Does the Order of Snapchat Stories Mean Anything?

Are you an active Snapchat user? Do you post snaps and stories on the app regularly? Have you ever wondered if the order of Snapchat Stories means anything?

Snapchat is a social networking platform that allows users to stay in touch with their friends and followers. It is best preferred by social influencers as it allows them to post fun-filled stories and reels, that can be easily shared to a large platform of followers.

If you are an active Snapchat user, you will notice that your timeline feed is filled with snaps and stories from your friends and followers. It makes you wonder does the order of Snapchat stories mean anything.

Yes. Snapchat usually displays the stories in chronological order. The Snapchat stories in your feed will be displayed in the order of your engagement. Snapchat friends’ snaps and posts, with whom you interact with the most will be displayed first in your feed. Then you will be able to view the stories of your friends and followers with who you engage frequently. Then you will be able to view the posts of all your other followers.

Does The Order Of Snapchat Stories Mean Anything?

order of snapchat stories

The Snapchat app has undergone a major redesign to merge stories with chats. This has led to a Facebook-like layout, to display the Stories. Snapchatters were not very pleased with this update, and Snapchat received a lot of complaints to revoke this update.

But Snapchat’s algorithm ranking was redesigned to make sure that users can watch the stories of the friends that they have engaged with the most while using the app. So, these stories are displayed in the top, so that you do not miss out any content posted by them.

Instagram and Twitter have also been using similar display tactics to gain followers. The introduction of “Instagram Stories” which is very similar to Snapchat’s, was a good blow to the networks’ daily active user engagement. But Snapchat has been able to show stable growth and improvement after the introduction of the modified version.

Reverse Chronological Order

If you are wondering if the order of Snapchat Stories means anything, yes it does. The users who post Snapchat stories are shown in reverse chronological order.

Meaning, the user who has recently posted a story, will be shown first in the beginning of your feed. As in, the user who has most recently seen your story will be displayed first.

If you wish to know who has viewed your story as soon as you had posted it, you will have to open the viewed list, and scroll down to the bottom of the list. The username at the bottom is the person who viewed your story first.

How is My Snapchat Feed Displayed to Me?

If you are wondering does the order of Snapchat stories mean anything? You must also be thinking of why Snapchat stories are displayed in certain order to you in your feed.

Snapchat considers your engagement with the user while using the app. If Snapchat notices that you like, post, send snaps or reply to certain users more than others, it is more likely to display the contents by that user first. This is done by Snapchat so that you do not miss out on anything posted by them.

order of Snapchat stories

Snapchat determines who your friends are by:

  • How frequently you watch their stories.
  • By how much you interact with them through the app.
  • How many snaps you send to each other.
  • If you have viewed all their posts.
  • If you are one of the first to watch their story as soon as it is posted.
  • If you chat with the user regularly through the app.
  • If you have a streak with each other
  • If you are red and purple snapping at each other.

Note that Snapchat keeps making changes to the ways their stories are sorted and this may not be the only way.

How Does Snapchat Order Stories?

Snapchat stories are usually displayed in reverse chronological order. But this is beneficial for the users who are not very active in the app. They will be able to view the posts made recently at the top of their feed.

This algorithm does not work at its best for active users who use the app frequently. So to make the social networking app relevant for them, Snapchat now considers user engagement. The order of Snapchat stories will be based on who you interact with more, while using the app.

order of Snapchat stories - everyone

1.Your Social Interaction:

Snapchat takes into account how often you interact with them through the app.

  • Do you chat with them frequently?
  • Do you view their stories immediately?
  • Do you have a lot of mutual friends?
  • Do you share snaps regularly?

It is not easy to communicate with someone on a daily basis. If you stay in touch with a user and interact with them regularly, Snapchat automatically considers you to be friends and displays your stories in the feed.

2. User Posts Stories Regularly

Not all Snapchat users post stories on a daily basis. If a friend or a follower in your account posts stories frequently, their stories are bound to end up in your feed. This is not because of your social interaction in the app or because of the reverse chronological order. It is just because they simply post a lot of stories, that they show up in your Snapchat feed.

3. Time of posting

If you are logging into Snapchat after some time, or you are not an active user of the app, you will notice that recent stories and posts will be displayed first in you Snapchat feed. The time of posting does matter in the order of Snapchat stories.

4. Cyber-Stalkers

The increased use of social networking platforms has led to a lot of cyberstalkers who stalk people through their social networking platforms. If such stalkers constantly visit your profile to stalk you, you should be concerned as they might end up in your feed. If they interact to your stories and posts, they will show up at the top of your Snapchat feed. To protect yourself make sure to change the Account Settings from the default ‘Everyone’ to ‘Only Me’ or ‘Friends’.

order of Snapchat stories

5. Snap Maps

This is a real-time geo-location mode, that shows where you are. With this mode enabled, all your Snapchat friends will be able to locate you and know your whereabouts. If you have enabled Snap Maps, you will be able to see the stories posted by your friends near you.

order of Snapchat stories

Wrap Up

Snapchat is a social networking platform that offers users various new features and updates? It organizes the order of Snapchat Stories for your easy reference. It is hence our responsibility to use the app to its fullest and be aware of all the dangers that come with it. We should make sure to protect ourselves by using Ghost Trails or making Private accounts if you are suspicious of being cyber-stalked. Also make sure to block and report the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can block someone from seeing my Stories?

Yes. You can block someone from seeing your Stories but still keep them as a friend. Keep in mind that they will not be able to view your stories but you will still have them in your friend’s list and engage with them using Snapchat.

Q2 Can I know how many times the user has watched my Stories?

There is no definitive way to know how many times a user has viewed your story. You will only be able to see the list of followers who have viewed your story. But, you will not be able to see the number of times they have seen your story.

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