Logitech G Hub Discord | How To Integrate?

If you are a hardcore gamer, then you are surely gonna love the Logitech G hub. Well, the Logitech G hub is a modern version of gaming software. G hub comes with OBS integration that helps gamers to stream and discord integration. So in this article, we are going to know about Logitech g Hub Discord Integration.

Logitech has partnered with Discord to increase the Gaming experience. Because it allows users to customize their gaming gear with discord integration. It gives an immersive gaming experience to gamers. Now users can get the notification directly to the Logitech RGB Keyboard.

Logitech G hub is integrated with Discord to increase the gaming experience. Now gamers can directly do streaming through Logitech G Hub. Because the Logitech G hub is integrated with OBS. This integration of Logitech g hub discord disabled has made the visual indication more attractive.

To know more about Logitech G Hub Discord, read the article..

What Is Logitech G Hub Discord? 

Logitech G hub Discord is the integration of Discord and Logitech G hub software that helps in streaming on Discord. Because Logitech g hub is integrated with OBS that allows users to do streaming.

How To Download Logitech G Hub Software?

To use the Logitech g hub software on your system, you have to install it first. To download the Logitech G Hub software, tap on the link. Once you download the software, install it. And you are ready to take the immersive experience on Discord while playing the game.

How To Integrate Logitech G Hub Into Discord?

Logitech G Hub Discord

To integrate the Logitech g hub into discord you just have to follow these simple steps. 

To Integrate The Logitech G Hub Into Discord Launch G Hub > Setting > Integration Setting > Enable Discord > Authorize G Hub In Discord > Done.

Step 1: Launch G hub in your system.

Step 2: Tap on the setting.

Step 3: Now go to the integration setting.

Step 4: here you enable discord.

Step 5: Prompt in discord will pop up where you authorize the Logitech G hub. 

Step 6: Done

follow these simple steps to solve your issue how to integrate discord with logitech g hub.

What If Logitech G Hub Integration With Discord Not Working?

If Logitech G hub integration is not working with discord or logitech g hub discord integration inactive then here are a few tips that will help you to solve your issue Logitech g hub integration with discord not working. To solve the issue of Logitech g hub discord integration not working follow these simple steps.

Disable Integration

To Disable Integration Open Discord > Authorized Apps > Logitech G Hub > Unauthorized It > Go To Logitech G Hub > Active profile > Integration Setting > Discord > Disable > Close logitech G Hub

Step 1: Open discord on your system.

Step 2: Go to authorized apps.

Step 3: Tap on Logitech g hub.

Step 4: Unauthorized it.

Step 5: Now close Discord.

Step 6: Open Logitech G hub.

Step 7: Now tap on the active profile.

Step 8: Go to the integration setting.

Step 9: Now tap on discord and change it to disable from enable discord Logitech g hub and active.

Step 10: Close the Logitech g hub. This is discord disabled Logitech g hub.

Enable Integration

To Enable Integration Launch Logitech G Hub > Integration Setting > Toggled On Discord > Close Logitech G Hub > Open Discord > Authorize Logitech G Hub > Close Application > Restart System > Open Discord And Enjoy> Done.

Step 1: Now again launch the Logitech G hub.

Step 2: Go to the integration setting.

Step 3: Toggled on discord in Logitech g hub.

Step 4: Close the Logitech G hub.

Step 5: Now open Discord.

Step 6: A prompt notification will appear here to authorize the Logitech g hub.

Step 7: Authorize it and close all the applications.

Step 8: Now restart your system.

Step 9: Now open discord and enjoy Games and streams.

Step 10: Done.

These simple steps will help you to solve your Logitech G hub and Discord not connecting. 

Why Does Logitech G Hub Want To Access Discord?

Well, this can be happening with discord because you may be trying to access the voice channel or going through the user setting voice and video. That allows the Logitech G hub to access the microphone and camera. So read the access request prompt thoroughly so that all things are in order before you give access.

What Is Logitech G hub Discord Push To Talk?

Logitech G hub Discord push to talk means that your mike will be kept mute to voice communication till you don’t press the button before you go live. This option is given to prevent you from having embarrassing moments by turning off all the surrounding sounds. The best key to pushing to talk is 4 and 5. 

Why Is Logitech G Hub Discord Mute Not Working? 

If your Logitech G Hub Discord mute is not working, then you can try the above steps by disintegrating Discord from Logitech G Hub and again integrating the Logitech G Hub to Discord. This may solve your problem Logitech g Hub.


This was all about Logitech G Hub discord. As we have discussed, integration of Logitech G hub to Discord and if it is not working, then the solution is in step a step-by-step guide. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does GHUB Work On Discord?

Yes, GHUB works on Discord. As it comes with OBS that helps gamers to do streaming and discord integration. 

Q. What Does Logitech G Do On Discord?

Logitech G is integrated with OBS which helps the user to do streaming and discord integration. So all the equipment is integrated so whenever you will receive any notifications on discord your RGB keyword will have unique lights of different combinations. That will help users to get noticed for the notifications.

Q. How Do I Put Discord Back On My Logitech G Hub?

To integrate discord on Logitech hub open Logitech hub> go to integration setting > now enable the discord integration> go to discord > a prompt notification will appear to authorize> authorize it > now close the system and restart> done. 

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