How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney? Steps Explained For Midjourney Upload Image!

Have you ever wondered if you can use your own photo in creating Artificial intelligence art by midjourney upload image? Well, we are here to answer your question. In this article let us see how to use your own photo in Midjourney or how to upload photo to midjourney.

If you are someone who admires art, you will get fascinated by the AI art concept. Midjourney, one of the best AI image generators, has drawn a lot of interest since its release and has gained much popularity among the audience. It is currently in open beta from July 2022.

MidJourney allows you to create your own creative AI image just with a few taps using the beta version of Midjourney. How to upload images to midjourney, Go to the Midjourney website and Click on the message bar’s plus icon then midjourney upload the image and copy the image URL now paste it in the text prompt along with /Imagine and Enter.

Continue reading further to understand, how to use your own photo in Midjourney and the steps involved in it.

How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney?

To use your own photo in Midjourney, Go to the Midjourney website > Click on the message bar’s plus icon > midjourney upload image > copy the image URL > paste it in the text prompt along with /Imagine > enter

You can join Midjourney through the discord server and can create innovative images using MidJourney by entering text prompts along with a few simple commands. The text could be anything that pops up in your mind. As an example, enter, “A pink deer in a desert” and watch out for its fascinating results.

How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney - midjourney image

However, it is also possible to use your own photo in MidJourney. Based on the image you upload, Midjourney will create images with this as a base. Isn’t it interesting? Well, let us see the procedure involved in how to use your own photo in Midjourney or how to upload image to midjourney.

Step 1: You can use Midjourney on discord (or)

Step 2: Click the “Join the beta” option on the Midjourney website

How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney- join the beta

Step 3: You will be invited to join the Midjourney, accept the invite

How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney - accept invite

Step 4: In the Midjourney site, search for the “Newbie” bot channels after tying your Discord account.

Step 5: Go to the message bar and click on the + Plus icon.

Step 6: Then select “Upload file”.

Step 7: Choose any of your images and midjourney upload image, make sure it is less than 8 megabytes.

Step 8: Now, the message is uploaded to your discord chat.

Step 9: From the discord chat, tap on the image, and you will get a full screen. From there, you need to open the image in a new tab.

Step 10: Copy the URL of the image.

Step 11: Now, go back to the discord chat and put the command “/ Imagine” followed by a space and paste the URL which you have copied.

How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney - text prompt

Step 12: Tap enter and within 60 seconds, an AI image will be created based on the image that you had uploaded.

With these steps, solve your issue midjourney how to upload image. you can use your own photo in Midjourney by uploading the image of your choice to Midjourney and see amazing results. You can try uploading your own photo and see the avatar version of your image generated by AI. Further, you can enhance the generated image’s quality by using Midjourney’s inbuilt features.

Midjourney Features :

How To Use Your Own Photo In Midjourney - features Midjourney


U1, U2, U3, and U4 are the upscaling buttons. Use these buttons to zoom in on your image, which results in a higher-resolution image with more information. As there are 4 variants of images, from the top left to the top right, the numbers are 1 and 2, respectively. While 3 and 4 are in order from bottom left to right. Therefore, upscaling begins when any of the Ux buttons are clicked.


V1, V2, V3, and V4 are the buttons. Upon clicking on any of these, you may see the variation of the particular image. By clicking on V3, you may see the variant of the generated v3.


If you don’t like the images that Midjourney bot produced, you can repeat the same prompt again by pressing the redo button, and the Midjourney bot will create new images for you. You won’t need to type the prompt again and send it to the bot because of this. In case you loved what you saw and wanted more, you can also utilize this to make other photos using the same prompt.

You may also set switches by passing controls to the images like setting the aspect ratio (ar) for the image, setting the image weight (iw), and stylizing (a) the image by entering the options along with the text prompt.

/imagine prompt: https://example/marigold.jpg  –iw .5 –ar 3:2

More choices, such as Make Variation, Upscale to Max, and Light Upscale are available, you can use these options and use your own photo in Midjourney. On their documentation website, the Midjourney bot’s parameters and features are covered in more detail. The Midjourney team takes immense effort to continuously improve and introduce new features.

What Can You Do With The Midjourney Art?

You can make money out of the Midjourney art pieces. Yes!! If you have a paid membership, you are permitted to utilize Midjourney-generated images for commercial purposes under their conditions. Art created by AI during the journey can be exploited for profit. With the exception of NFT blockchain technology, users are permitted to use, copy, alter, merge, publish, distribute, and sell copies of the photos they produce under their normal license. 

Midjourney Payment Plans :

Users of the Midjourney beta will currently receive roughly 25 complimentary images. After that, you’ll need to pay either $10 per month for 200 photos or $30 per month for an unlimited subscription. For a unique enterprise membership, Midjourney will permit the use of the generated photos by corporations.

Also, you can upgrade your package for an additional $20 per month to obtain complete private access to the Midjourney bot, which functions like a Direct Message; when in “private” mode, you are no longer required to communicate on the Midjourney Discord server as a whole.

Wrapping Up

Using Midjourney is fun as we need not take much effort into creating digital art. With a few clicks and prompts, our art is generated which can also be further fine-tuned by using their attributes and parameters. We hope this article has explained to you, how to use your own photo in Midjourney. For more such informative and interesting articles, follow us at TopHillSport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Midjourney Better Than Dall E?

Ans. When there are more than two characters, DALL E 2 provides far better visuals than Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. On the other side, Midjourney is a tool renowned for its creative design. The image it produces virtually never resembles a photograph but rather a painting.

Q2. Can I Use Midjourney Without Discord?

Ans. No, you cannot use Midjourney without discord. This generator’s only drawback is that it can only be accessed through Discord, which uses a chat server to communicate and deliver prompts.

Q3. Can You Print Midjourney Images?

Ans. Yes! You can print Midjourney images. Your print’s quality merely adheres to the aforementioned DPI guidelines. 300 pieces of information must fit into each inch of a print for it to be of high quality.

Q4. Is There A Free Alternative To Midjourney?

Ans. Yes! there are more than ten Midjourney alternatives. for Mac, Android, and iPhone. The best substitute is Craiyon, which is open-source and free. The apps DALL-E 2, DALL-E, DALL-E FLOW in Google Colab, and DiffusionBee are excellent alternatives to Midjourney.

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