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Have an interest in the striking game? Crushing the opponent to the ground! It’s fun! But, have you tried Omega Strikers? Or maybe joined Omega Strikers Discord? Not yet? Then this blog is dedicated to you. This blog will help you with how to join Omega Strikers Discord and learn more about the Strikers. 

Like any strategy game, in Omega Strikers, you need to build up your strategy according to your strength to crush the opponent. Failing is no option if you wish to be part of the Omega Strikers Discord server. This Discord server is dedicated to all Omega Strikers Discord fans. You can join the Discord channel easily by following the steps mentioned in this blog and enjoy the wrath of fighting! 

To join the Omega Strikers Discord server you need a permanent server invite. Click on the server invite link and check out the “I am human box”. Now you have joined the Omega Strikers Discord Server, just verify your server and follow rules to enjoy the Omega Strikers Discord server to the fullest. 

Omega Strikers Discord Server

Omega Strikers Discord Server is dedicated to all the Omega Strikers players and welcoming to those who are keenly interested in fighting games. The official Omega Strikers Discord server has more than 11,823 members. If you do not have an account in Discord, create one now! Create your Discord account with your email ID and mobile no. and then join Omega Strikers Discord easily. This article will guide you through how to join the Omega Strikers Discord server. Follow the steps below and join the epic gaming Discord server. Like Epic Seven Twitch, Omega Strikers do have their own Twitch channel that boosts their popularity. 

Omega Strikers Discord Server Link

You’re eager to join the official Omega Strikers Discord server, right? However, it could be difficult to locate the right link online. Finding the official Omega Strikers Discord server link may be challenging given how fresh the game is. So I’ve already done the most difficult part for you. To join the official Omega Strikers Discord Server, click the link provided. Joining the Omega Strikers Discord Server will assist you in resolving any issues you have while playing Omega Strikers, given the game’s recent introduction to the gaming industry.

Omega Strikers Discord Server Link

How To Join Omega Strikers Discord Server?

It’s not difficult to join the Omega Strikers Discord server. It can be simpler for you to join the Omega Strikers Discord Server if you have already signed up for well-known Discord servers like Meowbahh Discord Server, MultiVersus Discord Server, and Hustlers University.

Joining the Omega Strikers Discord Server is as simple as creating a Discord account, logging in, and clicking the “I Am Human” button.

Follow these instructions to join the Omega Strikers Discord server:

Step 1: First create your Discord account. 

Step 2: To create your Discord account log into your Discord account. 

Step 3: Click the link for the Omega Strikers Discord server.

Step 4: Select Accept Invitation.

Step 5: Verify the I’m Human box.

Joined the Omega Strikers Discord Server at step six.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully joined the Omega Strikers Discord server.

Omega Strikers Discord Characters

Find all the Omega Characters and their primary and Secondary powers as follows:

Juliette – The Eager Rookie2/3Fiery FistFlying PhoenixFlame Flurry
Kai – The Natural Superstar1/3BarrageBlazing PaceGiga Blast
Dubu – The Endearing Defender1/3BamboozleSomersaultTofu Fortress
Estelle – The Stunning Sniper1/3Piercing ShotRose WarpCrystal Thorns
Atlas – The Steadfast Protector2/3Astral ProjectionCosmic ExpanseCelestial Intervention
Juno – The Curious Explorer1/3Friend FlingBlob BounceMake It Rain
Drek’Ar – The Intimidating Invader2/3Lock and LoadXeno CloakMolten Bolt
X – The Eccentric Brawler1/3Bell RingerBull RushX Maximus!
Era – The Empowering Enchanter1/3Bewitching BeamFlutter FlyMagic Maelstrom
Luna – The Chaotic Rocketeer2/3W.H.A.M.M.YB.O.O.S.TC.R.A.T.E.R
Asher – The Unbreakable Wall2/3Arc BeamBreakthroughPathsplitter

What Are Training In Omega Strikers?

Players must have access to the in-game Store in order to unlock new characters in Omega Strikers. Fans must first complete the tutorial Missions that cover the fundamentals of gameplay before they can use this function. This procedure should just take five minutes, making it very easy to jump into the game during that time. The Store can be accessed from the main menu once it has opened. They can buy Strikers like Atlas and Era from this location for 10,000 Striker Credits or 800 Ody Points. Remember that this 10K pricing refers to the Strikers that were included in the game’s launch default list.

As additional Strikers are added over time, their prices will rise. For example, Asher may be bought for 25,000 Striker Credits. The pricing structure is roughly akin to that of League of Legends, where the cost of the newest Champions will be significantly greater than that of those in the more established playable roster. Players are urged to wait and finish the first set of Missions until the Season Pass is made available, even though it could be tempting to spend Ody Points to unlock a new character in Omega Strikers. For players to purchase their first Striker, the rewards from these early missions will provide more than enough Striker Credits. Although it is not a good idea to purchase every playable character, fans should think about which Training perks they want to purchase in order to customize the Striker they want to play as.

Omega Strikers Discord Server Rules

Here are the server rules that you have to follow while being part of the Omega Strikers Discord server. Failing to abide by the rules may ban you from the official server. 

  1. Everyone, hello! This is the official Discord server for Odyssey Interactive’s game Omega Strikers! Before you enter and begin playing on our server, you must accept a few guidelines.
  2. Make sure the server is kid-friendly (PG-13). No posting of content that is NSFW or contains profanity, excessive cursing, violent imagery, or any other graphically upsetting material.
  3. This server only supports English! Sadly, at this moment, our moderation team is unable to support other languages.
  4. There are Odyssey developers on this server; for any reason, do not ping or DM them. Do not pose as members of the moderation team or Odyssey developers.
  5. We will not put up with harassment, sexism, racism, hate speech, or begging. Political and religious topics should not be discussed.
  6. Respect each and every Discordant person. No matter what or how they play in Omega Strikers, be kind to others. Do not intentionally irritate, injure, offend, insult, or bully other members. Not too much arguing. Please maintain a cheerful atmosphere.
  7. Do not publish someone else’s personal information without getting their permission (DMs, phone numbers, etc). None of any form of targeted attacks.
  8. Be considerate when utilizing speech channels by refraining from making intentionally annoying noises, arbitrarily entering other people’s channels with the intent to disrupt or annoy them, playing inappropriate music, employing voice changers, and recording voice chats.
  9. Without the staff’s previous approval, no spam or self-promotion (server invites, adverts, etc.) is permitted. This also applies to DMing other members. Emojis, ASCII art, and spam that deliberately agitates or overflows chats are not allowed.
  10. Not deliberately attempting to avoid our automated/bots.
  11. When you reach level 10, you’ll be able to email external links and use external emojis. By typing and being active on the server, you can level up!

Wrapping Up

I Hope this blog helped you with joining Omega Strikers Discord servers. If not, let us know whether you are facing any Discord Errors.  Meanwhile, here are some great suggestions for you – Discord AI Art Generator,  Soul Music Discord Bot, and Dice Maiden Discord Bot. Try Now and let us know which one you liked the most! For more interesting updates on Discord, follow TopHillSport. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Omega Strikers Free?

You will be amazed that like many popular video games, Omega Strikers is a free-to-play 3v3 knockout striker. 

Q2. Is Omega Strikers On Mobile?

On what media platforms will Omega Strikers appear? As of this writing, Omega Strikers will launch on Steam first, with a later release on mobile and other platforms, according to rumors. In order to keep the content interesting, Omega Strikers will continue to be available for free.

Q3. How To Join The Omega Strikers Closed Beta

To access and participate in the Omega Strikers closed beta, you must get a key from Twitch drops. Visit Omega Strikers on Twitch for a list of participating streamers. To receive a Steam Key for Omega Strikers, you must watch for at least two hours.

Q4. Is Omega Strikers Crossplay Or Cross-Progression?

Omega Strikers is crossplay and cross-progression, so the answer is yes. This indicates that regardless of the platform you use to play, you can do so anywhere with your pals. The PC version of Omega Strikers will launch first, with a later release on other platforms.

Q5. What are Omega Strikers?

A 3v3 knockout striker available for free is called Omega Strikers. Select a character, use explosive skills to knock opponents off the field, and score goals in frantic games that happen at breakneck speed.

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