Poketwo Discord Bot | How Add To Your Server?

A cool Discord bot called Poketwo allows users to enjoy playing Pokemon on the platform. It is a bot that enables you to capture Pokemon that appear on your servers at random. You can then pit yourself against other players on your server to see who can capture that Pokemon first.

A Discord Pokemon game bot called PokeTwo was created to resemble the original Pokecord (RIP). MewBot and PokeMeow are more of their own things, whereas it is the closest to Pokecord I’ve found so yet. You’re practically set to go with PokeTwo if you know how to play Pokecord. 

The Poketwo bot’s ability to replicate Pokemon battles on Discord may be its best feature. You can choose three Pokemon and compete against the three Pokemon of another trainer, much like in the actual Pokemon. In contrast to other Discord games, these battles have animated visuals that alter depending on the Pokemon you are using. Let’s go through the article and learn how to install, use Poketwo commands, and play Poketwo Discord Bot.

What Is Poketwo Discord Bot?

The Poketwo discord bot is an open-source program that is totally free to use. Pokétwo gives Discord access to the Pokemon world. Catch Pokemon that spawn at random on your servers, trade them to grow your collection, and engage in competitive battles with friends to earn rewards.

It is among the top 8 bots on top.gg and one of the most widely used. Poketwo discord bot has over 1.5 million users right now, has been added to over 800,000 servers, and is still running over 400,000 servers. Its users have captured more than 350 million Pokemon, and more than 6 million transactions have taken place, further demonstrating its popularity.

How To Add Poketwo Discord Bot To Discord Server?

Poketwo Discord Bot

It’s easy to add the Poketwo Discord bot to your Discord server. It can only be completed with a few clicks.

Step 1: The first step is to visit the Poketwo bot’s official website.

Step 2: Select the blue “Invite Poketwo” button. You will be taken to Discord and prompted to log in.

Step 3: You will be prompted for a number of normal permissions, give access. Now login into Discord and continue the procedure, click “yes.”

Step 4: To add the Poketwo discord bot to your server, click Authorize. The Poketwo bot has now been added to your server, as seen by the message that appears in your #general chat room after that.

Step 5: The Poketwo discord bot will now have complete access to your account, and you may launch your Discord server and begin utilizing the Poketwo discord bot.

You can connect to the Poketwo bot’s official server by going to the website. You can see freebies; engage in Pokémon fights with other users, engage in community interaction, and much more here.

Join the Poketwo Community

How To Remove The Poketwo Discord Bot From Your Server?

There is only one method available for getting rid of the Poketwo from your server:

  1. When you right-click on the Poketwo symbol in the right sidebar, the option to “Kick Poketwo” will appear, allowing you to remove the Poketwo from the server.
  2. Right-click on the Poketwo in the sidebar and choose the option to “Ban Poketwo” from the menu if you wish to remove it so that no one may add it to the server again.

Poketwo Discord Bot Not Working – How To Fix?

The Poketwo discord bot may occasionally experience problems, such as not responding or going offline. If you have this problem, check the Discord status page. It may be caused by a complete Discord server outage.

The following issues may exist if the Poketwo discord bot does not reply to your commands:

  1. The Poketwo discord bot may not have the necessary permissions, which could result in this. To read messages and respond accordingly, the Poketwo needs the channel’s View Channel, Send Messages, and Embed Links capabilities.
  2. Make sure you didn’t alter the ‘p!’ prefix that is the Poketwo default. You can modify this prefix using the dashboard, or you can mention the Poketwo in the chat and use any command to have them execute it.
  3. Make sure you employ the appropriate syntax for a given command. Using the ‘p!hint’ command, you can verify that command’s syntax.

After completing the aforementioned steps, if Poketwo still doesn’t respond, see if it’s still on the server. Check to see if adding the bot was successful. Make sure the Poketwo has received enough permission from you.

How Pokemon Spawn In Poketwo Discord Bot?

Are essentially already up to speed if you played Pokecord. In PokeTwo, there is a chance that a Pokemon will spawn in response to each standard chat message that is posted. This means that you can never chat or play Pokemon. One individual spamming repeatedly won’t create Pokemon due to anti-spam measures that restrict how frequently one person may spawn a Pokemon. 

Unbelievable as it may seem, a large group of people conversing in real life and exchanging ideas is the best way to produce Pokemon! Yes, it is what PokeCord was intended to promote in the beginning! Pokemon can only be created by genuine, usually back-and-forth conversation! There is no spawn command or anything of the type, so spamming the chat with repeated phrases from one person won’t produce Pokemon in a reliable manner. 

Most people overlook the fact that Pokecord was created to promote communication on a Discord server. You’re playing Pokecord clones incorrectly if you’re just waiting around for Pokemon in silence. To get Pokemon to spawn, say hello in a general chat channel and start a conversation. If you purchase incense, which generates a Pokemon every 20 seconds for an hour, that is the only exception.

Where To Play Poketwo?

All you need to play PokeTwo is a Discord server with the bot installed. Pokemon only reliably appear during real, back-and-forth talks with several individuals. To generate mons, speak normally in channels with active players.

You can either join the official PokeTwo server or add the bot to your own server. There is only one “save file” for you for the bot that moves with your Discord account, thus it really makes no difference on which server you play. Here are the basics of how to play the PokeTwo discord bot. 

How To Catch & Collect Pokemon In Poketwo?

Pokemon will sporadically appear when you speak in your server. Join competition with other server users to see who can get it first! Continue catching to grow your collection and advance toward finishing the Pokédex. Catch rare, legendary, and mythological Pokémon to impress your friends!

How To Evolve Any Pokemon In Poketwo?

In the actual Pokemon games, most Pokemon evolve in precisely the same manner—through levels, evolution stones, items, trades, etc. PokeTwo attempts to replicate every aspect of the situation. If you believe your Pokemon should be able to develop, use p!evolve. The evolution requirement is available on p!dex (pokemon).

All Pokemon essentially develop in one of the following methods, which are generally arranged by commonalities:

  1. Levelling up (just talking or Rare Candy from the shop)
  2. Items made by Evolution (p!shop)
  3. Levelling while owning a possession
  4. The Friendship Bracelet in the store has taken the position of affection level increases.
  5. Trading (possibly while holding an item)

How To Trade & Sell Pokemon?

Want a rare Pokémon bad enough? Trying to expand your own collection? Anywhere, at any moment, you can trade with other gamers! On the international market, where a wide range of Pokémon are constantly added, you may also purchase and sell.

List Of All Poketwo Discord Bot Commands

Here is a list of Poketwo Discord Bot commands you can use on your Servers.

Beginning of your Adventure 

  1. p!start – Starts your Pokemon Adventure.
  2. p!pick <Starter Name> – Pick your Starting Pokemon.
  3. p!help – Displays a list of Poketwo Commands.

Pokemon-related Commands 

  1. p!catch or p!c – Catches a Wild Pokemon when one spawns.
  2. p!hint or p!h – Gives a hint about the Wild Pokemon.
  3. p!pokemon – Displays the Pokemon with their Pokemon Number
  4. p!shinyhunt <Pokemon Name> – Targets the Pokemon for a Shiny one. For every time you catch this pokemon, your odds of getting a shiny one will gradually increase.
  5. p!evolve <Pokemon Name> – Evolves your pokemon if they meet the requirements.
  6. p!nickname <Nickname> – Set a Nickname for your Current Pokemon.
  7. p!order <Number|Level|IV|Pokedex> – Sorts your pokemon list in the manner selected. Note, Number sorts out the Pokemon in order caught chronologically, not by Pokedex Number.
  8. p!select <Pokemon Name> – Sets your active pokemon to the input number.
  9. p!pokedex – Displays all caught and uncaught Pokemon for that player.
  10. p!release <Pokemon Number> – Releases that Pokemon.
  11. p!releaseall – Release all of your Pokemon.
  12. p!unmega – Reverts a Mega Evolution. Primals are considered as Megas.
  13. p!info – Get info on all of your Pokemon.

Pokemon Battles with other users 

  1. p!battle <@User> or p!duel <@User> – Battle the User that you @’d.
  2. p!battle add <Pokemon Number> – Add up to 3 Pokemon for the Battle.
  3. p!battle cancel – Cancels the current Battle.
  4. p!learn <Move Name> – Lets your Pokemon learn a move from the available ones.
  5. p!moveinfo <Move Name> – Displays information about a certain move.
  6. p!moves <Pokemon> – Displays current moveset and available moves for your active Pokemon.
  7. p!moveset <Pokemon> – Displays all moves for your Pokémon and how to get them.


  1. p!auction <channel> – Change the auctions channel.
  2. p!daily or p!vote – Receives a Mystery Box if the player votes Poketwo Discord Bot on Top.gg.
  3. p!embedcolor – Changes embed colors of your current pokemon if it has embed colors.
  4. p!event – Checks for any current event information.
  5. p!next or p!n & p!back or p!b – Scrolls to next & previous page while viewing a multiple page item.
  6. p!open <normal|great|ultra|master> [amt] – Opens the Boxes with the specified rarity & amount(amt).
  7. p!prefix <value> – Changes the default command prefix to the user given value.
  8. p!profile – Displays player Profile.
  9. p!seversilence – Disables level up messages on the server. The Bot will DM you for the same.
  10. p!time – Tells the Time of Day.

Final Thought

Now that you have reached the end of the blog you have a fair knowledge of how to install the PokeTwo discord bot, what are the commands, and how to play it? Do not span while chatting on the server or you will be banned. Have a question? Let me know in the comment box. 


Q1. What is PokeTwo Discord Bot?

A Discord Pokemon game bot called PokeTwo was created to resemble the original Pokecord (RIP). While MewBot and PokeMeow are more of their own, it is the closest to Pokecord I’ve found so yet.

Q2. How many Pokemon are there?

Every Pokémon generation, including Arceus, was counted. There are 905 Pokémon in total, spanning eight generations, as of June 2022. There are no new Pokémon in the franchise thanks to Pokémon GO.

Q3. Can you trade redeems in Poketwo?

Redeems can now be traded! Additionally, the shard shop’s monthly redeems purchase cap has been eliminated. We’ve done this to assist trainers in avoiding scammers, but always be vigilant for odd activities!

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