Most Liked Instagram Reels Of All Times | See Who Tops The List in November 2023!

Instagram is flooded with captivating videos, from Lionel Messi’s campaign with Pepsi to the humorous videos of comedy king Khaby Lame. Each of these Reels made an effect on viewers and has now risen to the top of the most liked Instagram Reels.

By offering both entertaining and educational content, Reels has greatly benefited the online community. The Gen-Z enjoys swiping through more Reels, and our team’s thorough research shows that this trend is more prevalent than viewing TikTok or YouTube shorts.

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The most liked Reel on Instagram is “Messi With Time”, with 23.9 Million Likes.

Instagram Reels not only comprises trendy songs and dance challenges, they holds a lot more than that. Some of the most liked Instagram Reels of all times include funny videos, hacks, short recipes and also videos related to teaching educational content. 

Most Liked Instagram Reels Of All Time

Khaby in the squid game, Don’t mess with Khaby, Khaby’s journey to afterlife, Oh shoot…, hair-larious are some of the most liked Instagram Reels

After the launch of Instagram Reels in 2020, the application has reached limelight as the reels feature has become so popular that advertisements included in them reach up to 10.9% of the population. Creating a reel is not just about making a Reel from the gallery or recording and sharing the Reel audio or video to make it popular and gain likes. It is also about creating high quality content and posting it during peak hours by including the best hashtags so that it reaches a wider range of audience.

1Messi With Time23.9 Million198 Million
2Khaby and the googly-eyed stare!20.1Million272 Million
3Messi & the FIFA World Cup 202219.9 Million179 Million
4Khaby key-ping it simple18.6 Million217 Million
5Khaby in the Squid Game18.5 Million210 Million
6Don’t mess with Khaby14.9 Million182 Million
7This is Aim-erica14.5 Million177 Million
8Khaby’s Journey to the afterlife14.4 Million187 Million
9Oh shoot…14.1 Million197 Million
10Hair-larious!14.1 Million185  Million

 1. Messi With Time

Number Of Likes: 23.9 Million

Number Of Views: 198 Million

This one is among the most liked reel on Instagram and this clip was posted shortly after Messi won the 2022 FIFA World Cup. With 198M views and 23.9 million likes, the video showcases short clips of Messi’s childhood days as a footballer. The stages of Messi’s career are beautifully captured, all the way up to his World Cup victory. It is seen that he is being interviewed where he expresses his desire to become a world football champion. 

 2. Khaby And The Googly-Eyed Stare!

Number Of Likes: 20.1 Million

Number Of Views: 272 Million

Khabane “Khaby” Lame is a popular social media user from Italy who was born in Senegal. He gently mocks overly complex “life hack” videos through which he became popular. This video, which has acquired 20.1 million likes and 272 million views, shows Khaby waving hand at a kid sitting on a bike. But, the sulking kid was not ready to wave back at him and Khaby was awestruck upon seeing his expression. To express his admiration for the young boy, he added the message “Btw, I love this kid” to the clip.

 3. Messi & The FIFA World Cup 2022

Number Of Likes: 19.9 Million

Number Of Views: 179 Million

Lionel Messi, the greatest football player captained Argentina to their third FIFA World Cup victory on December 18, 2022. Argentina won the FIFA World Cup 36 years after its previous success in 1986. As a way of praising the team’s effort, Messi released black and white clips of his squad members in this nostalgic video to celebrate his team. The Reel has reached 19.9 million likes and 179 M views. 

 4. Khaby Key-Ping It Simple

Number Of Likes: 18.6 Million

Number Of Views: 217 Million

This is one of the most liked Instagram Reels by Khaby which has received 18.6 million likes and 217M views. The video demonstrates how some people make things difficult by performing simple tasks in a complicated way. In the clip, a woman accidentally drops her keys beneath her bench and instead of using her hand to take it, she uses a gadget to take the key. Now, it’s time for Khaby to just lean over and pick it up with his hands in his signature manner. He has captioned the Reel as “Dear, you should have just kept it simple”.

 5. Khaby In The Squid Game

Number Of Likes: 18.5 Million

Number Of Views: 210 Million

Khaby Lame is known as the comedy king, and people all around the world adore his thoughtful and funny videos. In this Reel, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a renowned football player, is also featured with 18.5 million likes and 210M views. This clip is a recreation of the Squid Game, with Khaby represented as a player and Zlatan Ibrahimovic acting as the guard by wearing a mask.

 6. Don’t Mess With Khaby

Number Of Likes: 14.9 Million

Number Of Views: 182 Million

Most Liked Instagram Reels Of All Times - Dont mess with Khaby

This is undoubtedly one of the most liked Instagram Reels and the funniest one of Khaby’s. The video shows a girl cutting her hair bangs and immediately regrets her act. It is obvious that she will lose her hair once it is cut but she still gives a surprised look. Khaby’s reaction here is the showstopper where he does things sarcastically knowing it will fail but he acts as if he is surprised by the outcomes. This particular video has got 182M views and 14.9M likes. 

 7. This Is Aim-Erica

Number Of Likes: 14.5 Million

Number Of Views: 177 Million

This Reel which has gained 177M views and 14.5M  likes shows a guy who aims at pouring milk into the glass, but he spills it everywhere but not the glass. Khaby recreates this in his own way by showing how stupid it was using his silent comedy. 

 8. Khaby’s Journey To The Afterlife

Number Of Likes: 14.4 Million

Number Of Views: 187 Million

Being one of the most liked Instagram Reels, this clip shows Khaby flying in a plane and he is surprised to look through the window that the spare parts of the plane are flying away. The main highlight of the Reel is Khaby’s reaction on seeing the plane’s part fly and not knowing what to do. This video has acquired 187M views and 14.4M likes. 

 9. Oh Shoot…

Number Of Likes: 14.1 Million

Number Of Views: 197 Million

This Reel shows Khaby entering a car after playing on his skateboard and he is trapped by an armed man. Khaby executed the same technique after suddenly recalling a video he had previously seen on how to flee from being held at gunpoint, but he was shocked to discover that he had already passed away and was now in heaven. With around 197 million views and 14.1 million likes, this video ranks among the most liked Instagram Reels. 

10. Hair-Larious!

Number Of Likes: 14.1 Million

Number Of Views: 185 Million

Khaby’s videos go viral within a few minutes of posting as his videos are realistic and at the same time hilarious. This Reel which has gained 185M views and 14.1 million likes shows a lady sitting inside a car with her hair stuck in the window. It is seen that someone uses scissors to cut her hair instead of rolling the car window down. Now, it is Khaby’s turn to demonstrate it in his very own style!

Wrapping Up

When it comes to getting likes, Instagram is generally unpredictable. There must have been moments when you received a fair amount of likes, and other times it would be insufficient. But for celebrities, it’s a whole different story because they can still receive a lot of likes even if they post a video or a photo beyond the peak times. It is also true that in order to maintain their audience’s interest, celebrities must be able to read their audience’s pulse and provide content accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Who Has 1 Billion Views On Instagram Reels?

Ans. FC Barcelona is the first sports organization in the world to surpass 1 Billion views on Instagram. 

Q2. What Are The Best Instagram Reel Times?

Ans. Monday to Thursday, 9 AM and 12 PM are the greatest times to post Reels. On Saturday it is 10 AM and between 6-7 PM and on Sundays it is 6-7AM and 3PM.

Q3. Who Is The Best Instagram Reels Star In The World?

Ans. Khaby Lame is one of the best Instagram Reel stars in the world. With more than 6 million Instagram followers, Robin Jindal is a prominent content creator from India. He is well known for his amusing Instagram videos. 

Q4. What Is The Most Engagement Instagram Reels?

Ans. Instagram accounts with less than 5,000 followers have the highest interaction rates for Instagram Reels, which can reach up to 3.79% on average.

Q5. Which Is The Most Liked Reel In The World?

Ans. Khaby Lame, Instagram’s king of silent comedy has given us some of the most liked Reels in the world.

Q6. Does Instagram Pay For Reel?

Ans. Yes, you can make profit from the content you created for your Reels using a bonus program called the “Instagram Reels Play”. A pop-up notification and an invitation on Instagram’s professional dashboard will let you know if you have been invited for the program.

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