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Mastodon, the decentralized social networking site, is growing rapidly. Till now millions of users from around the globe have created accounts on Mastodon. Mastodon is all about their servers and they are divided by regions and topics. So are you searching for your country server? Here is Mastodon Australia Server.  

Mastodon is an open source network where you can create your profile, share images, videos and follow other users too. You can also send a direct message on Mastodon too. The best thing about Mastodon is that you can write up to 500 characters unlike Twitter. As Mastodon is a decentralized social network there are no ads and no one earns any profit from Mastodon. 

Mastodon Australia Server is administered by Aus.Social Admin and it currently has 12k active users. Mastodon Australia server tries to keep the atmosphere of the server as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. Mastodon Australia server has three sections- Explore, Local and Federated. 

You can also create your own server on Mastodon and also own it. The Mastodon servers are also called Instance. Let’s know more about the Mastodon Australia server. Keep reading! 

Mastodon Australia Server 

Mastodon is a crowd funded app where you can follow other server members, comment on their status, also the server can be public or private it depends on you. The mastodon servers also use the anti abuse tools to prevent the users and community from unwanted comments and harassment. Mastodon gives their users first priority unlike other social networking apps. Join Mastodon Europe server too.

The Mastodon Australia Server is administered by Aus.Social Admin and it currently has 12k active users. Mastodon Australia server tries to keep the atmosphere of the server as welcoming and enjoyable as possible.The staff will aim to keep this server online and functional for as long as possible. 

Mastodon Australia server has three sections- Explore, Local and Federated. The Explore section has further three sections – Posts, Hashtags and News. 

The decentralized social platform Mastodon, which has served a smaller niche since its founding in 2016, had 381,113 active users as of October 28. On November 7, the company’s founder Eugen Rochko “tooted” (the term for posting short messages on Mastodon) that the network had hit more than 1 million active users. That meant 11,124 new servers and 489,003 new users. Join Mastodon UK Server.

Mastodon Australia Server Link 

Join the top three Mastodon aus social from the links below:

Tap to join mastodon.

Tap to join blower. au mastadon.

Tap here to join the Mastodon. 

How To Join Mastodon Australia Server?

To join Mastodon Australia server, first open your mastodon account, second choose the server by link and then join the server. 

To join Mastodon Australia Server follow steps below:

Step 1: First open your Mastodon account.

Step 2: Then choose the server.

Step 3: Tap the link here to join Mastodon Australia server.

Step 4: Abide by the rules of the server.

Step 5: Joined the Mastodon Australia server.

Mastodon Australia Server Rules 

  1. Aus.Social is hosted in Australia, but we’re not limited to Australians.
  2. Happiness is encouraged.
  3. No straight up business/brand accounts (Art or homemade stuff is fine.)
  4. Try to be your best self. Don’t Harass *anyone*.
  5. Hide contentious posts – political, religious, advertising (products/brands), or similar behind a Content Warning to give people the ability to opt-in to discussions.
  6. We want to enable a progressive culture – Please read the “About this instance” page for more detail on our wishes.
  7. Stable and maintained long term instance. Always running the latest releases. We take your security seriously.


This was all about the Mastodon Australia server, join it now before the server gets full and be a part of the Aussie community. If you want to join other servers click here to see a detailed view of all Mastodon servers. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment! Keep following Deasiex. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Which Mastodon Server To Join?

Which Mastodon server to join? The process is easy. There are ten categories to choose from. Mastodon offers ten major categories; from which you can choose your interest. These major categories are General, Regional, Technology, LGBTQ+, Activism, Music, Gaming, Art, Food, and Furry. Let’s go through the article and explore more. 

Q. How To Create a Mastodon Instance? 

So,you can either join Mastodon social networkas an individual or as an organization or community, if you join as an individual then you can only join an instance that is the individual server which is run by an organization or community. It is just like signing up with an email address or joining a subreddit.
You need to start the process by looking for the right process for your interest if you can just join the one for your region, interest, or the one that is famous globally.

Q. How To Get Mastodon Verified? 

To do Mastodon verification, follow steps below:
Step 1: Open Mastodon on your device. 
Step 2: Go to your username.
Step 3: Click on Edit info right next to your username.
Step 4: After that, click on About.
Step 5: Now, add :verified: after your name in your profile.
Step 6: Click on Done. 
And you are all set as your Mastodon verified.

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