How To Use ZeroTwo Bot Discord? ZeroTwo Bot Commands Guide

There are bots on Discord which have services for their users of a specific category. Although these are experts in their own niches and offer the best they can in their particular fields, it would still be much easier for users if each bot offered numerous and excellent services. Is there any such bot available? Yes, there is. It’s the ZeroTwo bot, and today we will be exploring how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord.

Well one cannot argue over the fact that even designing a Discord bot specially for a specific category is profitable for a number of categories. However, there are also a number of bots which are entirely devoted to offer quality service in a particular area. Still, these bots which offer a number of services are their first choices and also are helpful in the sight of users and members of the Discord server along with the server admin. 

Hence, in this post we will be discussing how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord, but before that lets add ZeroTwo bot to our Discord. ZeroTwo bot website >> Invite >> select Server >> Authorize permissions >> Captcha. Return to the server and tadaa! Your bot has been added.

In this post you will learn about ZeroTwo bot’s commands, inviting process, features, using manual and much more. To learn all these and to master Zero Two bot, read the article till the end!

ZeroTwo Bot Discord Server Features

ZeroTwo Bot Discord Server Features

Want to learn how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord, yea we know you are here for that only! But, you should know about bot deeply before adding it or using it! So shall we begin?

First of all, we will start with a few of the most multifaceted features of the ZeroTwo bot. When you enter the official website of ZeroTwo bot you will find a line saying that you will get 5000 credit and different cards for card games. Well, this is the most attractive and exciting part of the bot, and it’s amongst the best feature of voting in which the bot provides credits to vote. The ZeroTwo bot’s are popular for its card games which are various types and engaging. 

  1. The bot also provides profile customizations and role management. In addition the ZeroTwo bot gives the facility to put prefixes according to user’s choice.
  1. Heading to the games part, the bot provides various different types of card games with unique ideas and themes.
  1. The ZeroTwo bot also has a fancy audio player which can play music straight from YouTube through manual searching or links.
  1. With these many features, the bot is still having roleplayed like a kiss, hug, cuddle etc.
  1. One more amazing thing about this bot is that it also has a few of the latest and trending memes. These memes are one of the reasons for the popularity of the ZeroTwo bot.

Hence, the ZeroTwo bot has a huge variety of features to serve its users, the only thing which is expected from the users is exploration! The more the users explore the more fun they will get. Speaking of the recommendations, the bot is beseech for the users who want to enjoy their hours and not to get killed by boredom itself. Get your Discord server a ZeroTwo bot to save you from the deadly days and help in getting hooked up with this fantastic bot.

How To Add Or Invite ZeroTwo Bot On Your Server?

How To Add Or Invite ZeroTwo Bot On Your Server

ZeroTwo is a multi-functional bot which has a number of amazing features to engage its users in their bored-zone.  

What will do after learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord when you do not know how to add the bot itself to your server, before heading to the using manual, we will add the bot to your server. One can invite the ZeroTwo bot to their server by using the official invite LINK. To add ZeroTwo bot to your server properly and set the bot up, you have to follow the given instructions below:

  1. Tap on the invite LINK given above.


Open ZeroTwo bot official Website on your device.

  1. Choose the Server among the options you are having, select the one in which you wish to add the ZeroTwo bot.
  1. Permit Authorization. Grant the permissions which are required by ZeroTwo bot to function properly.
  1. Complete the verification process “Captcha“.
  1. Get back to the Discord Server where you have invited the ZeroTwo bot.

After completing the above given instructions, you will observe that the ZeroTwo bot has been added to your Discord server successfully.

How To Use ZeroTwo Bot Discord?

We have learnt about the features of ZeroTwo bot, how to add it to your server, now let’s move to learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord. ZeroTwo bot is an admired bot by the Discord users because of it’s custom features, for example: custom economy, profile, music etc. Not only this, ZeroTwo bot also has card games, web dashboards, auto roles and many more.

ZeroTwo bot is a tough competitor to other discord bots like Groovy, Reaction Roles, and MEE6. ‘zt!’ is the default Prefix of the ZeroTwo bot. So firstly, you need to enter “zt! commands all” to view the entire list of commands and categories offered by the ZeroTwo bot. As you may have noticed that the ZeroTwo bot has different commands differentiated in different categories.

In the ZeroTwo bot you try to use the dashboard first and then other amazing things on the server. For the same, enter “zt!serversettings”. A message will appear with a link in it, you have to click on it, then it will direct you to a new tab in your browser. Tap on the Bot Dashboard which lead you to a new page. This one is the web dashboard via which you can maintain and change configurations for the ZeroTwo bot and different other settings to your Discord server. Next you are supposed to head to the settings tab under the navigation bar, a number of settings are going to appear over there.

You can alter the standard prefix according to your choice. You are also allowed to alter the salutation of the ZeroTwo bot according to your choice. Permissions of any member of the Discord server can be changed or moderated by you. You can ban, warn, punish and mute anyone who goes against the rules and regulations of your Discord server. You can fix the muted role along with the logging channel on the moderation page.

You can also create a different and specific channel for the logs and records. You are also allowed to compose different other things like salutations and custom commands. Salutations or greetings are the embed or text messages that a newbie gets when they join your server for the first time. So now you can setup a custom salutation with a channel where this salutation or the text message will pop up after someone’s joining. Altogether, the web dashboard is very helpful and amazing feature if you desire for a bot enriched with super cool and great features to modify your server and help in making it more enjoyable for its users.

That’s not it! The ZeroTwo bot has many other exciting features too, other than the ones mentioned above. The bot has multiple games of different types, like dice games and Minesweeper which is played by the server members mostly to kill the boredum. Along with that, a user can search and get avatars and profile pictures for anything and GIFs of any character the user wishes from the ZeroTwo bot. To engage themselves, users can play different music to feel the conversation going on more deeply with their friends or they can play the shipping game. 

Overall, the ZeroTwo bot is a complete and an rounder bot with a decent number of features, enough to impress and attract any user on Discord. So, it’s quite convincing to invite it to your server and the ZeroTwo bot also offers various different facilities that can make your server more attractive and fun place.

Now you have completely learnt learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord. Hence, you are ready to use the ZeroTwo bot! Enjoy the features and have fun with the bot.

ZeroTwo Bot Roleplay Commands

ZeroTwo Bot Roleplay Commands

After learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord you are supposed to hop on to the ZeroTwo commands. These commands are useful in generating GIFs relating to the keyword. One can simply mention the user or enter the command. The standard prefix of the ZeroTwo bot is “zt!”, always enter the prefix before writing the command.

  1. Zt!hug
  2. zt!hug @zerotwo
  3. zt!bite
  4. zt!clap 
  5. zt!cry
  6. zt!cuddle
  7. zt!dance
  8. zt!facepalm
  9. zt!glare
  10. zt!greet
  11. zt!highfive
  12. zt!hug
  13. zt!kiss
  14. zt!laugh
  15. zt!lick
  16. zt!pat
  17. zt!poke
  18. zt!pout
  19. zt!punch
  20. zt!purr
  21. zt!run
  22. zt!sad
  23. zt!shoot
  24. zt!shrug
  25. zt!shy
  26. zt!slap
  27. zt!smile
  28. zt!stare
  29. zt!stomp
  30. zt!die
  31. zt!wiggle
  32. zt!wag

How To Play Music With ZeroTwo Bot Commands On Discord Server?

Playing music with the ZeroTwo bot comes with learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord, with knowing the major pattern to access the bot then how will you be able to access the inner features. By learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord you will get access to the excellent features, services and the amazing facilities offered by the bot. The ZeroTwo bot only offers music feature to their premium users. The silver on the sweet of the ZeroTwo bot premium version is the support for Songs and YouTube Query. You can also check the costs for ZeroTwo premium at ZeroStore to use the music feature. 

If you wish to play music on your serve you must be knowing how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord. And if you want to listen to music without paying any penny then we will recommend you to access Discord music bots, like Hydra bot. It’s free to access. And if you have premium version of ZeroTwo bot and don’t know how to play music, then you need to follow below given instructions:

  1. Join a Voice Channel 

If you don’t have a voice channel to join then you can also create one. The ZeroTwo bot will be able to play music only after joining the voice channel.

  1. Play Command

Play any song you wish on the voice channel by entering the”-play” command. For instance, just enter “zt!play Despacito” on the voice channel and it will start playing Despacito song while you are in the voice channel and will stop the song when you will exit the channel.

zt!play despacito

You can also enter the song’s link instead of song name in the command. For instance, enter “zt!play LINK”.

  1. Queue Command

You also have the option to queue the songs by adding them one by one with the “play” command. For example, if you enter “zt!play Despacito” and next “zt!play attention” then Despacito will start playing with attention song in the queue in the voice channel. You can also view the currently playing songs and the queued songs with “zt!queue” command.

Congo! Along with learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord you have also learnt how to play music with ZeroTwo bot commands. One on one it is. Now what! Enjoy the melody.

ZeroTwo Music commands

ZeroTwo Music commands

Learning ZeroTwo music commands is as crucial as learning how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord. With the help of these commands you will be able to listen to the music from the premium version of the ZeroTwo bot.

  1. zt! join ([channel])
  2. zt! radio play ([URL])
  3. zt! pause
  4. zt! skip
  5. zt! nowplaying
  6. zt! queue
  7. zt! volume
  8. zt! shuffle
  9. zt! restart
  10. zt! repeat
  11. zt! repeatqueue
  12. zt! stop
  13. zt! unlock
  14. zt! nightcore
  15. zt! bassboost
  16. zt! speed 
  17. zt! pitch
  18. zt! seek

Wrapping Up

This post is entirely based upon the ZeroTwo bot, where we have tried our best to explain how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord to you. The ZeroTwo bot was created by the strong dedication and unique thinking of fine developers who made the bot this helpful and amazing. The ZeroTwo bot is perfect in its performance on the Discord platform. The ZeroTwo bot is one of the most popular and loved communities touching almost 1.21 million servers spontaneously developing as we talk about it. The ZeroTwo bot offers a number of features to use which are amazing and excellent. The ZeroTwo bot has multiple games which are fun to play.

We hope that the information given by us above comes out to be of some use to you. We have discussed how to use ZeroTwo bot Discord along with the ZeroTwo bot’s features, commands and more. If you have any doubts regarding the same then you can reach out to us in the comment section!


Q1. What Is The Best Music Bot For Discord?

Ans. Best Discord music bots:

Q2. What Does The ZeroTwo Bot Do In The Discord?

Ans. Primarily Leveling, Role Management and Fun. 
With the ZeroTwo bot one can react to friends with GIFs, play games and earn credits, build an economy for your server and manage your server roles by default via reactions.

Q3. Does MEE6 Costs Money?

Ans. With MEE6 premium, one can reward users with special roles once they reach a certain level, contact multiple Twitch and YouTube channels to your server, and further personalize your moderation messages. MEE6 premium costs $11.95/month, $49.99 for an entire year and $89.90 for lifetime use on one server.

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