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Attention gamers! Do you know Sins Arise Path To Nowhere Beta Test is finally here? If you are looking for Path To Nowhere Discord server. You will get one here. With 3913 members, it has really grabbed every gamer’s attention. Alright, let’s know about sins arising path to nowhere.

Path To Nowhere follows the tale of criminals who must step up to overcome their pasts and go on an epic quest to save the world. The sole aim of the players in the Sins Arise Path to Nowhere game is to defend their Chief from incoming attacks. Recently, it launched its Beta Test running up to 30 September 2022, 16:00 UTC +7. which you can access through Path To Nowhere Discord server.

You will require a permanent server invite to join Path To Nowhere Discord. Click on the invitation link > Accept the invite > Check out the “I am Human” box. You have joined Path To Nowhere Discord Server > Verify your server > Follow the rules to enjoy Path To Nowhere Discord server to the fullest.

So, without wasting any time, let’s find your official sins arise Path To Nowhere Discord server. Stay tuned!

What Is Path To Nowhere Discord?

Sins Arise Path to Nowhere is basically an SRPG featured by Real-time Tower Defense gameplay in which you have to assume the role of the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (M.B.C.C.) in the control of superpowered criminals known as Sinners. To survive each encounter undamaged, you need to take advantage of the Sinners’ unique abilities to destroy opposing defenses. 

Recently, the eagerly awaited post-apocalyptic game, Path to Nowhere has officially begun its open beta Sins Arise for iOS and Android throughout the world. You can enjoy this anime game through Path To Nowhere Discord.

Path To Nowhere Discord Server

You should always make sure that you join the right Discord link. You should avoid clicking on unsafe links as they can cause damage and hacks. This is the permanent Sins Arise Path to Nowhere Discord server invite.

 Click here to join Path to Nowhere Discord invite.

How To Join The Path To Nowhere Discord Link?

To join  Path to Nowhere Discord Server > Open Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human > Verify your server > Click on I Agree.

Step 1: Open your Discord Account.

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account.

Step 3: Click on the link to join Path to Nowhere Discord Server.

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite.

Step 5: Check on the I am Human box.

Step 6: Voila! You have joined Path to Nowhere Discord.

Follow these steps and you are good to go.

In Sins Arise Path to Nowhere Discord, you will find highlights, character roles, announcements, rules, DMs, with the latest news and information while letting fans discuss the game path to nowhere hentai with fellow fans.

Path To Nowhere Latest Update – Sins Arise

AISNO Games has officially launched the open beta for Path to Nowhere, sins arise path to nowhere is the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic title on iOS and Android across the globe on 27th October 2022.  You can access this game on Path to Nowhere Discord as well.  In it, you take on the role of the Chief of the Minos Bureau of Crisis Control (or MBCC for short). Your only job is to Shackle and Control the worst criminals known as Sinners and to protect your City from disaster in sins arise path to nowhere or Path to Nowhere hentai.

Path To Nowhere Tier List

path to nowhere discord
Path to Nowhere tier list

The first thing you should consider as a Path to Nowhere Discord newcomer is how your characters are placed in the game. Here, there are a total of five ranks that categorize the heroes according to their abilities. Here is path to nowhere tier list:

Tier S

In Tier S of path to nowhere tier list, you will find the strongest heroes, who are also the game’s most highly skilled forces. Nothing in the game that these heroes aren’t capable of doing. These heroes won’t find anything in this game to be difficult at all.

  • Baiyi
  • Langley
  • Nox
  • Hamel.

Tier A

With this rank, which is only second to tier S, we have the most evenly matched yet powerful characters in Path to Nowhere tier list. Tier A heroes are also working their hardest for you in the game, and with all of them, you may start playing successfully.

  • Zoya
  • Demon
  • Crache

Tier B

In tier B, the heroes are a little weaker than the powers and will have difficulties at certain points in the game. However, if you are well-prepared, you will be able to play the game with these characters IN Path to Nowhere tier list as well.

  • Wendy
  • Foggy
  • Hella
  • Kazama
  • Erene
  • Emp
  • Hecane

Tier C

In Path to Nowhere tier list, Tier C has heroes who are afflicted with the powers, and they are less than ideal for difficult tasks.

  • Pricilla
  • Hella
  • Macchiato
  • Flora
  • Anne
  • Kou
  • Joan
  • Oli Fer.

Tier D

These heroes are the worst on this list of tiers, hence we do not recommend any of them.

  • Summer
  • Rou Lecca
  • Tetra.

These were path to nowhere tier list.

How To Reroll In Path To Nowhere Discord?

Reroll in Path to Nowhere means to switch the account which leads to path to nowhere server maintenance. However, it is still possible to keep that data safe and log in with another account. Here is how to reroll in Sins Arise Path to Nowhere Discord game:

Step 1: Login and if you want to switch the account.

Step 2: Simply restart Path to Nowhere and make sure you do not tap on Enter Bureau.

Step 3: Further, click on the icon with an Arrow inside a Monitor on the right side of the screen.

Step 4: Now, click on Agree. After that, you can log in with any other account.

Step 5: In addition, while restarting the game, if you click on the Server button, you will get to know about the account you are on.

This is the complete Sinner Reroll Guide that tells you how to reroll in Sins Arise Path to Nowhere discord or path to nowhere hentai.

Sins Arise Path to Nowhere Discord

Path To Nowhere Discord Rules

Every server is bound by rules. This helps the server to function properly and smoothly. So, it becomes very important for every user to follow the rules. Here are the rules for Sins Arise Path to Nowhere discord.

Rule 1. Always communicate in English

We respect and welcome players of different backgrounds. However, please note that this is an English-only server.

Rule 2. Be Polite and Respectful towards each other

Threats, harassment (including racial, sexist, homophobic, degrading, and/or discriminatory language and slurs), bullying, trolling, and other rude behavior is forbidden.

If you have a personal problem with another member, take it to DMs.

Rule 3. No Inappropriate Content

Posts with explicit, violent, gory, illegal, hentai, obscene, and/or otherwise offensive content or references to such content will be deleted.

Do not discuss sensitive topics such as politics, religion, gender, sex, or nationality.

Members with inappropriate server profiles (username, avatar, profile banner, etc) will be asked to change their profile and may receive a warning.

Rule 4. Do not spam

Spamming is not permitted in any channel nor in private messages. This includes messages, links, attachments, pings, reactions, etc. Posts with more than 3-4 images should be collaged or sourced to an external photo-hosting site (e.g. imgur, lensdump, etc.)

Use your messaging powers wisely; don’t be a nuisance.

Rule 5. Do not plagiarize or tort

Give credit where credit is due. Do not distribute work without permission of the author/artist/creator.

Rule 6. Do not make or request real-money trades

Messages involving account trading, third-party top-ups, and boosting are not allowed. Do not advertise funding campaigns or solicit donations.

Rule 7. Do not post advertisements or promotions

Do not advertise any goods, software, discord servers, websites, donation campaigns, etc. without permission from the staff or moderation team.

Rule 8. Post spoilers in the correct channels

Spoiler tags are not allowed outside of the channels for story and game spoilers. Please ensure you are posting content from other versions in the appropriate locations.

Rule 9. Do not post content in violation of the Path to Nowhere Terms

This includes illegally data-mined and/or unpublished game resources, assets and information. Discussion of game exploits such as game-breaking bugs and glitches is also not permitted.

Rule 10. Do not post misinformation about the game

Do not spread rumors or unsubstantiated speculation about the game. Do not modify official announcements, or impersonate official accounts or game characters.


Here comes an end to our post about Path to Nowhere Discord server. Sometimes the path to nowhere server maintenance then you should refresh the discord page. We have provided you with all the relatable information on Path to Nowhere Discord and how to join the Path to Nowhere Discord Server Link. There are a few more Discord servers that you can join Monster hunter rise Disord, PolyMc Discord, Curseforge Discord, and The First Descendant Discord. We hope you like the article and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Keep following TopHillSport for such updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is Path To Nowhere Discord Server?

This is the permanent Path to Nowhere Discord server status invite.

 Click here to join Path to Nowhere Discord invite.

Q. What Are Path To Nowhere Codes?

Active codes of Path to Nowhere Discord:

  • PTNALPHARAD – free stamina and discoins (new!)
  • nABFjdRBRKFk – free stamina and discoins (new!)
  • nABHYapWEsHf – free stamina and discoins (new!)
  • nABJcC3V7nCu – free stamina and discoins (new!)
  • PTNYDCB – free stamina and discoins (new!)
  • LDPlayer2022 – stamina and discoins

Q. What Are Path To Nowhere Characters?

Below are some path to nowhere characters:

  • Bai Yi
  • Crache
  • Demon
  • Eirene
  • Hamel
  • Langley
  • Nox
  • Serpent
  • Summer
  • Zoya

Q4. When Does Path to Nowhere Daily Reset Happen?

Ans. Depending on server time, Path to Nowhere Daily Reset happens at 5 a.m. America is GMT-7, Europe is GMT+2, and the Asia-Pacific region is GMT+7. Check the announcements to see if they specify these times. Everything will begin according to server time as well.

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