Pridefall Discord Attack 2023 | What Is It And How To Avoid

We all are aware of the famous networking site, Discord and the quality features it offers. However, there are numerous activities that take place on Discord. Pridefall Discord Attack is one such cyber-attack event that is the most talked of. 

Discord is a free-to-talk platform where people come together to talk and hang out. Discord is one of the most sought-after social networking platforms known worldwide that promote social interactions. However, various activities go on this social networking, including activities that hamper the privacy of people. Pridefall Discord attack is one such issue we shall be addressing in this guide. 

Pridefall Discord attack is a cyber attack carried out but homophobic people to take down the LGBTQ community. So, what happens in this Pridefall Discord attack? The unauthorized users send you gore, extreme profanity, p0*n, and racist slurs, and there will also be IP grabbers, hackers, and doxxers. 

This article will incorporate everything you are required to know about The Pridefall Discord Attack and the reasons supporting why the Pridefall Discord Attacks. We hope this article fills you in with all the relevant information you are looking for. Let’s know in detail about this Pridefall Discord Attack. 

Pridefall Discord Attack

Pridefall Discord Attack 2023 is the actions taken by homophobic people, and pride fall hackers against the LGBTQ community on the Social Media Sites. The Pridefall Discord Attack includes hacking the IP addresses of the people from the rainbow community and making it public on the websites like 4Chan and Discord channels.

As explained above about the Pridefall Discord attack and the aim behind it. We can, thus, say this is a planned hacking that hampers the privacy of the LGBTQ community badly. Targeting the LGBTQ Community for no reason specific and developing sheer loathe for them is what the homophobic people are up to in this Pridefall Discord Attack. 

Pridefall Discord is a cyber-attack event that takes place on almost all social media platforms, including discord. There are people trying to send you gore, extreme profanity, p0*n, and racist slurs, and there will also be IP grabbers, hackers and doxxers. 

It is advised not to accept any friend requests from unknown sources and people unknown. As that will only open a door for them to hinder your personal information. We recommend you pass on this information to people you know and prevent them from falling into this jeopardizing trap. Kindly pass this on to any servers that you own or have admin perms and can server ping in to spread awareness.

Pridefall Hoax

Pridefall Hoax is referred to the fake requests, giveaways, and collaboration offered on the social media sites such as Discord, Instagram, or Facebook. The Hoax will bait the LGBTQ community members and will release their sensitive information to Homophobic people.

On June 1st, something called the Pridefall Discord attack started happening. 4Chan users (mostly) are going to start raiding Instagram, Discord, Twitter, TikTok, etc., and start harassing the LGBTQ+ community. They’ll send videos of gays being raped and murdered, doxxing, booting people offline, and obtaining addresses. If they get your IP address, you’re done for it since some of them will go as far as to send people after you. Don’t go to links sent by anyone you don’t know.

What Is Discord Pridefall Project? 

We hope you all are aware of the LGBTQ Community and Pride Month. This community celebrates as a month of liberation and salvation. Well, it is true Pride month is much celebrated in most countries. However, some people do not appreciate and condemn being a part of this celebration. Therefore, which is why they fabricate such servers and systems to invade and hinder the privacy of the LGBTQ Community and of the people who support this community. 

All the people who belong to this community or take the initiative to carry out the Pride Month celebration call for quite a trouble. Having said that, the Pridefall Discord is one such setback LGBTQ Community, and the people supporting this community suffer from massive hindrances and trouble. 

Pridefall is a cyber-attack event that is carried forward by Homophobic people. The attack is expected to take place around pride month. The main aim of this cyber attack is to invade and hamper the privacy of all the people from the LGBTQ Community. Dozens of homophobic people collect data from LGBTQ people and use it to get their addresses, then potentially send SWAT to their houses. This is also badly seen as racism in law enforcement has been raised.

Who Are The People Involved In The Pridefall Discord Attack?

If you want to know about the people involved in the Pridefall Project, you need to know where all of this started. Have you heard of the 4Chan website? It is an image board where people anonymously share images as memes and videos. The specialty of posting from the website is that you can keep your identity confidential.

Radical people come along on the website and start propaganda against a particular community. In this case, it was the Rainbow Society. Although 4Chan and Discord have blocked the users supporting the Pridefall moments, the attacks on the LGBTQ community still didn’t stop.

Is Pridefall Real?

Yes, the Pridefall attack is real. In the year 2020, the Pridefall happened for the first time. The same was expected in 2021; due to Covid restrictions, the LGBTQ community and the Homophopics did not step out of their houses, and the Pridefall event went well. 

How Are Pridefall Discord Project Members Attacking The LGBTQ Members

Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and transgenders are not safe from the members of Pridefall. It has been observed that these members are following LGBT people on social media such as Instagram, sending them DMs, and sharing their IP addresses on Discord or 4Chan.

The IP addresses are then used by cyber experts to trace the address of the person. Various reports have been filed against the kidnapping of LGBTQ people.

Pride Discord Attack Targets

Well, the Pride Discord attacks are not only taking place against LGBTQ members. Homophobic people are also trying to hack the servers of the brands that are supporting the Pride Parade and the Pride Moment in Pride Month.

How To Know That You Are Under Pridefall Discord Attack

To know that you are under the Pridefall Discord attack. You need to notice a few things. Well, these are the things that will automatically come to your observation.

We have made a list of these things

  1. You will find your location or username made public on the Pridefall Discord servers or the 4Chan Websites.
  2. Suddenly you will start receiving several friend requests. These requests will be sent by homophobic people to harass you.
  3. Your DM will be filled with vulgar messages, and you will start receiving nude pics from these homophobic or the Pridefall project members.
  4. Your Social Media will be hacked.

Note: Be vigilant while talking to any starter on the Internet during Pride month or after. You don’t know the intentions of the person on the other side. He might be planning for the Pridefall Discord attack.

How To Avoid Discord Pridefall Attack

Yes, it is possible to avoid the Discord Pridefall Attack if you are vigilant while using social media. Well, here is the guide that will tell you about the Dos and Don’t for avoiding the Discord Pridefall Attack.

  1. Ignore the unnecessary texts.
  2. Don’t participate in the free giveaways from suspicious people or accounts on any of the social media sites.
  3. If you see any offending Message or post from some person that hurts your sentiments. We advise you to report the person or his account to the Social Media company.
  4. Do not indulge in talking with any homophobic person. There are chances that he is trying to get your IP Address.

How To Change Your IP Address To Avoid Pridefall Discord Attack

To Change your IP Address, you can use a VPN. VPN Stands for virtual privacy Network; it will assign your device a proxy IP address. This will never let homophobic people interfere with your privacy.

What if you feel that IP is being monitored by Pridefall Discord Attackers?

If you feel that your IP address is being monitored, you can get under the Pridefall Discord Attack because of it. Contact your ISP; it stands for the Internet Service provider. It can change your IP Address for you.

Is Pridefall Discord Attack Legal?

Pridefall Discord Attack is a cyber crime, and it is totally Illegal. If you are found bullying someone online, then you even have to go to jail for years.

Wrapping Up

Thus, all the information about Pridefall Discord and the Pridefall Discord Attack was all about. Now that you know about the consequences and what this Pridefall Discord attack leads to, you can thus protect yourself from malware dysfunction. We hope this article was helpful to you and turned out to be an informative guide for you. Furthermore, if you have any questions related to the Pridefall Discord Attack, feel free to drop your queries in the comment section below. 

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