Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked Out | How To Fix The Glitch

Have your Instagram Messages Blacked Out? Isn’t it scary to see a blank black message on your DM? Well, if you are looking for the answers as to Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked Out. Then, you have landed at the right place. We are here to help.

Instagram is one such platform that offers and comes with a wide variety of features. Instagram is a social media platform that introduces people to the rest of the world and has already created a buzz on the Internet. There are approximately more than one billion active user accounts on Instagram. 

Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked Out? It is noted that, the reason why Instagram Messages are blacked out, is that Instagram is going through an update which is why the Instagram Messages are Black or the Instagram DMs Blacked Out. 

In this post, we will fill you in on why are my Instagram messages blacked out and why is everyone facing this error across the globe. We shall also, provide you with ways through which you can fix the Instagram DMs Blacked Out. 

Instagram DMs Blacked Out: What Is That? 

Why are my instagram messages blacked out

Instagram is a widely used social media platform commonly used to post pictures, explore, discover new people online, and communicate. Well, apparently Instagram is facing a massive error of Instagram DMs Blacked Out. Wondering what it is and how to fix this error? Come Let’s find out. 

Instagram DMs are turning black, which means you are not able to read anything someone has sent you and all you see is a black blank strip message. It is to note that some Instagram users are getting this black strip on DMs text only while receiving the messages from the sender. While some Instagram users have complained that the messages they are sending are appearing all black. What could be the reason for the Instagram Messages Black? 

Thousands of Instagram users across the US, UK, and many other regions are reporting errors regarding the popular photo-sharing app this week. Whilst trying to read a DM from another user, many are reporting that the message is black. A bizarre black box is appearing on top of the message, making users unable to read the text at all. The error is stopping people from using any Instagram messaging feature – and it’s really exasperating. 

On May 26th, Twitter was flooded with complaints and reports from across the globe about Instagram Messages Are Black and that Instagram is down at around midnight. 

In this article below we have a full-fledged explanation of why are my Instagram messages Blacked Out? Keep on reading this post and you shall find out what you are looking for. 

Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked Out?

Why are my Instagram Messages Blacked out

Although Instagram has not come up with a solid reciprocation to the tweets and reports from across the globe. However, it is thus been reported that Instagram is ongoing an update which is leading to this glitch. After a flood of tweets on Twitter, it was notified that this error might not continue for long as it is a temporary malfunction of Instagram Messages Blacked Out.

Messages are appearing with a black box on them because Instagram is down following the latest update. Instagram DMs Blacked Out is common and just know this isn’t something alarming and that there’s nothing wrong with your phone or your Wi-Fi. Instagram simply has a glitch that is causing irritating errors on your account. 

It is thus, apt that bugs are very common on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which often have outages due to their huge number of users.

Following the possible reasons that have been ascertained as responsible for Instagram messages being blacked out.

  • Undergoing the latest update of the Instagram App
  • The Instagram server is down
  • There is some bug in the Instagram specific to DMs.

Thus, It is good news, that Instagram users have somehow discovered some ways to fix the infuriating error. 

How To Fix My Instagram Messages Blacked Out?

There are some ways using which you can fix your Instagram DMs Blacked Out Problem. You can simply, Check whether Instagram is Down. Check Whether you have Updated the new Version. Consider if it could be some Instagram DM-specific bug. Lastly, Check with the Instagram Support Team. 

Below, we have discussed in detail, how to Fix My Instagram Messages Blacked Out. 

Fix 1 Check Whether Instagram Is Down 

A lot of times Instagram servers run down which leads to such errors. First, you need to check if Instagram is down or now. You check the status of the Instagram server on the down detector. You will get to know the Instagram outage in the last 24 hours. If the Instagram server is down then you can only wait till the Instagram server is up.

Why are my instagram messages blacked out

Fix 2 Check Whether You Have Updated The Latest Version Of Instagram

There is a possibility that by downloading the latest version of Instagram, some unwanted bugs might have entered your Instagram periphery. If this is the case, then Instagram knows about this issue and they fix it in the next version. Well, for that you will have to wait for the latest version of Instagram. 

Fix 3 Might Be Some Bug From Instagram

Black DMs text issue can be some bug from the Instagram backend. If this is the case then can either wait or report this bug to the Instagram team. Then wait for this issue to be resolved from Instagram’s side. There’s nothing we can do nor you can do from your side. 

Fix 4 Contact Instagram Support Team

If you think the issue of Instagram messages being black is with only you and not your friends or other Instagram users, then you can contact the Instagram Support team.

Below are the steps you can use to contact the Instagram Support team:

Step 1: Open Instagram App

Step 2: Tap on your Profile Picture to go to your profile

Step 3: Tap in the top right corner at 3 horizontal line

Step 4: Tap on Settings

Step 5: Scroll down and click on the help

Step 6: Tap on Report a Problem

Step 7: Now, follow the instructions mentioned on the screen and explain your problem “Instagram messages Black / Instagram DMs Blacked Out“. Write your issue in detail.

Step 8: Click on Send Report

Step 9: Wait for some time or it can also take a longer time. Your issue will be resolved.

Wrapping Up

Are you relaxed to learn the reason behind Why Are My Instagram Messages Blacked Out? There is nothing to worry about. If you are facing this repeatedly you must contact the Instagram Support Team. If not, then this glitch shall fix soon. We hope this article, was helpful to you and turn out to be enlightening and informative for you. Furthermore, if you have any related queries please feel free to contact us via dropping your queries in the comment section below. We assure to revert as soon as we can. 

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