.

Q2. Will my Snapchat Account be Banned if I Use Snapchat++?

Snapchat as the original version follows strict protocols. If they notice the presence of tweaked versions of their app, they will most certainly ban the user from their social networking app. Snapchat++ APK for PC seems to be the only fool-proof version that is not detected by Snapchat’s radar.

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