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Discord is always in the news as it comes with new things to entertain its users. The latest is Beefs Packing Discord, now you must be thinking about what is Beefs Packing Discord and where is Beefs Packing Discord Servers. Don’t worry we have everything covered for you.

Discord as you know is one of the most used and trending apps right now. Discord lets you chat with friends while playing Games. Discord has one of the best plugins and also with the latest deal between PS4 coming to Discord, it has become the most demanding app.

The Beefs Packing Discord is where two or more people meet and roast each other or make jokes that offend the other person. You can roast the other person in a voice call for fun or beef them with loud mics. The Beefs packing happen usually at late night so the participants do not wake up their parents. 

The highest Beefs Packing Discord record is 61 hours which was done by Fud and EV. In the calls, you can say jokes while loudmicing and screaming. There is also a poll where you can see who was funnier, all you have to be is loud.

What Is Beefs Packing Discord?

Beefs Packing Discord is an action of starting a fight with someone on Discord and only fighting on Discord. Discord gives a platform to Beefs two or more people, they meet and roast each other or make jokes that offend the other person on Discord.

You can roast the other person in a voice call for fun or beef them with loud mics. The Beefs packing happen usually at late night so the participants do not wake up their parents. 

Beefs Packing Discord is usually done in the calls, you can say jokes while loudmicing and screaming. There is also a poll where you can see who was funnier, all you have to be is loud.

There are two different types of Beefs Packing. Discord Stamina Packing, Blazing, Joke 4 Joke, Loudmicing, and Lowmicing. Loudmicing is in the name and all you do is be loud. Lowmicing is when you pack but with no settings and you say jokes.

After the roasting session which has a crowd watching they vote for the winner. Beefs Packing Discord in simple language means to do a Discord server voice call and roast the other person while screaming also known as loudmic.  

Best Beefs Packing Discord Jokes

1- Johns’s girlfriend comes running into the house, obviously upset, goes to the bedroom, and starts packing her clothes.

John comes in and asks “Honey, what’s going on?

She says”I’m leaving you!”

“Leaving me?! Why?!” John asks.

She replies “I just found out you are a pedophile”

John says “Pedophile? That’s a big word for a 12-year-old”

2 – As they are packing, the statistician puts a bomb in his suitcase

“Good God, what’s that for?” His wife asks.

“Well, there are low odds of one bomb being on a plane, what are the odds of there being two?”

3 – >I had a job putting fudge bars into boxes. I had to quit though because every time someone would walk past they would say,

>”Oh packing fudge are we?”


>”Hey up, he’s packing fudge again.”

>Since then I’ve applied for a job in a clothing factory lifting boxes of shirts.

>I’m hoping the name-calling will stop now.

TBH. I don’t get the joke and it’s annoying me. Can someone explain the obvious wordplay I’m missing??

4 – So I was on Discord and this guy tells me

I have an 11-kill streak.

So I asked which game

He said, no I don’t play games, I’m a police officer.

5 – How many Discord users does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They prefer dark mode.

6 – I made a Discord account for my puppy

So he gets groomed for free

7- What social media platform do fetuses use?


8 – My friend was testing his mic for Discord, I told him to get a Scope

So he won’t have to troubleshoot

9 – A northern man goes on a date with a southern woman during his vacation to the south.

Southerner: What do you and your friends do in your free time?

Northerner: We love to play the well-known game called Club Penguin. Our favorite activity is to spend hours together on the iceberg.

Southerner: I play Club Penguin too!

As the two people from different regions of the world talk more, they come to realize they have a lot more in common than they initially thought. However, when the northerner is getting ready to leave back to his hotel, his expression turns into a sad one.

Northerner: Unfortunately, I soon have to go home. I will never be able to speak to you again.

Southerner: Oh! That’s alright. Just add me on Discord, and we can use video chat!

Northerner: I don’t have an Internet connection.

10 – My friends always ask me why I always stay invisible on Discord

I just reply that I love my GF and I always wanna be like her.

Best Beefs Packing Discord Jokes That Can Be Used On Discord 

11 – Not sure why Microsoft wants to buy Discord for $10 billion

When they could just download it for free

12 – A chat server has been opened for world leaders to talk to one another,

and the world has fallen into chaos and Discord.

13 – If there were a cord that insulted people…

It would be called a Discord

14 – What’s a bungee jumper’s least favorite app?


15 – What do you call a Discord moderation bot?

Doesn’t matter, hard to moderate Discord

16 – I realized I am old… I don’t know what Discord is…

So I altavista’d it and apparently it’s like ICQ..

17- In the City of Loafington, there lived a superhero named Wonderbread.

Wonderbread was, predictably, a superhero with bread-themed powers. He could beat up a gang with a baguette, trap someone in a giant pita, or cushion someone’s fall with swiftly-rising dough. He was beloved by all in the city, for his escapades had the lovely side-effect of feeding the entire city for a week. He would keep the city free of crime and malice by driving around in his Breadmobile.

Our hero had his enemies and allies, of course. Chief among his enemies was a man simply known as Dr. Cobra. Dr. Cobra and his pet snake strove to sow the seeds of Discord in Loafington, and he came up with elaborate plot after elaborate plot, that was always foiled by Wonderbread. And Wonderbread counted among his allies, the brilliant Yeastboy, a child prodigy who had volunteered to act as his sidekick. Yeastboy’s real name was Hunter Godwin, though the press didn’t know that.

On one particular day, Dr. Cobra had infiltrated the city’s water supply, intending to use his venom to give everyone a terrible stomachache. Our heroes leaped into the Breadmobile and raced to the scene, driving at a breakneck pace.

When they arrived, their first enemy was Dr. Cobra’s pet snake. A towering beast, far larger than any normal snake, it swayed and slithered, ready to strike if they got any closer.

“I know,” said Yeastboy, who threw a couple of buns forwards. “That’ll distract him!”

The snake seemed.. unimpressed.

“No, Hunter,” Wonderbread said, applying the wisdom of years. “*This* is how you fight snakes.”

And Wonderbread clapped his hands together and summoned Indian flatbread to fall from the sky. The snake glanced up, and immediately slithered to eat the bread.

“Wha- how did you know?” Wonderbread asked.

“The anaconda doesn’t want naan unless you’ve got buns, Hunter,” he nodded sagely. “Now hurry, Dr. Cobra is getting away!”

They leaped into the Breadmobile, chasing down the Doctor. However, with their vehicle driving so quickly, any and all of the dough and bread and pastry they fired at the doctor couldn’t possibly hit him, instead of flying backward as a tasty treat for some citizens

“What do we do?” screamed Hunter.

“I have a plan. It’s… not something I would normally consider, but I don’t think I have a choice,” Wonderbread said, stepping down harder on the accelerator.

“You’re not gonna… ram him, are you?” Hunter asked.

“That’s right,” he said, solemnly, as if he too were afraid of the implication. “I’m going to break bread with the enemy.”

18 – What do you call a cow that has two legs shorter on one side of its body compared to the other?


19 – A chat server has been opened for world leaders to talk to one another,

and the world has fallen into chaos and Discord.


Beefs Packing Discord Servers 

  1. Roast Beef – Roast Beef is a no-limit roasting server. Outside of spamming, needlessly pinging, and self-promotion, there’s nothing off-limits.
  1. Anime Lounge – Anime Lounge is a server full of e-girls and e-boys its cool play for everyone to vibe. You can get roasted or roast back with other people.
  1. [Packing] The Arena – In Packing The ArenaPlay you can play Minecraft and can roast for roles and fame. This server is an entertainment server where people join events and roast each other for roles and the fun of it. 
  1. e-chat. Co –  e-chat. Co is a free speech server, and anyone can be your friend or enemy, you have to decide. If you have a problem with someone destroying you, DM a mod so they can mute you. There are no bans, no kicks, no mute except for spam 
  1. THE GANG – The Gang is a 17+ server with Music talk. RAP HIP HOP, ANime talk, Naruto, Dbf, one-piece, chill talk, roasting talk, and dark humor.
  2. ODG – ODG is a fighting server on Discord, here you can share your daily dose of Entertainment Videos, Trending Videos, Viral Videos from around the internet, and Host giveaways.
  1. ROASTS – The Monarchy – Here you can Roast people and get roasted.
  1. Professional Trash Talking – Professional Trash Talking is a community-based server where anyone can come in and have fun. This server is made for roasting and trash-talking. Professional Trash Talking is very open to new interactions and new roast battles and if you think you are funny enough to challenge the owner of this server.
  1. B@cca$quad – The BACCASQUAD is a community server with 1000+members that have so many things to offer to new incoming members. This server is basically to cater to their members with what they want/need in order to have an enjoyable time to spend in their life. 
  1. The Friendzone – If you think you’re hardcore The Friendzone is for you. Bet you can’t make a few days in here.

Best Beefs Packing Discord Servers 

  1. Mrasking Club – In Mrasking Club you can feel free to flame anyone with the cunt role, this is a welcoming community Discord server dedicated to the Mrasking brand. They are a semi-toxic community that does gaming, watches anime, and other fun things. Mrasking Club has plenty of fun channels to play around with and for the community to interact and have fun.
  1. Proxy Playground – Proxy Playground – PackVerse is a community welcome to anyone. Proxy Playground is a fast-growing community and has events going on for prizes like nitro, money, and roles.
  1. The Roast Corner- If you wanna roast somebody The Roast Corner is best for you. You can roast some user who is a person none of my friends like.
  1. Anarchy – Anarchy is specially created to roast people for fun. That too without breaking any of the server’s rules, feel free to insult people in a fun but acceptable way.
  1. SUN PACKS –  Sun Packs is a packing server and there are even tournaments now and then. Join Sun Packs to have fun and listen for entertainment or show what you got.
  1. GOOD VIBES – if you need a server to chill in, meet some new people, and make some friends. Good Vibes is there if you need to talk to someone they have people for that. You can also listen to some music feel free to sit in a VC and vibe. The 100th person to join Good Vibes will get their own custom role with some extra perms.
  1. RENDERED –  Rendered is a server with roasts of the day where you can roast celebrities, and participate in roast battles.
  1. Thunder Hall – Thunder Hall is a server that is a  cool place to hang out with friends and make new friends there are many bots to entertain you and many people to talk to.
  1. Draco YT – Draco YT is a gaming server of Draco op,  where you can play games have fun and enjoy. Do not forget to read the rules and make sure that you follow the rules. In this server, they also add new bots.
  1. Open Season- Chill & Active Community – Open Season is a Funny, Social, VC. If you love Gaming, a Relaxed Atmosphere, Meeting New People, and Custom Bots this is a  place to gather and do whatever you want.

To Sum Up

The Beefs Packing Discord is an interesting thing happening around the internet, it is the best way to get out your frustration. As in Beefs Packing Discord, you are known by your user name and no one knows who are you. You can shout out loud and can say anything beefy or packing. Comment, if you tried Beefs Packing Discord and on which server.

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