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Ever since Elon Musk has taken over Twitter more and more people are switching to Mastodon. Mastodon is decentralized social media which is controlled by users. There are too many servers available on Mastodon, and if you are searching for a Mastodon UK server this article is for you.

Mastodon is a crowd funded app where you can follow other server members, comment on their status, also the server can be public or private it depends on you. The mastodon servers also use the anti abuse tools to prevent the users and community from unwanted comments and harassment. Mastodon gives their users first priority unlike other social networking apps. 

Mastodon UK Server has currently 1.9k users out of which 51.2k have published so far. The UK servers are administered by James Smith, however the mastodon UK server is full now but you can join the waitlist by registering via your email. 

You can also invest in mastodon stocks too. So let’s start on the Mastodon UK server and how to join. Keep Reading!!

Mastodon UK Server 

The Mastodon UK server or, a social media community hosted in the UK. It is part of the Fediverse/ActivityPub/Mastodon federated social network, which allows you to follow users on other communities. It’s a bit like Twitter but without a single company in control.

Mastodon UK server is a volunteer-run community administered by @floppy, and hosted by Mastohost in the UK. You can support the running costs by joining the Open Collective and becoming a backer. Join Mastodon Europe server too.

Mastodon UK Server has currently 1.9k users out of which 51.2k have published so far. The UK servers are administered by James Smith, however the mastodon UK server is full now but you can join the waitlist by registering via your email. 

Mastodon is an open source network where you can create your profile, share images, videos and follow other users too. You can also send a direct message on Mastodon too. The best thing about mastodon is that you can write up to 500 characters unlike Twitter. As Mastodon is a decentralized social network there are no ads and no one earns any profit from Mastodon. 

Mastodon UK Server Link 

Tap here to join the Mastodon UK Server. 

How To Join Mastodon UK Server?

To join the mastodon UK server, first open your mastodon account, second choose the server by link and then join the server. 

To join Mastodon UK Server follow steps below:

Step 1: First open your Mastodon account.

Step 2: Then choose the server.

Step 3: Tap the link here to join Mastodon UK server.

Step 4: Abide by the rules of the server.

Step 5: Joined the Mastodon UK server.

Mastodon UK Server Rules 

  1. You must comply with the Code of Conduct. In general, be respectful of each other and we’ll all get on just fine.
  2. Commercial use (company accounts, advertising etc) is not permitted on this server. It’s OK to register an account for a non-profit or public sector organisation, and we reserve the right to make exceptions for some companies that act in good faith.
  3. Bots are allowed on this server as long as they are useful, interesting, or amusing. Bots that post excessively, that simply boost or link other posts, that just follow other users, or that produce badly-formed output will be suspended.

To Sum Up

Join the Mastodon UK Server now and be a part of the UK community. This was all about the server and how you can join the mastodon server. If you want to join other servers click here to see a detailed view of all Mastodon servers. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment! Keep following Deasiex. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Q. How To Get Mastodon Verified? 

To do Mastodon verification, follow steps below:
Step 1: Open Mastodon on your device. 
Step 2: Go to your username.
Step 3: Click on Edit info right next to your username.
Step 4: After that, click on About.
Step 5: Now, add :verified: after your name in your profile.
Step 6: Click on Done. 
And you are all set as your Mastodon verified.

Q. How Safe Is Mastodon?

A big number of people use the social media site Mastodon. It is unclear how many individuals actively use the platform for criminal behavior, though. Mastodon has also added a number of security measures, such as two-factor verification and profiles that lock after a certain period of inactivity. Mastodon seems to be a secure social media overall for users.

Q. How To Fix Mastodon Confirmation Email Not Received?

To fix Mastodon confirmation email not received, go to Downdetector website and check for server issues,  disable public WiFi and try cellular data, clear Mastodon cache data, delete and reinstall the app, clear the email spams and cache data, wait for confirmation email to be received.

Q. Which Mastodon Server To Join UK?

Join the best mastodon server UK here.Tap here to join the Mastodon UK Server. 

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