Samsung Mouse That Runs Away- Samsung Balance 3!

Think you are working on a computer and suddenly the mouse scoots away from you and you try to catch it but it gives you a reminder that you are working overtime, stop now. Yes, you heard it right, this is the feature of the new concept mouse Samsung mouse that runs away. This mouse has been conceptualised to improve the work balance.

Yet this is still a concept but it has grabbed our attention due to its unique feature. Office workers are continuously under pressure to complete their unfinished work before leaving the office. So this mouse will stop you from working overtime. It’s not a real mouse but it will slip away from your hand as you exceed the working hour.

Samsung Korea has released a youtube video of the Balance 3 mouse. This mouse is not available for purchase as it’s still in the concept phase created in collaboration with the ad agency. 

Well, this article will help you to know the features, pros and cons of its price. Let’s go straight into the article and learn more about the Samsung mouse that runs away and its features.

Samsung Mouse That Runs Away: Samsung Balance-3

Samsung Balance-3 is a concept of the computer mouse. Samsung has developed this mouse by collaborating with an AD agency. Samsung Korea has released a video about this futuristic concept of the mouse. This mouse has been designed to monitor and balance the working hour. It comes with a sensor and has gesture control. Whenever a user exceeds its working hour its ear perks up and scoots away from the user, this futuristic product will help those who want to relieve the pressure of working overtime. It’s like a pet at the office who will try to remind you that the time of your work hour is over, not get up and have some life outside. 

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Samsung Balance-3 Features

Samsung Balance mouse is a robotic mouse that tracks your working hours. If you exceed your working hour it will eject its wheels and will slip away from your hand. It looks like a regular mouse but it stops users from working overtime. 

  1. This mouse looks similar to other ordinary mouse and it fits in the palm perfectly. But as your working hour completes, its ear perks up. That is when it starts its wonderful work from handy office tools to advocating healthy work-life balance.
  2. This little gadget will scoot away from you by using sensors to stop it from working further.
  3. It detects hand movement and monitors your working hour whenever your working hour complete the wheels come out from the mouse and it scoots away from you.
  4. If anyhow you catch it then it will dislodge from the outer layer. And by revealing its blue and pink gradient and scoots away from you. 

Samsung Balance Specification

This little handy gadget has some great features that make it different from any ordinary mouse. It has attached wheels which will come out when the user has completed his working hour. If any how the user catches the balanced mouse that detaches its upper layer and further scoot away from the user. And reveals the blue and pink gradient of its body.

  • Give you an alert message when the working hour completes 
  • Perk up its ear and scoot away if the user continues to work.
  • Detach its upper layer when the user catches it and again scoot away.  

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Samsung Balance-3 Pros and Cons

Samsung Balance-3 has introduced Samsung mouse that runs away and has the following Pros and Cons.


  • Helps to monitor working hours.
  • Stops users from overworking.
  • It helps users to release pressure from overwork.
  • It will help users relieve the mental pressure of working overtime.


  • It can hinder if the user is working on something important.
  • It can be more stressful for the user if he is already stressed.
  • It’s still in the conceptual phase, transforming into reality is not yet known
  • When it will be available for the user, is still not known.

Samsung Balance-3 Price

Samsung Korea has posted a concept video of the Samsung Mouse That Runs Away from you if you are overworked. As this mouse is still a concept. So this cute little gadget will not be available in the market to purchase. Samsung has developed this concept of balance-3 mouse collaboration with an Ad agency. 

Samsung Balance-3 Release Date

Although Samsung has released only a concept video of the Samsung Balance-3 mouse. But it is expected that Samsung may launch this product in the market in the third quarter of 2023.

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Samsung is working on developing intelligent gadgets that will help in their utility as well as help in monitoring their working hours. Samsung balance-3 mouse is also a concept that Samsung has brought. It is going to be a new companion for the user who is working late in the office. It will help them to trek their working hours. People are getting excited about this new balance mouse and waiting when this concept will turn into reality.

Well in this post we have discussed everything about the new futuristic concept of the balance mouse that runs away when you overwork. Have you found this content useful? Spread the word about this wonderful concept of the device to everyone and techie buddies.

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