Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022 | Let The Egg Hunt Begin!

Easter is about to arrive and you must also be as excited about it as we are. And if you are a Snapchat user, then it definitely adds up to your excitement because of the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt game. 

The Snapchat app introduced the Easter Egg Hunt in the year 2019. The game was introduced as a means of encouragement for people to stay home during the Covid-19 pandemic and enjoy the occasion of Easter on the platform Snapchat only. This initiative by Snapchat was highly appreciated by all the Snapchat users and everyone enjoyed playing the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt game too. 

Since then, every year, Snapchat users wait for the Egg hunt game when it’s time for Easter. Let us know about the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022. 

What Is Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt

What Is Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt

The Snapchat Easter Egg hunt is a popular event that takes place annually on the platform Snapchat on the occasion of Easter. The Easter hunt is a fun event that every Snapchat enjoys participating in. 

The event is held on Easter Sundays. In the Easter Egg hunt by Snapchat, the users have to track down the virtual eggs set up by Snapchat that have been hidden across the landmarks that are present in their localities.

This means that the game uses Snap Maps with the help of which you need to locate the eggs in the areas around you. The game is just like Pokemon Go, where you have to catch easter eggs instead of Pokemon. 

Will There Be A Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt In 2022

Snapchat has officially revealed that there is not going to be an Easter egg hunt event in 2022 on its platform. This came out when a Snapchat user made the question about the Easter Egg Hunt this year and the Snapchat customer service answered that the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt has been canceled for the year 2022. This was really disheartening for the Snapchat users who had been highly anticipating the Easter Egg Hunt event this year. 

Why Is There No Snapchat Egg Hunt In 2022

Why Is There No Snapchat Egg Hunt In 2022

The Snapchat Easter egg hunt event was initialized in the year 2019 when the first wave of Covid-19 spread all over the world. This was when Snapchat decided to add a game to their platform for the users to enjoy Easter time during the lockdown. 

The possible assumption was that Snapchat started the Easter Egg Hunt event to encourage people to maintain social distancing during the deadly pandemic. And it turned out to be successful as well. The Snapchat users enjoyed the event online and were not saddened by the restrictions implied during the lockdown. 

Since, the condition has by far improved,  with the better protective measures against Coronavirus as well as vaccination, the risk and the restrictions have been reduced to a great level and probably that’s why Snapchat no longer adds this feature to its platform for users to enjoy their Easter. 

When Is Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt Held

The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt game is introduced to the platform Snapchat when it’s time for Easter. During Easter Sundays, the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt is held. The hunt begins at 2 pm on Easter Saturdays and you can track down the Easter eggs till Sunday midnight.

Where Can You Find Easter Eggs Hunt On Snapchat

In order to be a part of the Snapchat Easter Eggs Hunt, you will need to follow the simple steps provided below.

  1. Launch the Snapchat application on your device. 
  2. On the main Camera screen, swipe down and the Snap Map will appear on your screen. 
  3. Here you can search for eggs from across the world. Make sure that you have turned your device’s location on. 
  4. Go and find the eggs. When you find an egg, tap on it and add it to your basket. 

Snapchat Easter Eggs Hunt 2020-21

Wrap Up

The Snapchat Easter Eggs Hunt event is an amazing game that every Snapchat user loves to be a part of and enjoys a lot. Unfortunately, the Snapchat users will not be able to have fun with this feature this year. But there are a lot more interesting games that you can play on Snapchat’s platform this Easter and have fun.


What Do We Get For Hunting Easter Eggs On  Snapchat?

For each egg you hunt on the Snapchat egg hunt, you get one point. If you get a rare golden egg, then you will receive 5 points for that. 

How To Capture Eggs On Snapchat Egg Hunt?

Use the rear-facing camera of your phone to capture whichever egg you spot in the Snapchat Egg hunt. 

How To Find Golden Eggs On Snapchat Egg Hunt?

Golden eggs are mostly found hidden among the small bundles of colorful eggs on the Snap Map. There are also some rare cases when you will find these golden eggs alone. 

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