How To Win The Wordle Every Day?

There are nearly 12,500 five-letter words in the English language, which means there are roughly that many chances to win at Wordle, the enormously popular online word game that has become a daily fixation for millions of people all over the world. It’s become so popular that Apple has removed the whack-a-mole style and even a dirty “Lewdle” variant. But will all these practices make you a Wordle winner every day? Of Course not. Let us tell you how to win the Wordle every day through this article.

None of these pathetic and self-indulgent attempts to recreate the enchantment of Wordle have altered the original game’s basics or winning tactics. Despite the game’s simplicity and the lack of a community established around it, talking about Wordle’s successes and posting them on social media (without giving away the daily word problem) is almost as popular as playing it. But, does it give the joy of winning? Hell no. To feel that joy, you have to win the game and in that, we will be your companion. We will make you win Wordle every day. All you have to do is stick to the article till the end.

But how do you succeed? How do you make sure you don’t squander your six chances to pick the correct word? How to win every day? The game begins with a grid of five-by-six empty squares, which you may find here. You can type your five-letter guess into the virtual keyboard below and push enter. Before pressing enter, you can also backspace. You can’t drag and drop letters or enter them out of order. This is a straightforward game. For the record, we’re simply talking about the basic level here. We’re not talking about “Hard Mode,” which compels you to use any revelations in subsequent guesses.

  • Grey: There isn’t a letter in the word.
  • Yellow:  It’s there, but it’s in the wrong spot.
  • Green: Correct letter, correct location.

To win, you must correctly guess the word six times. It is not as easy to play as it looks, specifically when you aim to win the game, that too in a pro-player way without consuming all your trials.   

Strategies On How To Win The Wordle Every Day

Sure, you might start with any five-letter term that appeals to you. But did you know that you can utilize strategic Wordle start words to help you get to those green squares even faster (due to math)? Pay attention to these tricks if you want to know how to win the Wordle every day.

1. Use The Best Starter Words

Want to know how to win the Wordle every day? It is advised to use the best starter words.


If you’ve ever watched Wheel of Fortune, you’ll know that it’s only natural to begin by guessing letters that appear frequently in the English language.

Peter Norvig, Google’s director of research, reviewed all of the data available from Google Books to compile a list of the most regularly used letters in English. The most regularly utilised letters, according to his analysis, are E, T, and A. Here are the top ten, in no particular order:

  • E
  • T
  • A
  • O
  • I
  • N
  • S
  • R
  • H
  • L

Mathematically, these are the best Wordle starting word. As a result, it comes to the reason that you’d want to pick a Wordle start word that has as many of the most common letters as possible while avoiding any repetitions.

A TikTok user utilized his computer science knowledge (and, apparently, a lot of free time) to create an algorithm that generated the best Wordle start words based on all previous puzzle answers. These are the words:


Consider words like RESIN or NOTES, which use five of the most regularly used letters without repeating, for further Wordle start word alternatives.

2. Start With Vowels

Another important thing to know if aim on how to win the Wordle every day is to start with the Vowels.

Vowels can be found everywhere in every word and can be utilized to start any word. Search for a word that involves a large number of letters AEIOU if possible. Vowels will make a great contribution to build up your game more quickly and solidly even if the words are not at their right place.

3. Do Not Use Letters Twice Until Necessary

“Feeds” may sound like a great word, but it’s a waste of space because it’s a duplicate letter. There are few Wordle fixes with paired letters, but wasting initial chances results in false vowels which means you will end up having few trials to give you a shot at a letter you really require.

4. In Your First Round, Try To Use As Many Letters As Possible To Form A Real Word

Pair of letters that provide a good balance of consonants and vowels, for example, “Farts” and “Banes” are the ideal combos for the perfect word. “Death,” “Irons,” and “House” are also good places to start, according to the TechRadar team.

5. Take Your Time At Each Step And Don’t Rush

Wordle may be won by treating it like a strategy game analogous to chess. You don’t simply move a piece in response to the previous move. You consider this action as well as the four possibilities that follow. Wordle necessitates the same patience, consideration, and strategic thinking. In case you are facing any issues in guessing a pair of letters in your mind, pen them down. Insert your upcoming guess when you are satisfied.

6. Contemplate Other Word/Letter Pairs

Still wondering, how to win the Wordle every day? Simply, utilize a dictionary or this article to find 5 letter words that may be an ideal fit for the one that you are building up in Wordle.

6. Pay Attention To The Outcomes

Everything depends on what Wordle says about your guess. The whole word can be hung up on a single letter, even if it’s in the wrong position. Also, make each and every turn count. There are no squandered opportunities.

7. Create A New Word For The Another One

If you don’t get it right the first time, try a different collection of five letters (a word, of course) the next time. On the third try, you’ll have twice as much information to work with, giving you a better chance of making an accurate, educated guess.

8. Don’t Spend Time On Baseless Paragraphs.

Pair of words that are completely baseless. Wordle does not read them and cannot provide you with any information on the letters.

9. Increase Your Vocabulary

Make sure you know what a word is and what it isn’t. Nothing is more galling than typing something you think is rubbish and having it accepted as your final, wrong Wordle guess.

10. Never Give Up

If you’re really stuck, take a break and come back to your grid. You will just pop up with an amazing word recommendation and might resolve the day’s Wordle. 

While we can’t promise that following all of these techniques will make you into a Wordle champion, they will almost certainly help you to feel less frustrated when using Wordle.

Wrap Up:

That all on how to win the Wordle every day. The game, Wordle, these days is difficult to win.

In recent weeks, the strategic word game has enthusiastically conquered the internet. Some are comparing it to the fad of choice for a new phase of the epidemic being sourdough baking. The New York Times was so taken with it that they covered its origins in detail (spoiler: it was created as a love offering for his girlfriend by a software engineer)…and then went on to acquire the game for “low seven figures.”

Wordle start words are important (a lot) to serious players who want to show off their abilities: Even if you’ve never played the game, you’re definitely aware of the yellow and green square grid that users may post on social media to demonstrate how quickly they solved the problem. Six tries are all you get, but ardent fans prefer to show off their skills by finishing the game in just two or three. (And yes, it’s probably because of this high-profile score flaunting that the game has gained some attention among anti-Wordle activists.)

Another distinguishing characteristic of Wordle is that each player receives only one puzzle every day. (At least for now, there’s no formal option to binge on infinite archives.) As a result, you’ll want to make certain that each play is worthwhile.

FAQs related to how to win the Wordle every day.

Q1. How Many Times Can You Play Wordle In A Day?

Ans. Unfortunately, you can only play the game once a day. It will allow you to give your shot five times in that single chance and if you lose, then your game of the day will be over and it will bring you a set of new puzzles the next day.

Q2. Is Wordle Now NY Times?

Ans. The famed word gaming application now belongs to NYT, the game was moved to NYT website soon after New York Times bought Wordle for 7 un-revealed amounts in the last of December 2021. 

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