Most Popular Instagram Filters | Best Instagram Filters To Try In 2023!

Who’s that on your Instagram camera? Oh Silly me! That was me with a filter on!! There’s a wide variety of Instagram filters and some of them can transform us to such a degree that we can’t even recognize ourselves. If you’re a fan of Instagram filters, then you would surely know what I mean. You may find many photo editing apps but Instagram filters are so fascinating to use. So keeping your best interests in mind, we have curated the best and most popular Instagram filters of 2023 that you should never miss trying out!

Adding filters to our posts enhances them, giving them the perfect lighting and the colors that they need. The Instagram AR filters were released back in 2018 and since then, Instagram has grown to become one of the most popular social media apps. People are increasingly turning to Instagram to promote their content and there’s no doubting why!

With perfect hashtags and filters, you can increase the reach of your Instagram posts. You can keep your followers engaged by giving them juicy content by adding the best Instagram filters to your posts. That’s why it is important to know which filter is popular right now and that you don’t miss the train of trend!

Here in this article, we have covered some of the most popular Instagram filters and effects of 2023 ranging from cute to funny to even SCARY!! So without further delay, let’s get on this ride to discover the trending Instagram filters that you should definitely try.

Best Instagram Filters To Use In 2023

The most tried-out feature of Instagram is its filters just like Snapchat. There was a time when Instagram offered only a few filters. Now, we have a wide variety of filters and effects at our disposal! All you have to do is click the filter on and Voila! Even God wouldn’t be able to recognize his creation. 

If you’re already bored with your usual Instagram posts and are on the lookout for something new, then try these best Instagram filters with your eyes closed! Walk with the trend by adding these Instagram filters and let me add, there’s so much abundance out there! 

From funny to cute, there are so many Instagram filters that you would never be bored while trying each one of them out! 

So without further ado, try these aesthetic, cute, funny, and even scary filters and add fun to your Instagram life. 

Trending Aesthetic Instagram Filters

Try these trending Aesthetic Instagram filters to your stories and bring out the best of nature with filters on!

  1. 1997 Video Cam
1997 Video Cam

A fan of aesthetic Instagram filters? Then why not try out the 1997 Video Cam filter! Turn on your back camera and get ready to take a short mirror boomerang shot with this filter on and VOILA! An old beauty you are.

  1. Purple Valley
aesthetic filters

Paint your world purple with this Purple Valley filter! This filter will make your purple dreams come true while coloring the world purple. The Purple Valley filter on Instagram is best to take nice shots of trees while walking down the alley or while traveling.

  1. Runaway Aurora
Runaway aurora

Now! Who doesn’t know of this highly viral filter on Instagram reels? The Runaway Aurora filter will make Aurora Borealis appear on your terrace while you’re dancing to your favorite symphony. Pretty cool right? And let’s not forget, BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Look 1.0
look 1.0

Take a beautiful sky shot with the Look 1.0 Instagram filter on and add a beautiful hue to those plain clouds above us! 

  1. 90stethic

90stethic will give you perfect 90s vibes with a bunch of sparkles. Turn on your back camera and take a nice shot with this filter on while walking down those skyscrapers and reminisce about the days when it was all plain with the lonely sky hanging between the clouds.

  1. Sunset Lamp
sunset lamp

Don’t lie! I know you have been searching for this trending sunset filter to get a nice sunkissed shot. Well, who wouldn’t? The beauty of this Instagram filter is unparalleled. So go on and search this filter in your Instagram effects as you now know what it is called!

  1. Type 1.0
type 1.0

Walk down the street and take a nice shot with this filter on. Type 1.0 filter will not only add beauty to your shot but it will also add information like day, date, etc to notify you when this shot was taken.

  1. Moody Black
moody black

Feeling dark and gray? Then set Moody Black as your filter for the days when you’re not feeling exceptional well or when you’re feeling under the weather.

  1. Warm And Cozy
Popular Instagram filters

If you’re a fan of warm colors, then this is the perfect filter for you! Warm and Cozy filters, as the name suggests, will add a warm, coziness to all the shots you take. 

  1. Dreamy
Popular Instagram filters

The Dreamy filter on Instagram creates a perfect illusion that we sometimes crave. This filter will blur out the details while adding sparkles to all the dreamy shots you take!

Cute Instagram Filters

A fan of cute Instagram filters? Have you tried these popular cute filters on Instagram? If not, GO AHEAD! Search the name and take cute shots!

  1. Ella’s Diary
Popular Instagram filters

Is there a cute kid at home? Then why not try to take those cute baby pics with Ella’s diary on. Those plumped-up baby cheeks will become all the cuter with this cute Instagram filter on!

  1. Snow White II
Insta filters

Want to become a Disney princess? Then girl oh GIRL! Become a classic Snow White with a red ribbon band with this Snow White filter! Cute ain’t it? And don’t you dare forget this caption- “#SorryDisney, you don’t have this princess”

  1. Sparkles

Add that cute animated blush to your rosy cheeks with Sparkles filter. However, you should know that this filter will do more than just “adding blush” to your cheeks; it will add sparkles too. Well, it was quite evident from the name alone, I guess!

  1. Kitten
kitten filter

Instagram has a different variation (and a cuter one) than the classic dog filter of Snapchat and that is – The Kitten Filter! This Kitten filter with classic winged eyeliner is just what you’re searching for!

  1. Sad Cutie
sad cutie

I’m sad but I’m cute nevertheless! Be a sad cutie with a cute kittie bandage on your nose with this sad cutie filter on Instagram!

  1. Cute Baby Face
Popular Instagram filters

Reminisce your good old days when your very existence screamed innocence with this cute baby face filter. Try this cute filter to get those Kylie lips and a lifted-up eye look!

  1. Daisy Lids
daisy lids

Let’s bring back those beautiful spring days with this daisy filter! This Daisy Lids filter will add alluring daisies to your eyelids so do your boring self a favor and try this cute Instagram filter!!!!

  1. Smiley

Smiley is a cute Instagram filter that pastes beautiful smiles on our faces. However, you should know, this filter will not only add colorful smiles to your face but will also bring a smile to your face. 

  1. Mirror Mirror
mirror mirror

Add fascinating mirror frames to your selfies with this cute Mirror Mirror filter on Instagram.

  1. Wild Child
wild child

Become a child of the wild with this Wild Child filter! Add wildflowers as freckles to your rosy cheeks and nail the Instagram selfie game! 

Other Popular Instagram Filters To Use

Instagram is overflowing with filters and that’s the beauty of it. For every occasion, there’s a filter! Want to play a game with your friends, a filter is ready! Want to scare your friends? A filter is there! Want to make your friends roll on the floor with laughter? A FILTER! 

So without any further ado, try these popular selfies, funny, anime, and scary Instagram filters and add fun to your social media life!

Selfie Instagram Filters

Want to have those Kylie’s lips? Then why don’t you try these popular selfie filters out! Enhance your natural facial features and beautify every single detail of your face. Hey! We aren’t saying that natural thing isn’t beautiful, it’s just a nice change as it’s always good to try something different at the same time. 

So without further ado, enhance your lashes or eye color, and even jawline with these best selfie Instagram filters!

  1. RARE
  2. Soft Glow
  3. Allure
  4. Golden Hour
  5. Cyber Outline Edit
  6. Big City Life
  7. Dreamy Summer
  8. Daisies
  9. Rose
  10. REC

Funny Instagram Filters

Make your gang roll on the floor by making hilarious reels with these funny Instagram filters! From irregular faces to big eyes, try all these filters out and share laughs with your best pals! 

  1. Face Builder
  2. Stretch
  3. Inflate
  4. My Tiny Army
  5. Crying In A Cool Way
  6. Orange Face
  7. Catch Your FACE
  8. Dancing Squirrel
  9. Silly Face
  10. Cone Hat

Anime Instagram Filters

Ningen Mono! Try these anime filters and make your animated fantasies – a reality! Bring Kaneki and Sukuna to real life by trying these best anime filters on Instagram. 

  1. Zero Two
  2. Mahito JJK
  3. 大喰 Rize v2.0
  4. Demon Horn 
  5. Goth Doll
  6. Comic Book
  7. 宿Sukuna
  8. Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul
  9. Sharingan
  10. AnimeTv

Scary Instagram Filters

A fan of scary movies? Then why haven’t you tried these scary Instagram filters yet? Halloween is over but who says we should limit our Halloween fantasies to a particular month or date? Add scary filters like Ugly Joker to your face and scare the hell out of people. 

Try these scary as well as weird Instagram filters and scare your mates!!! 

  1. Ghost V1
  2. Zombie
  3. Joker Mask
  4. Zombie-fy Me
  5. Robot Face
  6. Halloween Scary 3.0
  7. Ugly Joker
  8. Devilshadow
  9. Smokey Halloween
  10. Flash Warning

Best Instagram Story Filters

Confused over Instagram story filters? Can’t decide between Abu Dhabi and Laos? Then why don’t you look at this list of best Instagram story filters and clear your moment of confusion! 

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Melbourne
  3. Jakarta
  4. New York
  5. Tokyo
  6. Rio de Janeiro

How To Add Filters In Instagram?

If you don’t know how to add or search filters on Instagram, don’t worry buddy! We’ve got you covered. Follow the below-mentioned steps and beautify your Instagram stories and posts:

How To Add Filters In Instagram Story?

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile and make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2: Swipe left from your Instagram feed to open the Instagram camera.

Step 3: Swipe left to open “Browse Effects” in the row of filters.

Step 4: Click on the “Browse Effects” option and search the filter you want to add.

Step 5: Click on the chosen filter and then tap on “Try it”.

After you hit the “Try it” option, your selected filter will be added to the post you want to share on your Instagram story.

How To Add Filters In Instagram Post?

Step 1: Open the Instagram app on your mobile and make sure you’re logged in.

Step 2: Click on the “+” icon on the top right of your Instagram feed and then tap on “Post”.

Step 3: Select the post you want to add and then click on the arrow icon on the top right.

Step 4: In the post settings, swipe the filters and click on the one you want to add. You can even edit your post before posting it here.

Step 5: Once the filters are added, click on the arrow icon on the top right to proceed.

Step 6: Click on the tick icon after you’re done adding caption, location, or tagging.

After following all the steps, you’ll be able to successfully add filters to Instagram posts and stories.

Wrapping Up

There’s a long list of Instagram filters and thus to make your job easier, we have compiled the list of most popular Instagram filters in categories of funny, cute, aesthetics, etc.

Try these best and most popular Instagram filters of 2021 and add shine to your social media life! From funny to cute to even scary, don’t leave any filter behind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are The Trending Instagram Filters Of 2021?

Here’s a list of the most trending Instagram filters of 2021.
Soft Glow
Golden Hour
Cyber Outline Edit
Runaway Aurora
Zero Two
Mahito JJK
大喰 Rize v2.0
Demon Horn 

Q. What Is The Most Popular Filter App?

 Most popular filter apps of 2021.
1. Snapchat
2. Facetune 2
3. Retrica
5. Airbrush
6. Selfie City
7. Perfect 365
8. YouCam Perfect

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