Pridefall Project 2023 | Everything You Need To Know!

The struggle for emancipation by the LGBTQ community cannot be emphasized enough! Although the community has come across as liberated and extricated. However, there is still a segment of society that has not acknowledged and accepted the people belonging to the LGBTQ community. Leading to which the very segment has become a part of the Pridefall Project, which not only brings the community down but also calls to pay a huge price.  

Pridefall Discord Attack is a part of the Pridefall Project carried out by Homophobics and the people who have sheer loathing for the LGBTQ Community. The idea behind carrying forward the Pridefall Project is to make the community and the people supporting the LGBTQ Community suffer miserably. 

The Pridefall Project is a well-planned online hacking event that targets the LGBTQ Community on all social media platforms. This leads to breaking into the user’s system and disclosing the user’s personal information. In the Pridefall Discord Attack, the unauthorized users send you gore, extreme profanity, p0*n, and racist slurs, and there will also be IP grabbers hackers, and doxxers.

This article will incorporate everything about the Pridefall Project, the Pridefall Discord Attack and who are the people supporting and are a part of the Pridefall Project. Keep reading the blog if you are keen on acquiring all the information about the Pridefall Project. 

What is Pridefall Project? 

Pridefall Project is a cyber-attack event that is carried forward by the Homophobic people. The attack is expected to take place around pride month. The main aim of this cyber attack is to invade and hamper the privacy of all the people from the LGBTQ Community. Dozens of homophobic people collect data from LGBTQ people and use it to get their addresses then potentially send SWAT to their houses. This is also bad seen as racism in law enforcement has been raised.

All the people who belong to this community or take initiative to carry out the Pride Month celebration call for quite a trouble. Having said that, the Pridefall Discord Attack is one such setback, the LGBTQ Community and the people supporting this community suffer from. Keep reading along with the post and you will find out everything behind the Pridefall Project and the Pridefall Discord Attack.

What Is Pridefall Discord Attack? 

pridefall project

Out of various unauthorized and illegal activities that take place online, Prideful Project is one such alarming issue that should be taken seriously. Yes, You are right! We are talking about the Pridefall Discord Attack. For a lot of you who are unaware of the Pridefall Project and the Pridefall Discord Attack, you have landed on the correct website for the exact and authentic information. We are here to address the Pridefall Discord Attack and those who are victimized.

Pridefall Discord is a cyber-attack event, that takes place on almost all social media platforms including discord. There are people trying to send you gore, extreme profanity, p0*n, and racist slurs, and there will also be IP grabbers hackers and doxxers. Targetting the LGBTQ Community for no reason specific and developing sheer loathe for them is what the homophobic people are up to in this Pridefall Discord Attack. 

The last Pridefall Discord Attack happened in June 2020 and we see the terror among people who are the victims of the Pridefall Project. It is thus, not certain yet that the LGBTQ Community will encounter the Pridefall Discord Attack. Perhaps, it can be a piece of terrorizing false news to build a sense of fear among the LGBTQ Community. Nevertheless, it thus recommended taking the necessary precautions to avoid scams of Pridefall Discord Attack. 

It is advised not to accept any friend requests from unknown sources, and people unknown. As that will only open a door for them to hinder your personal information. We recommend you pass on this information to people you know and prevent them from falling into this jeopardizing trap. Kindly, pass this on to any servers that you own or have admin perms and can server ping in to spread awareness. Proceeding further to fill you in about Pridefall Discord Attack 2023, Pridefall Project, and how this cyber event attack can affect your Discord server and channels.

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What Happens In Pridefall Discord Attack?

In 2020, when the Pridefall Project took place for the time and left a massive impact on LGBTQ Community it was thus anticipated as something to beware of. Today, we are amidst the time where we can predict the Pridefall Project or the Pridefall Discord Attack incoming. In order to be aware of it, we are here to fill you in on what exactly happens in the Pridefall Discord Attack. 

A website called 4Chan is a social space where people from all over the world post pictures, and videos, and interact with each other. So what happens in this Pridefall Discord Attack,  4Chan users hack Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Tiktok, and other social platforms to look for the LGBTQ+ community and pester them mentally and blackmail them. Homophobhics break into the systems and hack their operations and scare them by sending plenty of videos of gay being raped and killed, just to mess with their living standards, especially during Pride Parade Month. 

Here is the list of the scams that take place in the Pridefall project and what the Prifefall Discord Attack leads to. To know what scams are anticipated during the Pridefall Discord Attack or in the Pridefall Projects you can refer to the bulletins below :

  • Gaining access to IP addresses of users
  • Unlimited fake giveaway messages
  • A sudden hike in friend requests 
  • DMs flooded by p0*n, racist slurs, and gore
  • Thieving Personal Information
  • Booting people offline

Who Is Involved In Pridefall Project? 

Having known what the Pridefall Discord Attack is all about, it thus congregated that the Pridefall Project is one alarming issue that must be addressed and is certainly something everyone should be taking care of. We can come to a conclusion after a deep understanding of the Pridefall discord attack that it is in the best interest of the users to stay safe by not approving the requests of random people. 

If you want to know about the people involved in the Pridefall Project, you need to know where all of this started. Have you heard of the 4Chan website? It is an image board where people anonymously share images as memes and videos. The specialty of posting from the website is that you can keep your identity confidential. 

Homophobic people and people who have immense hatred and sheer loathe for teh LGBTQ Community are the ones leading the Pridefall Project and are responsible for the Pridefall Discord Attack. There is any solid reason as to why they anonymously hack and disclose the information and threaten the people supporting and belonging to the LGBTQ Community. However, it is for the pure hatred and despises for the LGBTQ Community. 

How To Avoid Pridefall Discord 2023 Attack? 

Now that you are well versed and apprised with what this Pridefall Project is about we are here to fill you in on how you can possibly avoid Pridefall Attacks. Below are the ways through which you can avoid being a victim of such scams. Follow the ways listed below if you want to stay secure. 

  • Block the senders of the fake giveaway messages 
  • Report or block the unknowns added to the friend list 
  • Turn off the router to recover the IP address
  • Secure your personal information using security applications 
  • Do not approve off requests from random people 
  • Avoid using any social media platform during the Pride month

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Wrapping Up 

This was all about the Pridefall Project and what the antagonists are up to. In nutshell, in order to avoid such Pridefall Attacks or any such online nuisance, we can advocate that it is necessary to take the requisite precautions and stay safe. Do not approve of any random information and rather secure your data beforehand. We hope this article was helpful to you and offered you all the information on the Pridefall Project. Furthermore, if have any related queries feel free to contact us, by dropping your queries in the comment section below. We assure to revert as soon as we can. 

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