10+ Most Commented Post On Instagram | January 2024

Instagram is super surprising. Its stats are changing every day and that too at great frequency. Did you know? Kylie Jenner’s post is no longer the most commented post on Instagram. Shocked!!! Well, the next news is even more shocking, she is not even among the top 5. Then who post has the most comments on Instagram? To find out, check out our article on “Most Commented Posts On Instagram”.

Getting likes on Instagram is easier than getting comments on the platform. You have to compel your followers with the post, open the comments section, and type in the comment. You can even pin a comment on Instagram live. Well, if you are getting too curious, here is the list of 10+ such posts that have pushed the followers to comment and make them the most commented posts on Instagram.

As of November 2024, the most popular post on Instagram updated January 2024 is a Photo of Alexander Kopsialis, which had 43.5 Million comment. Well, these were the names of influencers and the posts with the most comments on Instagram. Let us have a look at these Instagram posts one by one.

Most Commented Post On Instagram

Further in the article, you will see the most commented post on Instagram. Along with the number of comments and the specialty of the post.

1.Alexander Kopsialis43.9 Million
2.Bizarrap Featuring Paulo Londra23 Million
3.Quelmomento15.5 Million
4.Alexander Kopsialis15 Million
5.XXXTentacion11.1 Million
6.Alexander Kopsialis10.2 Million
7.Andrea Stramaccioni10 Million
8. Sidhu Moose Wala4.8 Million
9.Asorloth3.5 Million
10.One Direction3.4 Million
11.World Record Egg3.4 Million
12.Jimin BTS2 Million
13.Kylie Jenner & Stormi1.9 Million

1. Alexandros Kopsialis (Giveaway- 43.8 Million Comments)


The number of comments 42.9 Million

Giveaway is one of the perfect methods used by YouTubers and Instagram influencers to gain more popularity and extend their reach. Usually, the influencers collaborate with the brands and start distributing the products to the winners of the contest. This is the most commented Instagram post.

Well, these giveaways have taken the Greek Instagram influencer and Youtuber, Alexandros Kopsialis, to have the most commented post on Instagram and this post is continuing the number one title of most comments on Instagram.

The influencer shared the giveaway post on Instagram on 24 November 2020, and it became Instagram most commented post in 2024 with a total of 44 million comments. And it has the highest comment on Instagram posts.

The influencer had a paid partnership with Lavineenrose and gave away the following stuff

  1. One car Fiat 500 Sport Automatic.
  2. One iPhone 12 pro, 128GB
  3. One Playstation 5
  4. La Vie En Rose face and body cosmetics.

2. Bizarrap Featuring Paulo Londra


The number of comments 22.8 million

This post is 2nd highest comments on Instagram posts. Bizarapp posted this telling fans that they will drop a surprise when this post will reach 23 million comments. And they just did! This post became the most commented Instagram post. The number of comments made on the post is 23 million plus till now. This post is 2nd the most commented posts on Instagram.

3. Quelmomento


The number of comments15.5 Million

This post, with the text ‘THIS HAS TO BECOME THE MOST COMMENTED POST IN INSTAGRAM HISTORY,’ is written in 15 languages with the sole purpose of becoming the most commented post on Instagram. Remarkably, this post has garnered 15.5 million comments on Instagram.

4. Alexandros Kopsialis


The number of comments14.9 Million

One of the best strategies used by influencers to increase their following and widen their audience is the giveaway. This post became the 3rd most commented Instagram post with 15 million comments. Typically, influencers work together with brands to start giving out products to contest winners. And this post is one 3rd most commented posts on Instagram.

5. XXXTentacion (Last Goodbye- 11.1 Million Comments)


The number of comments – 10.7 Million  

Who would have thought that just a single post on the Instagram account would take the person to the list of the most commented post on Instagram in US? We are talking about the American singer, rapper, and songwriter Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. Duhh! Its XXXTentacion babies. And this post became 4th most commented Instagram post.   

The singer had a single post on his account and after his demise, the fans couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on the last post on his account. These comments by the fans made the last pic of the rapper, the fourth most commented post on Instagram with a total of 10.3 million comments.

6. Alexander Kopsialis


The number of comments 12.2 Million

Can you believe this is 3rd post by this account that made it to reach the top 10+ list of most commented post on Instagram in 2024? Wuhu! Guess what? Not just a few thousand but this post have 10 million plus comments. This makes it included in most comments on Instagram post.

7. Andrea Stramaccioni ( Welcomes To His Official Account –  BAM…! 10 Million Comments )


The number of comments 10.1 K

Can you believe a single post by this account has made it to reach the top 10+ list of most commented post on Instagram in 2024? Wuhu! Guess what? Not just a few thousands but this post have 10K plus comments.

Andrea Stramaccioni has heated up the commenting game with a single post. This post comes in the top 10+ most comment post on instagram.

8. Sidhu Moose Wala (Want It To Happen?- 4.8 Million Comments)


The number of comments 4.6 million


The late Indian Punjabi Singer, Sidhu Moose Wala had posted a picture on Instagram with the above caption and the singer’s die-hard fans commented and listed the post as seventh number in the list of the most commented post on Instagram.

After the comments reached 5 million clubs, the singer shared the teaser of his new album “Moose Tape” as a sign of thank you to his fans. And this makes it in the top 10+ Instagram most comment post.

9. About To Strike! (Pictures By Alexander Sørloth- 3.5 Million Comments)


The number of comments 3.5 Million

Soccer is one of the most played games around the globe. Well, playing soccer on the field and getting clicked can make you famous. Don’t believe me. Check out this field post by Asorloth. The post shared by the official Spain player was so liked by the fans that they could not resist commenting on it. Thus making the post the 8th most commented post on Instagram in US. and it makes it in the top 10+ most comment on Instagram post.

10. One Direction To Be A Family (Campfire- 3.4 Million Comments)


The number of comments 3.4 million

One Direction’s post on Instagram talking about collaboration became the most commented post on Instagram. The One Direction’s Instagram official handle shared a post of Stewie Griffin sitting with four boys beside a campfire that attracted followers and it received a total of 3.4 million comments. And it makes this post in the top 10+ Instagram post with the most comments.

And we are still counting…

11. The World Record Egg (Egg Picture: 3.4 Million Comments)


The number of comments 3.8 million

Even a picture of an egg can break the record of Kylie Jenner’s pic on Instagram. But, It happened. 

A post of an egg was shared with the caption “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this 🙌”

Followers of the page took the challenge quite seriously and made the post in the list of the most commented post on Instagram in 2024. 

12. Jimin BTS – Concept Photo Version 4 (Just Being Cute- 2 Million Comments)


The number of comments 1.8 million

The super hot picture of the K-Pop singer Jimin standing on the beach posted on 30 July became the first picture posted by the BTS Army’s Official page to cross the 2M benchmark. This Instagram post has made its position as the most commented post on Instagram.

13. Kylie Jenner And Stormi – Post Of Innocence

Most commented posts on Instagram

The number of comments 1.9 Million

The fashion diva Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi secured the seventh position on the list of the most commented post on Instagram. The picture of Kylie’s daughter holding her mother’s thumb with her whole hand compelled fans to comment on the picture. 

13. Mr. Faisu’s 25th Birthday Post


Mr. Faisu is one of the most prominent TikTokers hailing from India and he was embroiled in controversy because of the YouTubers v/s TikTokers feud that happened early last year.

His post from 2020 still stands out to be in the top 10+ list of most-liked Instagram posts with a whopping 1.1 million comments.

How To Get More Comments On Instagram Posts?

How To Get More Comments On Instagram Posts

You have learned about the highest comment on Instagram posts. Now let’s know how to get the most comments on Instagram post. Who wouldn’t want to get more reach on Instagram? No doubt we all want it! What if I tell you that there’s a shortcut to get more comments on Instagram posts without having to work hard?

Don’t believe me? Then follow these hacks mentioned below to get more comments on your Instagram posts.

1. Use Niche Hashtags

Add hashtags that directly relate to your business, and make your posts more specific. Rather than using any random or general hashtags like #makeup, you can use #makeupbyBobbiBrown.

This will help your content reach out to a larger audience and will make a huge difference in your commenting. You’ll see that the comments on your posts have increased x2.

2. Share Your Feed Posts To Your Stories

There’s endless to scroll on Instagram and other social media platforms. So, it’s not a surprise that the posts that you post on Instagram do not even reach half of your audience, as they may skip it out.

The best way is to add your recently uploaded post to your Instagram stories. As stories are scrolled by almost all users, so there’s a good chance that your post will be noticed and you may get more comments on your posts.

3. Tag people, Brands, Locations

This one is as simple as it gets. You tag people, their friends, brands, or other Instagram accounts. They will be notified of that, so it’s easier to attract other users’ attention and have your content pop up in different places.

4. Comment Back

Wondering how to get Instagram comments fast.

Well, here’s another simple trick for you to consider. If you’d like more real comments on your Instagram posts, given that there already are some, just comment back.

If my rocket science is correct, that would at least double the number of comments on your post. More comments, more visibility, and more engagement.

5. Write Long Captions In Your Instagram Posts

Sometimes, what might be the best hack for you is adding a personal touch to your Instagram posts. And how to do that? You can do this by adding long captions to your Insta posts.

This will attract the audience’s attention and can develop a sense of connectivity between you and the audience. Hence, you’ll have more reach and more comments.

Wrapping Up

This was the list of the top 10+ most commented posts on Instagram. We have made this list according to the recent study made by our team on Instagram. As you can see there is a huge difference between the first and the second post so the Give away will retain its first position for a longer time. 

Do share this article and keep commenting…

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is The Maximum Comment Word Limit On Instagram?

You can put at most 220 characters in the Instagram caption and the Comments.

Q. What Is The Most-Liked Instagram Post?

Lionel Messi celebrates winning the World Cup with Argentina post is the most liked post on Instagram.

Q. How Many Times Can I Comment On Instagram Per Day?

You can write 200 comments in a day on Instagram. 

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